Classic Game Room - HYPERSCAN game console review -

Classic Game Room – HYPERSCAN game console review

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HyperScan console review. Classic Game Room reviews the Mattel HyperScan video game console released in 2006 and discontinued in 2007. Aimed at kids, the HyperScan was a budget priced gaming system that used cd based videogames combined with collectible cards to play games. The cards look nice and the concept is interesting but the hardware and game library are truly awful beyond beyond imagination.


  1. Lol when I was a kid I played Ben 10 and xmen

  2. I am so glad I did not buy one, I'll take the Wii u over that any day.

  3. It would be fun to try to mod this piece of shid to play DOOM or hell even a internet browser, maybe someone should try that when they buy it to get a cheap S Video cable

  4. I just bought a hyperscan controller from a thrift shop because I thought it was a ps2 connector pc controller

  5. why would anyone choose to play grandpa max in a ben 10 game

  6. Just play it as a card game without the console.

  7. This thing was outdated by at least 10 years when it came out.

  8. Zackrey [Middle Name is Dale] Hudson says:

    "It probably wont eat you." lolz

  9. Zackrey [Middle Name is Dale] Hudson says:

    This video is so amazing. Thank you so much for making this video.

  10. I miss CGR, I'm still sad that it's dead.

  11. The controller looks like a 3rd party PSX/PS1 controller

  12. Come back and review Video game systems and Video games again Mark! I
    would watch them just like I'm watching this Review. You know your
    tired of making comic book videos!

  13. Come back and review Video game systems and Video games again Mark! I
    would watch them just like I'm watching this Review. You know your
    tired of making comic book videos!

  14. gj promoting sony , microsoft and nintendo , give new competitors zero chance did they pay you ?

  15. Having to spend more money for more characters and extras? EA looked at this thing and thought "What a genius idea. Let's make that the basis of our entire business model."

  16. Everybody says how the iPhone 11 pro camera look like a oven but the hyperSCAM look like a oven more

  17. This channel died a horrendous death… r.i.p.

  18. like how the only 5 games the console has are all labled on the box

  19. Thanks for making these videos. It brings me back to when YouTube was awesome

  20. Put me down for 500 Meaningless Internet Points on the NeoGeo loading first…

  21. The HyperScan is a very ionic name for this console.

  22. I'm not here because of the load-off.
    I'm just here because there's nothing to do during the pandemic

  23. Lol. I have 9 of these and not because I like them. I find em at yard sales and goodwill stores for a couple of bucks and like all retro game people I buy it. I gotta stop doing this. Lol. I have about 350 vintage gaming systems and so many games I lost count. Hyper scan is the worst for sure

  24. I like this console where can I buy it?

  25. 4:35 Which game system loads the slowest? It's not the Famicom Disk System I can tell you that!

  26. so this is what happens when someone makes a worst version of Skylanders and turns it into an entire game console

  27. Someone had to come up with this idea first that makes me sad

  28. Damn this thing as better graphics than the NES, I'M SOLD!!!!

  29. 9 years later and I'm back here………and Ben is still 10 years old.

  30. I think Hyper-scanning is a good idea why Nintendo why you have expensive Amiibo toys and not Amibobo scan card.

  31. Yu Gi Oh games and Pokemon cards can be fun on Nintendo Switch Oled. Nintendo Cards

  32. I remember Hyperscan the first time it was in the toy store, so it's made for kids, there was also Spiderman handheld Something like Tiger Electronics. So it is made for children, therefore was cheap😅

  33. I'm an Intellivision owner and I just cannot believe it was made by the same company who made this.

  34. Maybe you could use it to press/make interestingly patterned tortillas… 😉

  35. Except that the HyperScan has 3 f***ing loading screens.

  36. I feel bad for the children who got this piece of crap insted of a Wii

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