Creating a (terrible) video game console -

Creating a (terrible) video game console

Sebastian Lague
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I know nothing about electronics, but thought it’d be fun to try create a (super simple and extremely terrible) video game console.

I was inspired to start experimenting with this after stumbling across the fascinating videos of @Ben Eater. If you found this video at all interesting, I’d highly recommend taking a look at his channel for some much more advanced stuff!

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The source code for this project (console/game scripts + Unity music editor) is probably not of much interest to anyone, but you can take a look here if you want:

LED control library:

Music from
“Twisting” and “Perspectives” by Kevin MacLeod ()
License: CC BY ()


  1. Is the LED red only, or can you do muliple colors? Maybe if you got the multicolor leds you could make a cool tron like game

  2. ethan the stream er lets player plays games says:

    Hide this before Soulja Boy gets it

  3. You're a liar: Britain doesn't have beaches with sand. …Or sunshine.

  4. I begged for a switch
    And i got nothing
    But this thing will work for some time

  5. I have a robot if anyone want to see the robot and anyways it talks if anyone want to see it say yes

  6. Wow I can't belive i made that console by watching video

  7. Look out Microsoft, Sony, Sebastian is coming for you

  8. A joke: Looks like a certain microwave (Barely Alive).

  9. Ok you made a game console
    But can it run doom?

  10. Ok they beat you to worst console ps 3 4 n 5 with the self destructing battery

  11. Kid:can we get a PS5? Mom:we have PS5 at home. PS5 at home:

  12. such extravagance! pico8 do not care about wide screen but where are square screen for it?

  13. Is the light model DAOKI 2Pack MAX7219 8×8 Dot Matrix Single Red Light MCU Control LED Display Module for Arduino, Raspberry Pi with Dupont Cable? Or is it ALAMSCN MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module 8×8 LED Display Module’s for Arduino Raspberry Pi Microcontroller with 5Pin Wires Red (Pack of four)?

  14. me sitting in the corner of my room waiting for my 3d printer to make my shell and procrasinating: how

  15. At 8:41 it looks normal. At least for you. But if you look closely…


  16. Your whole channel is incredibely well done mate! So much interesting and high quality content.

    By the way, you might get asked this a lot, but do you plan on continuing your "How does a Computer work" series?

  17. Not only did you use prebuilt components, but you didn't even build a generator to generate your own power or mine copper and smelt it into wires… I'm not impressed

  18. I got this thing called a microbit, and it has a 5×5 led display and an A and B button. I programed a multiplayer shoot'em up game that works really well.

  19. What’s that white thing your attaching the stuff (redboard? Readboard? Breadboard?) im still gonna google it

  20. i just stared learing about robots in my new class and we are also useing arduino

  21. I feel like I have a peanut brain compared to this guy

  22. Hello, I thought I'd try something a little different for fun, but will be back with some more regular content soon!
    I was inspired to start experimenting with this stuff after I stumbled across this channel: Ben does really interesting and impressive projects like creating an 8-bit computer, so I highly recommend taking a look.

    If you know of any other cool channels for this stuff, please share them with me!

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