Classic Game Room HD - TURBOGRAFX-16 video game console review -

Classic Game Room HD – TURBOGRAFX-16 video game console review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews the NEC Turbografx-16 video game console (also known as the PC-Engine in Japan, although there are differences). Released in 1989 in the U.S. the Turbografx-16 has a number of exclusive titles like Blazing Lazers and Bonk’s Adventure, many of which are now available for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console.


  1. Jesus this guys voice just makes this completely impossible to listen to.

  2. This is a great review and all, I just wish you had gotten a butt whooping on blazing lazers on the same video 😊

  3. I passed on a boxed system with 16 boxed games for $40 at an estate sale because I already had a system. Wow can Lord Karnage take me back in time? By the way this guy is super cheezy and that is why I love every minute of his vids. He is super 80s and just awesome!!! Thanks for the retro vids.

  4. Forever alone console… Because there's no player 2

  5. Gotta understand yet expensive things like this are not going to be around forever and these systems have been out of productions for over 20-25years just gotta realize that

  6. I just spent $350 for a TG16 with the CD addon on Ebay plus another $250 for the HU card to upgrade the system to 3.0 so the cd could play the entire library of TG16 cd games with an entire 4mb of ram available. Of the offerings on ebay currently theres a bunch of broken consoles going for parts between $50-150, the one I got (which I had to talk the guy into testing for me), a bunch of them without the CD rom addon for $100-300 and then a few with the cd ranging from 400-2500. See the CD is an important addon because it not only plays cd games (the TG16 was the first console to have CD games btw) but it also changed the output to composite video! So you could either buy the CD addon and play a bunch of other games or buy the turbobooster Plus addon (which theres like 3 of on ebay currently and they are all $200+) and just get the ability to save some passwords and use composite out. So I was going to just get the CD addon… but the only one I could find that was selling JUST the cd addon was on amazon and he wanted $900 for it because it was still in the original box. So I opted for the console with the CD addon from ebay instead. But of course then I had to buy the power plug for $30 and a pair of controllers (yes I know it only has 1 port but I wanted a backup in case the first one died) for 15/ea. And well you cant do much on a system without any games right? So I bought Keith Courage in Alpha Zones for $7.99. So all told with shipping Ive put about $700 into a console that no one wants… I guess you could say Im a complete sucker.

  7. Their mascot was Bonk the caveman because in Japan he's called PC Genjin. Seriously.

  8. i had a turbografx 16 when i was a kid and was the only person i knew who had one……….and my mom gave it away when i got a snes without telling me! i guess have two consoles from the same generation at the same time was a new idea in the early 90s

  9. would love to have this system…but i am happy with VC releases on wii and wii u…

  10. I'd love it if they released a TG16 Classic with games already on it. I'd love to buy the actual console but in 2017 it's a very expensive console to collect for.

  11. The controller plug looks like the genesis power supply!

  12. Me on eBay
    Brain: get a TurboGrafx
    Me: why
    Brain: you gotta

  13. The button comparisons.
    TurboGrafx: 2
    Genesis: 3
    Super NES: 6


  14. Funnily enough the Genesis/Mega Drive was a distant third in Japan after NES and Turbo Grafix 16/PC Engine

  15. HA! Look on EBay, the prices are extreme. Games are from 50 to 100+. The consoles are even worse in terms of “affordability” they’re 90 bucks and beyond.

  16. My mother had this old console back when I was little. Her favorite game was Bonk.

  17. the turbo booster plus added the rca av out and a battery backed ram for gamesaves

  18. At least pc engine dominated the genesis in japan

  19. ehhhhh, your review and voice are annoying.

  20. What do you do when this is your competition?


  21. no stereo. not even composite. It can't save game data. You need the CD add on to play some of the best games. It only has one controller port, and the controller has a short chord. This system went from underrated to overrated.

  22. Not affordable…not cheap games nowadays…

  23. You can get line out composite with an adapter that fits on the back. You can also do that with the CD Rom attachment.

  24. Theres a AV adapter made by hyperkin that plugs into the back port I recently got one for my Turbografix off Amazon

  25. The Wii Shop is now closed….poor outdated video

  26. watching in 2020 and turbo grafx 16 games are just as expensive as neo geo games. man i wish i had a time machine and a interest in the console to buy up all of these games. well at least i got the virtual console ports

  27. It's pretty easy to mod Atari systems to have AV output, has anyone tried that with one of these?

  28. Turbographixs 16 are very expensive now. Saw one at a retro store for $200.

  29. I think the turbo grafx has the coolest looking media. Wish all games kept hucards. Love your videos so entertaining

  30. My brother and I got the TurboGrafx 16 in 1989. It is an awesome video game system 😀👍

  31. Eh, I'll just get the Analogue Duo when it comes out…
    And the Turbo Everdrive…

  32. Makes me so happy I picked up a PC Engine mini when I could 🙂

  33. Very good street fighter II port on turbo16 better then snes

  34. got into this one because of the wii shop

    now i have a briefcase pc engine cd unit
    and the system in this video 🥺💖

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