CGRundertow ZONE 40 Video Game Console Review -

CGRundertow ZONE 40 Video Game Console Review

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Zone 40 wireless gaming console review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow hardware review of the Zone 40 wireless gaming console from Ultimate Products Ltd. There are many low budget clones of the Nintendo Wii. The Zone 40 is one of the worst. Released by Ultimate Products Ltd., the Zone 40 is a console with 40 games preinstalled. Some are motion controlled sports games similar to Wii Sports, the others are arcade games. There’s even a Zuma game on the Zone 40, although somehow, it’s awful. We never thought Zuma could be awful. This video review features video gameplay footage of the Zone 40 wireless gaming console and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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  1. this video has 40 (get it, 40?) dislikes 🙂 

  2. My dad bought one of these from CVS a few years ago. Man, that thing sucked major ass.

  3. Whoever buys this thing for their kids so that they can pretend they have a Wii should be arrested for child abuse. This system is so depressing that it could cause anyone stuck playing it to seek counseling rather quickly.

  4. Why do some of these Wii rip-off consoles like the ZONE 40 and the Wireless60 look so much more badass than the original wii? I mean simply from an optical standpoint. The games look like sh*t

  5. I actually found something worse than the Xbox One.

    Atleast the Xbox works.

  6. OMG my uncle's friend has that but he replaced it with an Xbox 360 at least.

  7. i wanted a wii for christmas when i was a kid. my parents got me this. what…the…fuck

  8. It does work, it's just the TV which causes it to look like that.

  9. People were ripped off. Wanna know how? They make make the console and controller(s) look really cool and modern, then people want to buy it. After they play it and realize how bad it was, the company doesn't allow refunds. Only 2 year olds enjoy it.

  10. Pls tell me where could I buy this…I want to burn it

  11. It's sad that these ripoff artists put so much of their creative efforts into making strikingly cool-looking consoles and controls. Pretty on the outside, ugly as sin on the inside.

    If there were justice in the world, we'd be able to choose what kind of shape our desired, real-life consoles would have. Take the cheapo ripoff shell and put authentic Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, or Sega guts inside. That would be interesting.

  12. I remember my aunt got this for I already had a wii and she though I didn't so now I have that laying around

  13. did you hear? there is now the "Wireless 60"!

  14. Im the 666th person to like this ilumintai confirmed?

  15. Such great graphics…… No seriously in reality it craps all over itself

  16. well at least the graphics are exactly like the Wii

  17. I have one of these laying around somewhere. It was my first game console.

  18. I saw at Rerez the wireless 60 and I saw at Projared the Intec Interact those 2 consoles are Wii ripoff consoles

  19. dude i own a Zone 40 my gran gave it to me from when she was at the BIIINNNGGOOOO and i does not work like that static is not that

  20. Thats his tv cause i had the same game system and it didnt do that

  21. My mom got me one of these. I still have it cib. Ultra rare game console now lol

  22. I had one 3 years ago and it worked perfectly fine

  23. Damn! I remember when my grandparents giving me one for Christmas when I was a child. I asked for a Wii, but they gotten me a Zone 40. Honestly it's the most crappy gaming system in existence. Note: I found out they bought it from CVS.

  24. One of the worst products I’ve ever seen, are you sure it’s not possessed by the devil?

  25. This was my first games console. At the time, i thought it was pretty good (even the graphics were decent) Sad to see it getting so much hate though because its not THAT bad. I liked the fencing game, tank one, the killing mobs one, tennis and thats about it. 10/10 good childhood memories.

  26. I found one of these at a Salvation Army…

    The copyright date said 2009

  27. This review was actually entertaining, especially the part about it taking the cake

  28. It's okay. I had this and a mini version of it

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