Classic Game Room - SEARS TELE-GAMES VIDEO ARCADE console review -

Classic Game Room – SEARS TELE-GAMES VIDEO ARCADE console review

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Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade review.
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Classic Game Room reviews the SEARS TELE-GAMES VIDEO ARCADE game system from 1977, the Sears branded version of the classic Atari 2600. Sears was the place for electronics in the late ’70s (well, Sears and Radio Shack) and they worked with Atari to launch their own classy game system, the Sears Video Arcade! Enjoy Tele-Games brand games like Tanks-Plus which is basically Combat except it has the Sears brand on it!! The Sears Video Arcade has that familiar Atari 6-switch styling but with Tele-Games branding on top, Video Arcade branding on the front, a rich walnet-style wood grain finish and silver trim. Serious collectors should enjoy having this amazing piece of video game history in their collection, and it plays great games!!


  1. Say there classic gamer,this is very cool.Do you a six switch Atari 2600 and 2600 Jr too?
    Will those classic game systems work on today's tv's? I also got Atari Collection 1 on the
    PS1 1 and the Activision Collection on PS 2.I also got 2 updated games of two classic
    Atari games with the original games on them too. Your channel and videos Rock..

  2. My dad bought a Atari 2600 4 switch woody with 4 games about a week ago.

  3. Wow, I just realized that Sears and Kmart were really the only places where I got my games. I still remember the release days for SMB3, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and SSF2, waiting outside our mall for Sears to open. And the first time I saw both a Genesis and an SNES was in Sears, back when they still put systems on display. Some of my best memories happened in that store, apparently.

  4. in my country still do that, not exactly mail it but hand it over in the street or any kiosk.

  5. i am in a suit barney told me to put one on and i did

  6. Plus it plays atari 2600 games which the xbox one lacks. seriously microsoft you have to think of the people who have atari 2600 games

  7. how does an atari break if it just sits there on a wall for years with time to time use?

  8. I've been addicted to "Tank" on that console those days, when i was like 8 or 9 yrs old. Later i got my first and last console ever – the coleco vision, which was very advanced in relative comparison to arcades that time.
    Todays consoles are might gfx wonders, but lack the arcade spirit a lot, if not at all.

  9. Well…
    In Canada, they still mail you the wish book, I got it last week :/

  10. Why are you comparing a video game console with a water cooler?

  11. I can feel how that old joystick felt, even though I've not held one in 30+ years.
    On the space invaders game if you held down two of the panel switches at once, it sped up the game play so the 'bullets' came out mega fast. I wonder if it wasn't the first ever cheat? Maybe a glitch, maybe deliberate, who knows? Don't ask me what switches, it was a LONG time ago!

  12. Damn sexy console! Just had mine modded by electronic sentimentalities.

  13. Nice review. I didn't know his normal 2600 broke. 🙁

  14. Just bought one of these, can't wait for it to arrive 😀

  15. i got one of these for free 

  16. Gunslinger…code breaker….that old sears catalog

  17. I just found this at my grandmothers ranch when I was cleaning out the shed, it even has the wooden case to put the games and console in it, just need to clean it since there was salamanders and mouse carcasses on it.

  18. Now, I just got one of these about an hour ago(I traded a bunch of old commodore stuff for it), and I hooked it up because the guy I got it from adapted it so that it hooks into where the Cable box would go, and I put a game in, turned it on, and nothing happened. I channel surfed with it on to see if it's coming up on a different channel, and still nothing. I've blown on the cartridge and port to clear any dust, and still nothing. I can't tell if it's on or off, but I've made sure everything is plugged in snugly. Any tips?

  19. I think these are usually cheaper to get too.

  20. I like the Sears Telegames Video Arcade better than the Atari VCS/2600, and it was the first video game console that it was Atari licensed. There were so many rebranded games that Atari made and the titles are so confusing, and it used alternate titles. I saw it on eBay and I might as well get it soon.

  21. I love hearing you talk about wood grain! It really does something for me! I do remember Sears and their awesome catalogs.

  22. If this is American could I play it in England? Thanx

  23. maybe if they still sold these Sears wouldn't be on the verge of going out of business,

  24. My dad let me play his as my first system. Love and miss the guy <3

  25. DARKER WALNUT WOOD FINISH! My new password!

  26. I had an Atari flashback at one time, but the controllers were bad and it broke shortly after trying it out. The built in games did give me a lot of good fun though so I now just got a refurbished excellent condition light sixer Sears Tele-Games 2600. This was the only 6-switch Atari I could afford. The original version light sixer that was branded by Atari was about twice the price on average which says something bad about the retro market these days. I'm still happy that it is refurbished with a new voltage regulator and guaranteed to work. I may have to work on lubing the reset switch with silicone grease or outright replacing it as the seller said it could be a bit annoying and sticky, but other than that it looks great. I hope it survives the postal service intact. I am also planning on doing a sleeper style (Non destructive) RGB mod later (with an 8-pin mini din for an RGB cable sticking out the back) while retaining the original RF connection for nostalgia so I can play it on my TV with crystal clear pixels. Now, with this thing, I can play the games I loved on the flashback on original hardware and the best part is that it won't break after the first use. It came with combat, an good quality aftermarket compatible power brick and an original CX-40 Joystick. In addition to that I got Battlezone and Missile Command as starters with all the manuals except for the VCS itself and finally a second CX-40 for 2-player combat and missile command. A bit of a compromise, money wise (to not get the original manual of the VCS), but I didn't want to pass up a working light sixer for 35 bucks; no sir.

  27. My dad had this version when he was a kid and said one game straight up didn't work, even though it worked in the 2600 in the Sears he got it from

  28. I remember when this review was released! Great times Mark! I just had my Sears Tele-games Atari VCS hdmi modded. My how the time goes by. This is still a great review! Thanks again for the good years Mark!

  29. " if it don't work you can perhaps ask a Sears technician to see if he can fix it" evil laugh

  30. Mark you are Super Classy! Please review some more 2600 games!!! Galagon was just released! Does it get any better? Galaga on the 2600!!!

  31. I'm trying to bring one back to life with old tv and old style connector. Is it 9VDC center positive? Channel 2 or 3 on tv? Connect to UHF or VHF antennae? I can't remember.

  32. They still make these….lol, Sears probably stopped production on them last year. It wouldn't be far fetched from the rest of their archaic business practices.

  33. I still have my Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade. And it still works!

  34. I had the sears version. I felt cheated but it did the same exact thing as the atari 2600, so i was happy!

  35. This was in my brothers shed. Was very confused why it didnt say Atari

  36. If only you were still Super Classy and made amazing reviews like this one! Rest In Peace classic game room.

  37. Wtf volume, you guys equalize your damn volume just woke the whole house up

  38. I got a Sears Video Arcade for Christmas when I was a teenager in the early 80's. But it didn't come with Tank-Plus (Combat.) It came with Target Fun (Air-Sea Battle.) I assumed that all Sears Video Arcades came with Target Fun. Did any of them really come with Tank-Plus?

  39. So essentially I own what is a rebadged Atari 2600

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