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Didnt expect this when I got on! Rust console edition

PRx Spaz
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  1. Thanks everyone but there’s just to many of them and they have like 10 bases in a huge compound 💯

  2. Definitely not…we gonna come back up tho 💯

  3. Got offline this morning too by 8 man as solo lol

  4. Yo join my server there is 2 big groups of offliners and shit talkers join if you want to slither CJ

  5. Yo I’m on your server I’m akRecoil I raided 2 of there bases last night if you wanna squad up lmk

  6. What’s funny is we was grinding sulfur to online them knowing damn well that they have like 20+ we had a box of sulfur and we were still gonna go online them, bunch of pussies that’s all ong

  7. U ass yo self😂but they scary asl they 20 deep😭

  8. Damn y’all play on console still pc where it’s at if you can afford it.

  9. It’s stuff like this that makes me glad I left rust console. Nothing to do but offline and talk trash.

  10. This shit looks so unplayable lol. Mobile graphics. Constant stutters. Non responsive items. Please facepunch fix rust for console. Just watching its hard enough. Couldnt imagine playing this shithole

  11. console rust looks terrible, playing at 15 fps must suck too

  12. This guy complaining about dead server 100 people is a dead server lol

  13. That's what I love about you saying "we gonna rebuild" and getting raided nonstop

  14. You editied out the entire part where we were talking. I told you would have to edit it out.

  15. Your so fucking bad at the game and its 3 bases in the compund

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