DIY Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Game Console (Part 1) -

DIY Raspberry Pi Zero Handheld Game Console (Part 1)

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Parts list (not complete, see Instructables for more information, affiliate links):
1x Raspberry Pi Zero:
1x NiMH batteries:
1x 3.5 inch LCD:
1x PAM8403 Audio Amp:
1x Housing:
1x Slide Switch:
1x 3.5mm Jack:
1x Potentiometer Wheel:
1x Speaker:
3x Tactile Push Button:
Raspberry Pi Zero:
NiMH batteries (I recommend Eneloop):
3.5 inch LCD:
PAM8403 Audio Amp:
Raspberry Pi Zero:
NiMH batteries (I recommend Eneloop):
3.5 inch LCD:
PAM8403 Audio Amp:

In this project I will show you how I used a Raspberry Pi Zero, NiMH batteries, a homemade over-discharge protection circuit, a rearview lcd and an audio amp to create a handheld game console that can play retro games.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Ecstatic Wave, Jens Kiilstofte


  1. Question: as a beginner with no background in science stuffs (I only know a lot about programming) this was a bit hard to understand but nevertheless thank you for the details. I wanted to start something with pi 0 as its cheaper. I was wondering: how do I connect it with a tv?

  2. I always see ppl using the pizero which is kinda annoying. Is it not possible to unsolder the pin header and the ports from say a pi4? (theory I had for a while to make a powerful handheld)

  3. here is my similar ESPboy project – ESP8266 DIY game console @UCsMjlCb8CK-Cw54lRrkpbQw/videos

  4. What
    Solder and delete system 32
    Instructions unclear

  5. Me: Am gonna make a gaming handheld then show to my mom that I am capable of something.
    After 3 min in the video: Ight imma head out

  6. Muy buen video, tengo un canal nuevo y hablo a modo de cápsula de la raspberry y sus sistemas operativos mi canal es Félix Gómez, saludos a todos

  7. why is the price for the pi zero so overpriced 🙁 the official site only sells it for $5 excluding shipping… The link is almost 5 times the original price mention from the raspberry pi site…

  8. Stay creative, and, I will, see you next time!!!

  9. your soldering skills are so jank, im surprised it works lmao

  10. I saw you was going to add a battery power cut off switch … and then saw how much wires are required… OOF

    Awesome project though, I'd love to try and make this some day

  11. I understand physics better than this..I feel.dumb!!!

  12. This music reminds me of the zelda overworld theme.

  13. You can make discharge protection from 1 stabilitron, resistor and 1 transistor

  14. I harvvest rearview camera LCD's for my pi projects too.. That was 2016.. Now days you can buy little boards for next to nothing that can do most of what he's manually done.

  15. For anyone trying to do this project, I had to go into WinSCP settings and disable "Preserve Timestamps" in order for my changes to recalbox.config to be saved. Otherwise when trying to boot up a game, the screen would go black.

  16. Hey man I want new best project for you please upgrade android phone and connect rp to them it's very good project connect two raspberry pi to phone and make new gaming phone

  17. Sir

    Can you give me a raspberry pi or a pc as a gift???

    It can be a used one

    Because i am unable to purchase a pi or a pc for my financial problem..

    I need it for my study purpose

    It will be a great help sir. 🙏🙏🙏

  18. When you have everything but no knowledge 😭😭😂

  19. I'm still not qualified for this… Back to books

  20. Ridiculously complicated. Why was I recommended this madness

  21. Im trying to do this with my pi3b+ but I cant find where to solder the a/v wire to. Any help would be great because the only instance of you wiring iy to the board is on a pi zero and idk which port that is on mine…

  22. Why not use a HDMI display for superior image quality? Am I missing something..? Composite is practically the worst?

  23. can you do a tutorial on a custom handheldOS (instead of an emulator)

  24. Hey, nice project. Can you tell uns something about the overall costs because there are sets for building such a device available at ebay for about 80 Euro….

  25. why is it so dam hard to use the effin Bluetooth on this stupid zero???? anyone has input on the matter? thanks guys i have the zero W and yes i have paired my headsets to it but fails to make profile and keyboard does pairs but if left long for without use it will loose connection weather im on wifi or not really sucks, i even bought a BT dongle for audio as it was marketed for audio and pssshhh nothing ….. im dead

  26. I'm just wondering, why not using the HDMI port? You've got the video and audio exit already. Also there are circuits for battery management available in any voltage and capacity

  27. i wish there were more kits with dual analog sticks. i want to make a handheld for pc game streaming.

  28. I cant seem to get the recalbox os running on my pi zero… what version did he/you use?

  29. Can we put i2c display on it? Does retro pie support it?

  30. Can I use pin 13 and 19 for pwm audio, instead of what you gave in config.txt?

  31. Can I use normal 104 Ceramic capasitor for rc filter?

  32. Gee, who would have known it was this simple! /s

  33. I am still watching this video for 4 years now

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