Cars: The Video Game: Messed up Rustbucket Race -

Cars: The Video Game: Messed up Rustbucket Race

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Ok, i discovered how to mod Cars: The Video Game myself, thanks to Codename470 for instructions () and TrackManiaMatt () for needed instruments.

When you edit ATY file for Rustbucket race – there goes the bug I mentioned in my previous video. Everybody’s physics are messed up again, because of incorrect physics. Their animations are stuck, they go completly silence and they are very light and you can punch them so they fly far away. I will explore this glitch again for later.

Stuff i use for recording:
Fraps – Videorecording
Adobe Premiere CC 2018 – Editing
Sony Vegas 14 by MAGIX – Editing
Handbrake – Compressing the size of videos.
Adobe Photoshop 2018 CC – Thumbnails, Paint-Jobs
Paint.Net – Paint-Jobs
Xiaomi Recorder – Recording on Mobile (only Xiaomi phones)
PowerDirector – Editing on Phone
Xbox Game DVR – Recording on Xbox One

Game: Cars: The Video Game
Character: Lightning McQueen
Track: Rustbucket Race
Difficulty: Rookie

Superdrive Edition site:


  1. Как у тебя озвучка на русском а текст на английском

  2. Wow. This game does not like doing things out of the ordinary.

  3. Lightning McQueen uses his new found time stopping powers to battle against the other racers of Ornament Valley.

    He proceeds to destroy the other cars to avenge the death of his dear family that he lost so long ago…

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