Classic Game Room HD - TURBOGRAFX-16 video game console review -

Classic Game Room HD – TURBOGRAFX-16 video game console review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews the NEC Turbografx-16 video game console (also known as the PC-Engine in Japan, although there are differences). Released in 1989 in the U.S. the Turbografx-16 has a number of exclusive titles like Blazing Lazers and Bonk’s Adventure, many of which are now available for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console.


  1. got into this one because of the wii shop

    now i have a briefcase pc engine cd unit
    and the system in this video 🥺💖

  2. Very good street fighter II port on turbo16 better then snes

  3. Makes me so happy I picked up a PC Engine mini when I could 🙂

  4. Eh, I'll just get the Analogue Duo when it comes out…
    And the Turbo Everdrive…

  5. My brother and I got the TurboGrafx 16 in 1989. It is an awesome video game system 😀👍

  6. I think the turbo grafx has the coolest looking media. Wish all games kept hucards. Love your videos so entertaining

  7. Turbographixs 16 are very expensive now. Saw one at a retro store for $200.

  8. It's pretty easy to mod Atari systems to have AV output, has anyone tried that with one of these?

  9. watching in 2020 and turbo grafx 16 games are just as expensive as neo geo games. man i wish i had a time machine and a interest in the console to buy up all of these games. well at least i got the virtual console ports

  10. The Wii Shop is now closed….poor outdated video

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