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DF Retro: Doom – Every Console Port Tested and Analysed!

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id software’s Doom played a key part in gaming’s transition from two to three dimensions, and its legacy of technical innovation continues to this day. On this episode of DF Retro, John explores its origins on the PC before comparing and contrasting this against every official console conversion. There’s a lot of ground to cover so buckle up for the longest episode of DF Retro yet.

Console footage captured using a combination of the Micomsoft Framemeister and the Open Source Scan Converter. All consoles were captured using RGB except 3DO and N64 which use s-video instead.

The full story on Doom for the 3DO can be read here.

Background music includes selections from…
IDKFA Doom Soundtrack Remake by Andrew Hulshult

Opening to Hell Metal Remix by elguitarTom

E1M1 Sega Genesis Remix

Printer of DOOM!

Other tracks taken from the various console conversions

Want to see more of Doom on the Apple Watch? Check out Lior Tubi’s video here.

Or how about Doom on a thermostat?


  1. I didn't get why Doom was such a big deal…Until I played the PC version. Turns out the Super Nintendo Port wasn't ideal for the Doom experiance. Currently have:

    -Doom on Dos
    -Doom on Steam (Bethesda)
    -Doom in Doom 3
    -Doom on Smart phone.
    -Gz Doom (Brutal Doom)
    -Doom in Doom Eternal

  2. Your finest hour John, this video is unbeatable.

  3. Something that I like from the PS version it looks less than a quick action game and more like a horror survuvial. Instead of making it as close as posible to the PC version here they did something new.

  4. I don't what anybody else says the PlayStation version in my opinion was the best, the sound design was better than MSdos and sounds much clearer with sonys exeptional sound chip . Doom 64 needs to be played definitely though 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  5. What is it with classic FPS franchises and out-of-touch corporate guys named Randy?

  6. Fire moves in a true 3D space. It's just that Doom uses auto aim. That's why you can shoot enemies that are higher or lower than you.

  7. The Saturn port is a mix of the 32X and PSX versions. But somehow runs much worse than both.

  8. that sega saturn port is disappointing. Duke Nukem 3d was ported on the saturn and had a smooth fps and had lighting and had all levels and all sprites.

  9. Have lots of fond memories as a kid playing Doom 1&2 on the OG Xbox in split-screen with my cousin. c: I was always too spooked out as kid to play the actual Doom 3 and probably just spent more time playing Doom 1/2 on the Doom 3 disc X'D

  10. I miss old DF Retro. It's just not the same lately

  11. What still amazes me after all these years is how ahead of its time Doom was. I recently decided to play through a lot of PS1 era games for nostalgia sake and it was a painful experience.. 99% of games haven't aged well at all. Except Doom, which is still very playable, the engine, the gameplay, the music. Those devs are certainly genius. I'd say even in 2090 Doom will still be very playable. The gameplay is just perfect

  12. Doom is 3D, just a very limited version of it. It has a Z-axis that, while not always taken into account, isn't ignored wholesale either. Cacodemons have to ascend or descend to fit through openings, projectiles can fly over enemy heads, and a rudimentary form of platforming is a common occurrence in Doom levels. Sure, enemies have infinite height to simplify collision, but you have to back up far enough from a wall in order to hit an enemy positioned above you. Sure, explosions have infinite height as well, but the major element of the final boss of Doom 2 is firing a rocket at the right time as you are being lifted by an elevator in order to land a rocket into the Icon of Sin's exposed brain. Hell, it only takes a few extra lines of code to make it so that explosions do take the Z-axis into account, they just decided not to do it because the vertical element of explosions rarely comes into play and they wanted to reduce the strain on computers of that era.

  13. I would say the jag version; those sound effects and music in both the psx & saturn versions are just stupid.

  14. Has anyone tried porting Doom to the NeoGeo?

  15. PS1 DOOM has a couple od issues not mentioned here. All levels are stretched horizontally, making them much wider. And elevators/doors move at much lower frame rate.

  16. "gameboy advance"

    oh boy here we go, pressing unpause

  17. The 3DO port sucked more ass than a hooker on a Tuesday night. But at least the music is nice – Randy should've became a Game Musician, rather than the head of a company. Shame she only had ten weeks.

  18. I have doom 1 and 2 on my ps4 and doom 1 on my switch. They run great but it looks best on a switch screen which i assume is because of the size.

  19. Ps 2 was able to run pc doom and quake ,quake 2 ,annnd quake 3 . No need ps 3/360 to run doom 😂

  20. Doom's been ported successfully to a potato now .

  21. How come PSX Doom maps generally seem more "roomy", as in generally stretched horizontally?

  22. Still remember like yesterday my brother pentium one 75mhz with 8mb ram on a ast pc with 14” monitor costed more than 3 salary of regular workers. In 93. Man doom1 e2 totally melt my mind. I was middle schooler. Omg..

  23. The Xbox 360 port runs even better on the one x and series x.

  24. Ports yet to be made:
    Ti calculator
    Commodore PET 2001n
    Commodore plus 4
    Nokia phones
    A complete doom game made out of taco shells, hooked up to a 16 bit processor

  25. Danny is a legend, a myth
    Still waiting for the inevitable match with forrest gump

  26. 2031: hell invades earth
    2032: Humanity trashes hell

  27. Doom Custom PlayStation Edition is an awesome way to play original Doom on console! Feels sorta cool and retro to be saving level codes on a piece of paper again and keeping it in the case lol

  28. 5:40 that's the autoaim, in reality, Doom has 3D physics, although the engine itself is limited due to the hardware of the era, but, yeah, Doom is 3D

  29. I never had a PC when I was young. I am so glad PSX had Doom. My friend and I played link cable multiplayer all the time growing up. Hell, I even used a 2.5" color TV sometimes. I really like the soundtrack of PSX Doom.

  30. Ah yes, the infamous 3do port and it's 3 frames per second. I actually used 2 own the crapheap that was the snes version, and just wow what a rotten mess that was.

  31. Ahhhh men. This is my favourite ep of df retro. It was so long like literally and so enjoying to watch. Makes it perfect with matching coffee.

  32. At my childhood (90s) I was sure multiplatform games looked and ran absolutely identically on all platforms by default.

  33. "the Super FX GS you too" thanks youtube subtitles

  34. IGN: "What do you think?"
    Hesh: "Well…I think that it's not good".
    (In response to GBA v MS DOS sound comparison).

  35. Damn dude, that a whole library of games behind you

  36. The 32x version is so disappointing because the Doom soundtrack should have kicked all the ass on the Genesis sound chip. Some people have gone and made better Genesis chip Doom music, I recommend you check them out. One guy made the entire soundtrack for Doom 1 IIRC. I want a hacked ROM of the 32x version with this fixed music lmao.

  37. 3:38 "The combat and level design work together to create something that satisfies a specific portion of your brain. You're learning enemy patterns, solving navigational puzzles, and testing your reflexes."

    That is perhaps the single best description of Dark Souls that I've ever heard!! xD

  38. I just wanted to say Thank You for this Amazing series of video game documentaries you have going called DF Retro! Amazing Show! I seriously don't understand how this series has been off my radar for so long.. I just discovered it a couple days ago & I've been binge watching episodes ever since.. Thank You So Much! I've got a lotta catching up to do… But I am looking forward to every episode I continue to watch.. 👍 👍

  39. I remember my classmate in physics class in 2001 writing me a copy of doom one and two on CDR and playing it with a late 90's style joystick on my amd anthalon 1ghz cpu. There was no way to buy doom new in the store because of the columbine shooting.

  40. You should have also tested the home brew version of opti doom for 3do they were able to improve frame rate and fix almost all the issues with the retail version.

  41. Nowadays I have access to the almost perfect ports on Switch, yet I still find myself emulating the PS1 and GBA versions from time to time. They have a certain charm to them imo.

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