Classic Game Room - FAIRCHILD CHANNEL F console review -

Classic Game Room – FAIRCHILD CHANNEL F console review

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Fairchild Channel F system II review!

Classic Game Room reviews the FAIRCHILD CHANNEL F video game system from the 1970s! Originally released in 1976 the Channel F is one of the first cartridge based video game systems in the universe! It looks like a VCR but it plays old school video games! The Fairchild Channel F is one of the earliest video game consoles and boasts a fine wood grained finish and enormous buttons. It plays a small library of mostly two-player games on cartridges that look like 8-tracks, groovy!!


  1. WOW! 1976, I am impressed. I can't believe this was around or conceptualized in '76.

  2. Fairchild could have been Intel+Atari…hindsight is a bitch

  3. A African American was the first to make an video game console and this is it,white people hate to admit all the inventions we’ve made and contributed in society

  4. It's look like a Nintendo Wii, but with wires and less pixels. I'm right?

  5. Wow, that noise is unpleasant. No! I want the Fairchild channel G.

  6. The power pack was really big I got a grand stand unit but no power for It Did anyone know anything about Keypad and games that was planned for the unit but cancelled

  7. I hope they do a flashback unit with all of the games including pac one and Speight as E With was a cancelled game to work with Keypad

  8. I have games channel f. I sell them. I do not have the console.

  9. Was Maze Crazy just a rip off of Labyrinth? It looked identical to the higher levels, where you were walking around in the dark.

  10. Whoever knew space was gray?! LOL!
    I never even heard of or saw this system before. I love this channel. I knew there were quite a few consoles back in the day, but clearly I was not as geeked on games as I thought I was
    I knew of Atari 2600/5200/7800, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Vectrex, Magnavox Odyssey, and even one from Bally, which, if I recall correctly, had keypads on their controllers, like Intellivsion did, and much like the latter Atari consoles would. I'm gonna have to delve deeper into this channel. 🙂

    Thank you again, for sharing. Sorry this comment is 5 years too late.

  11. I’d love to know what the songs where for this

  12. Since you asked… We bought ours from Sears.

  13. do you know where i can get one? the only ones i can find are either only for scrap, or untested.

  14. "Kids today listen to downloadable music files."
    Me who spends my time money and effort to get old cassette recorders and record players (I'm working on getting an 8-track player still): =0

  15. If it had two sets of channel buttons and an interface for 8 track games.

  16. 5:02 see the screen where it says G? I saw somewhere if you entered in a reallll long chain of numbers, it would display one of the programmers names…hence, video games first Easter egg! But I don't know how you can enter numbers and I forget the cartridge it was on, let me check google again. Im sure theres button combo or something too to trigger it.

  17. I had one and it was amazing. Thanks for the trip back in time.

  18. Fairchild Channel F damn cool name for a console!

  19. For some reason i thought 6 ace and 4 at the start of the card game was saying gay

  20. I used to play Space War on our Fairchild original system. That brings back some memories. That sweet "wood" trim went along with console televisions that were quite popular at the time. Strange thing though…my toaster has "wood" trim. Not sure if I would put that on a console television.

  21. 3:13 wait till he finds out that David bowey died of cancer press f to pay respects

  22. Good to see Super Dave Osborne again.
    Very disappointed to not see you explain their joystick.
    It's really a marvel masterpiece. In it, you can do the following:
    1. Push in direction left.
    2. Push in direction right.
    3. Push in direction up.
    4. Push in direction down.
    5. Counter-clockwise rotate.
    6. Clockwise rotate.
    7. Push down on it usually to fire a weapon.
    8. Pull up on it to fire a 2ndary weapon.
    9. Push the little silver button (at the top) down for a 3rd firing weapon.

  23. I have the first version of the Channel F. I believe the main differences are one, on the old one the sounds come out of the console itself (it just sort of beeps and boops) instead of coming out of the tv speakers and two, the first version hooks up with a built-in coax cable instead of having an av port. If you are ever looking to buy one of these the second version is probably the way to go.

  24. I was alive when these came out. They sold them at JC Penney in my area. They were hella expensive like $300 in 1978 do the math on that with inflation it probably cost as much as a used '05 Mustang. Bad sounds, maybe but consider the TV shows out at the time weren't much better. I remember an Armor Battle game of some sort that JCP had running in the demo unit and it was the bomb. I drooled over that system but alas Santa never brought one. I did get a Pong game though. 🙂

  25. I had a Channel F back in the day. Got it as a Xmas present from my parents because it was cheaper than the Atari 2600 [doh!!!]. Anyone remember the old Two Guys discount department store, a forerunner of Target? They sold the Fairchild system.


  27. Man that sound is better than anything I have ever heard. That has to be Blue Ray quality!

  28. After watching this I feel like my 2600 is modern.

    My lovely smooth sounding TIA chip.

    And Genesis controller! "The killer must have Atari device."

  29. 3:52 to answer your question Mark, it was JCPenny who sold The Fairchild Channel F in 1977.

  30. I think I still have mine at my dad's place in the attic

  31. are the blackjack cards calling him gay?

  32. Not sure if I have ever seen this system. I just remember the 2600 as the first cartridge system.

  33. My dad worked on that project as well as the watches. Led and liquid Chrystal. I have a couple of of the consoles and all the original cartridges

  34. I've known about the channel f for a while……but can it really play 8 track tapes?! Running programs off an 8 track tape?! I've only heard and used audio data cassettes and VHS data tapes, but not 8 track! Cool!😎👍

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