Classic Game Room HD - VECTREX console review! -

Classic Game Room HD – VECTREX console review!

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Classic Game Room HD reviews the VECTREX video game console from GCE (General Consumer Electric) from 1982. The Vectrex is unique in that is plays video games on its own screen with vector based graphics giving a very crisp image that fans of old school games from the late 70’s and early 80’s should enjoy. The Vectrex has some excellent games like Berzerk and Scramble, but not as many as the venerable Atari 2600 or ColecoVision. New games are being released for the Vectrex from homebrew developers and the game system is surprisingly easy to find and collect today thanks to eBay. Vectrex games come with an overlay that fits over the screen and gives a splash of color and lists the controls. Classic Game Room HD reviews new and classic games, we’re now adding Vectrex video game reviews to the video game review show. For retro gaming fans and old school gamers the Vectrex is a unique and fun collectible that takes up a bit of space but it’s worth it!


  1. After nearly a decade of wanting one, I finally got my hands on one over the weekend.

    Thanks CGR for introducing me to this awesome console!

  2. I remember my cousins had one of these in the early 80s, I thought it was awesome. I had an Atari 2600 heavy six. Still have it.

  3. When I was kid, Classic Game Room and AVGN made me want to be an avid video game collector.

  4. In today's money, the Vectrex cost about $500, far more than the PS4.

  5. This was the first video game system I ever had. Loved it more than any I had after. Thank you.

  6. My guitar teacher has a fully functional Vectrex in his house with its original box

  7. The vectrex was the switch of 1982, because it was hardly portible and you can play athome anywhere you want.

  8. This is by far the best on YouTube. I have been a life long gamer and I am building a home arcade right now. I know you guys are always looking for the rare to review….I have a very good friend (my old school dealer…sorry, I could not help it) that runs a gane store. This store is the size of a Target Super Store. Is there anything you guys are pining after to review? If so let me know, I might be able to get my hands on it.

    I just want to point out…the Vectrex has some obvious dark demons it needs to get out. He literally tried to kill you when you gave him a hug. Thank God you had more lives!

  9. My family had one of these growing up. We got it for Christmas 1983. Having 12 kids in the family, we had a schedule for our playtime. Wish we still had it.

  10. A buddy of mine had one of these in 1992 when we were in middle school. It was fucking awesome. We spent our time playing the Vectrex and Street Fighter 2. Good times.

  11. I got kicked out of a store for advising customers that the Vectrex company was bankrupt a few months after its release 😏

  12. CGR Publishing
    Could the Vectrex output to a TV CRT or newer? If not could it be modded to?

  13. The Vectrek is the coolest system back in the day.

  14. Had one, played mine storm with my mom.. those sounds make me want to cry

  15. If M.U.S.H.A. were made available for the Vectrex, Mark would never be seen again.

  16. I was lucky and got an all in one cartridge with all the games. It is one of my favorites.

  17. Who are the 90 shameful dullards who gave this video a thumbs-down??

  18. I miss the classic game room vectrex days mark!!!!! 💗

  19. Had one back in the day in fact it was my first game console. Only downside was the lack of games and the video time base buzzed through the audio. Wish I still had one it was fun.

  20. I have a vectrex. My dad bought it for us so we wouldn't hog the TV.
    The vector graphics work like an oscilloscope. If you turn the brightness all the way up you can see how each line is two points and a line segment in between. My favorite is how heads up soccer the guys grow and shrink to look like they are moving to the far side of the field.

  21. hey Mark bought your Vectrex book off Amazon cool stuff nice job

  22. It always seemed to me a bit of a waste that of the licensed arcade ports for this thing, several of them were raster games originally. At least they did ports of some Cinematronics vector games. Imagine if they'd ported some of Atari's or Sega's!

  23. Im 49 years old and i lived in this era i was 12 when vetrex came out it was the coolest console they made in the eighties just hearing this console brings back the eighties memorys the greatest gaming decade !!

  24. I had one when they came out.. I would rush for 500yds a game on the football game. They were just x and o’s and gave you pretty decent stats at the end of the game. I miss this thing.

  25. I am not the argumentative type..but my friend had it and I hated it..i had atari 2600 and odyssey. And loved them both ..I hated that it was not color and also didnt like the controller to much.

  26. The new homebrew UV back light and UV overlays would blow Marks mind!

  27. Affordable???? Not anymore!!!! LOL. I still want one though!!!!!

  28. I used to have one of these back in Germany and had no idea what it was 😀 ..I have no idea what happened to it… moral of the story: Keep your stuff, because you never know how cool it will be 40 years later.

  29. Vector based Graphics? Where have you been all my born in 1990 life 😍😍

  30. Of all the game systems I have owned since 1982, the Vectrex is still with me. I have 21 cartridges. The system is just so damn cool.

  31. as of 2020 going into 2021, these Vectrex Systems are NOT at all affordable.

  32. I have bought several of these over the past 35 years from goodwill and yard sales for very little money just so they would be saved. I have a bunch of games still also. They are awesome

  33. killer as f*. n*99a
    n*99a F*In vectrix
    liberate us
    w. the white-kid arcade style,

  34. I had a reason to look up the Vectrex recently and your video came up. Instant nostalgia explosion as I watched your channel when I first discovered youtube.
    Man, time to go back on memory lane with these vids

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