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Johnny and Rob man talk about video game collecting and how it has changed during the years.

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. There are still hidden gems on every console under $10. Yeah certain things are priced out, but the community is better than ever! You can buy, sale, trade and still have fun which ever way you want to enjoy game collecting.

  2. Sadly I love and almost exclusively play RPG/JRPGs. Those prices almost never go down.

  3. I am torn between being a collector and gamer. As a collector, I want my collection’s value to raise overtime. As a gamer, I want to buy games I love as cheap as possible.

    I have nothing against video game collecting today. You buy what you want at your terms and expense. However, if the trend causes the rise of video games’ prices in the future, then it would definitely hurt the consumers especially the kids or even adults who can’t afford them.

  4. I’m in a sour spot as a retro video game fan who’s against emulation because the original copies are too expensive for me so I have to pray for a re-release on Switch or PS4.

  5. Can say the same for toys. Now that I've become financial able to, its like, it's too late. I could understand why people go to emulation. Whatever i have was from years and years overtime having. For my old consoles, i just got everdrives and called it a day.

  6. Excellent guys, make one focusing on the scalpers that's another thing killing videogame collecting, way worse than the abundance of special editions. Back in the day, all snes games were special editions in a way, they had a tick manual with nice art, now is either nothing (just the game) or too much crap (frikking toys for example) give me a soundtrack and a big art book and that's it.

  7. Wait a second… I own a sealed copy of Mario64, US Version – same one that you showed in the video. Does that mean, that I own something really really expensive? WTF? Or was there something special about this copy?
    I'm a game collector myself, trying to preserve and bringing back memories of my childhood, but also expanding this memory to unknown (to me) games of that time. So I do own a bunch of really rare games, some of them worth thousands of dollars. But millions? Holy f*ck! That's insane.

  8. I couldn't agree more with you 2! I have been collecting for about 8 years but I have completely stopped for like 7 or 8 months now because of all this madness going on with inflated prices and scalpers… just no fun anymore

  9. Yup. I'm onboard with pretty much everything they said. Truly sucks.

  10. It is a great time to collect for the ps3 and xbox 360. I can't find a ps5, so instead I brought a ps3 with about 30 games. So many great games I missed when they were released.Will only set you back about 5-15 dollars on ebay for a game. Motorstorm, Metal Gear Solid 4, Tomb Raider trilogy, god of war collection, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition. Just a lot of games I missed, and some of them still look decent and play well.

  11. @14:58 Rob said it best for me and the general old generation.

    My collections started in the late 80s to now. Majority are used games. Only a few I bought brand new.

    There are 2 things I recommend new collectors to do. Emulate and buy the last 2 generations of games. They are often cheaper than the modern version. Also, judge the game to one's own pricing. I would not buy any games (retro and modern) over $100. I don't plan to complete any collection for any type of console since 70% of it are shovelwares.

  12. Game collecting sucks now. Scalpers and high demand have ruined it. I remember when old games used to just be seen as obsolete technology.

  13. Great topic of conversation! I collect games from series i love and rarely keep games sealed but I try to get great deals if possible because there is a thrill to that for sure. Last week I actually secured a preorder for the deluxe edition of No More Heroes 3 (which comes with a signed autograph of suda 51) and a few weeks before that I was able to preorder the collectors for shin megami tensei V. Even tho we all feed the beast to a degree, I think its also important to gage yourself and treat yourself too!

  14. Once all these idiots start selling their expensive plastic everyone gonna laugh

  15. I started collecting 15ish years ago because I couldn't afford games that I wanted to as a kid. I've definitely the scene changing over the years ( kind of like comics ). More and more, I hear people talking about the value of game rather than the quality and memories that link them to it.

  16. I've been collecting Mega Drive games for 8 years now but purchased the bulk of my collection in the first 2 years. It is quite shocking how its exploded in the last two years. Buying a bulk lot from ebay is really infrequent now, where 8 years ago I would be getting a package once a week. And people are actually paying money for Columns now!

  17. I do in fact love my .99 cent copy of NHL 94

  18. I started gaming in the fifth gen, had an original Playstation (and just that, couldn't afford more) and I have fond memories of reading the manuals to games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon and especially Oddworld (that's one funny manual). I miss that, I was sad when, like Robman said, it just became a disc in a box. I miss the artwork as well. However even back then you had gamers that would rather suffer being stuck than opening a manual. Look at James and Mike from Cinnemassacre, they consider it a bad game if you have to read the manual to be able to play it properly. I don't get that, but it does seem that the market decided to cater to that type of gamer and now I've come to the point where I can't afford to enjoy my hobby the way I'd really like to anymore.

  19. I'm collecting mostly ps2 and ps3 titles while its very cheap where I am, to me collecting is games I enjoy playing and will play again especially like a series for example dead space, just to have the storyline 🙂

  20. WTF. i didnt know that the price of these things. i bought my turbografx with 2 games for $35 from a used game store in 2004. i see its listed on ebey for $250 and the games are $45 and $120 now.

  21. I know exactly what U 2 R sayin…10-15yr ago I could walk into Saverz or some old Donation store an I'd find Sega Saturn console in box for $15 or other NES,, Genesis, an others… Even Transformers G1, Gi Joe's Robotech an so on just sitting there like it's waiting for me to find now I go in an walk out empty handed cuz it's been raided by ebay flippers 😬…. Times sure have changed

  22. It's hard being a collector now. And kinda less fun.

  23. About not finding retro games at garage sales anymore: I think a lot of it is due to the fact that it's most often kids or young adults moving out that are selling their games, and someone who has 10 when SNES came out is 41 now, so they're not moving out of their parents' house en masse.

    I've stopped collecting retro games now. It's a lot due to the price but also because I managed to complete the "childhood memories" collection. I won't get new childhood memories, so in that sense the gathering of collectables was due to end at some point. The last item I bought was Super Metroid in 2015, simply because I wanted to play it for the first time. Like others have mentioned, it was roughly that year prices got out of hand.

  24. I go for the hardware, a nice setup with the top or limited edition model, then pair it with an ODE or flash cart.

  25. Ebay ruined video game collecting… Ebay and Greed…

  26. The fact is, people are more regularly getting involved in reselling EVERYTHING for profit. I have a friend who helped me get a Series X, he turned it into a full time job from home. He sells 140k worth of merchandise a year scalping used and new products. The total is more than double the overall investment as profit. It's happening with modern gaming. Limited Run Games, iam8bit and companies like that are TERRIBLE. I refuse to accept them as cannon in legitimate releases. It's nothing but a dog and pony show for money. They are ruining the entire point of physical media while pretending they are part of the preservation.

  27. Lol I mean these guys are part of the problem they're complaining about!

  28. I remember walking into a second hand store and asking for a price for a retro game and the owner went straight to their PC to look at the prices on eBay before telling me, I ended up walking out of the store without that game

  29. Let's give up collecting old games and look forward to new and upcoming games like Scarlet Nexus, Tales of Arise, The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki, Shin Megami Tensei V, Monark, Forspoken, Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Project Re Fantasy, Shironeko New Project and Final Fantasy XVI.

  30. I'm glad emulation gives average people a way to experience classic games.

  31. This video looks more AngryConsoleGamer than anything else, but I agree

  32. We have heritage action specifically to blame. Now YouTube content creators wont tell you to harass them but I will. Everyone should go to their channel and comment on every video "I hope you all die in a fire"

  33. You know what really sucks..?

    John Hancock promising a video game museum.

  34. I really doubt that one person paying over a million dollars on a game will inflate the price of said game overall. It's a very rare case.

  35. I also remember seeing old hardware and games in salvation army or good will. Those never see the floor of good wills now and immediately go on their auction site and it sucks! I had to sell my TG16 and a BUNCH of my old games when I was fresh out of college. It was a bad time for me financially and it wasn't like I was collecting, these were just things I had kept from my youth. I would love to be able to reclaim those games and systems back again but the prices are absolutely absurd which has lead me down the path of FPGA or modding the hardware I have left to play ROMs which has become a pretty satisfying hobby in it's own right.

    This whole thing reminds me of the comic book market in the 90s with all the variant covers and massive overprinted issues #1s. It feels like the bottom has to fall out at some point.

  36. Pc gaming and old hardware for computer same deal. Bigger names like ultima, wizardry, might and magic always costed a bit. However now most pc games are a blood bath. And the fakes.

  37. Yeah Video Game Collecting does suck now. Because you have scumbags on this Platform such as MJR, Radical Reggie, John Hancock and lets not forget Petedorr. Who scam their audiences out of huge amounts of money when they can easily afford things themselves, inflate prices because they say its worth something or just simply do not deliver on Promises.

  38. Everything evolves. It's just the way of the world.

  39. Not sure if that was a critique to Xenoblade Definitive Works collector’s edition but I actually liked that one a lot. The art book is huge with cutscene sketches, every outfit for every character and it was released for a bit more than $100 CAD by then (even though now you might have to pay $300-350 lol).

  40. Absolutely right on almost everything guys, except emulation is complete trash! I would not recommend anyone try a game for the first time on emulation, ever. You would never know if you're getting an accurate representation of the original game or not. Regardless of the quality of the emulator there will always be compromises, and for anyone who takes gaming seriously you shouldn't have to deal with that. If you want to try some games out and don't want to spend any cash, burn yourself a disc or an use an everdrive like device for cart based games. Try it on original hardware before deciding if you want to drop the money on a nicer reproduction copy or the original if its in your budget.

  41. Yup it sure does, mostly thanks to people like yourself, Metal Lindsay, John Liecock and other select deranged people on YT 🤣

  42. Yeah, it's a fine done deal but in a sense it's kinda like revealing a new console like when Neo Geo came out or Turbo Grafx 16 came out of no where! Were waiting on a new console and game exploration in different concepts!

  43. It is nice to see Rob man back on the show. He and Johnny always have the best conversations.

  44. Totally wish I had that 8000$ special edition box that comes with the grandma ,fresh baked cookies for days..

  45. If you're going to release a reissue of a retro cartridge why not release a loose version? Lots of people still collect loose and to me that would be a better option than CE. I don't want to pay extra for box, manual, etc. Anybody else?

  46. Yup everything so expensive now just bought both the suffering games for $60 before they run up in value 😔 all I wanted to do was replay them and play the sequel for the first time ever

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