Can Google Stadia Compete With Video Game Consoles? -

Can Google Stadia Compete With Video Game Consoles?

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Streaming services like Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud are promising to end the era of console games and discs. But with a limited selection of games and slow adoption, these services have challenges to overcome before they can successfully take on gaming giants.

There are gamers who swear by the benefits of playing in front of a keyboard and mouse on a custom-built PC, while others prefer the convenience and ubiquity of consoles like the Xbox and Playstation. Those console brands, in particular, have become powerhouses in the world of at-home gaming.

Microsoft sold 30 million units of the Xbox One console between its release in November 2013 and the end of 2017, according to IHS Markit. Sony sold 73 million PlayStation 4 consoles that same time period.

But there’s a new player in the game: streaming video game platforms. You could play from anywhere, on any device, any time. And you don’t need to worry about your hardware becoming obsolete.

Google’s Stadia, Microsoft’s Project xCloud, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now make it easy to play top-tier games without a console or PC. The subscription-based services stream video games from high-end gaming machines through the cloud.

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Can Google Stadia Compete With Video Game Consoles?


  1. Nope cloud gaming is already failing. People kept refering cloud gmaing to Netflix, c'mon watching a movie is nothing like playing a game. A game required precise control, watching a movie doesn't which is why watching movie or listening to music through the cloud works whereas gaming, a form of media that constantly required interaction is very complicated to work in the cloud.

  2. I still don't get how the physics of this work. Even if you have a perfect connection and you get data to the data center at the speed of light with no delays of any kind and it processes nearly instantly on the remote end and the data comes back the same way the delays would still be far larger than you get with a normal console or PC. That is what most of the reviews also find that the experience is laggy and the delays are kind of random which is what you expect when dealing with the internet. I just don't see how any computing technology change can fix this or why it would be the future. From what I can see the speed of light is the reason that cloud based gaming will always be limited compared to consoles and PC.

  3. CNBC obviously not doing enough homework when producing this video, or trying way too hard to push Stadia.

  4. Silly video. We are on the cusp of a new console generation release. Also, many areas in the US are still internet insecure. Large swaths of the south and mid-west don't have reliable/stream-able internet and rely on physical consoles and games. Huge (and expensive) infrastructure implementations would need to be accomplished to provide consistent services. Consoles may eventually be phased out in the coming decades but any time soon.

    More like the way we use consoles might change and how they compare with regular personal computers in terms of functionality and options..

  5. It's not just stadia and the xcloud there's many others like nvidia's geforce and something called liquid sky!

  6. Microsoft and Mastery in same sentence. LOL

  7. Gaming is going mobile. The current iPad Pro can run Fortnite at a smooth 120FPS meanwhile most consoles struggle to get 60fps

  8. A point worth mentionning is that they use Linux and will get destroyed by Windows Gaming cloud.

  9. Of course streming is the Future, but we have a long way to do that… Google is trying do something, so if Google want get success it need make a lot of readjustments and we keep watching very close 🙂

  10. Wao channel with more than 1 million subs is this stupid?

  11. Had it a few months so far and I'm very satisfied with it. The no downloads is super convenient. I get a bit of lag on occasion, but it's not as bad as the lag I was already getting on the predominantly online games I was playing anyways, and the lag is easier to deal with since it's just a drop in resolution or framerate instead of rubber banding your character all over. Ive been a Sony fan boy since Symphony of the Night, but I dont know what the PS5 could offer to get me to invest in it.

  12. Don't forget about data won't have unlimited 5g

  13. Not yet. But yes, once internet speeds get better.

  14. I think there's a job opening at "the Verge" – this guy and Stefan will make a great team.

  15. Stadia is The future … long as Alphabet lets it to live.

  16. No its been almost 3 months since stadia launch and there have been no new announcements, or game reveals.

  17. Not even an honorable mention of Nintendo Switch which sold over 36 million consoles since 2017..

  18. Bwahahaha, Stadia can't even ship with 20% of its promised features. They're making people pay to beta test their product. Already what few fans they had are abandoning it.

  19. 1. There is a delay when playing a cloud game, unless the hardware you own is terrible there will be a delay between the player pressing a button and the game responding
    2. If you buy a game w/o a subscription but can no longer play it due to google closing stadia. That situation might as well be theft since google took both your money and your game that you purchased with said money, unless google mentioned a refund for the goods you paid for.

  20. So many people here fail to understand the long term trend this story is implying. My thought is consoles have two to three generation life cycles left before it's all cloud based and this coming generation is likely the last one you can buy physical discs for.

  21. I don't need to see the narrator while watching this. Just cut him out.

  22. Stadia collapsed a few weeks ago… NO!

    xCloud and Nvidia's streaming service maybe!

  23. Big Boy Blockbuster laughed and baby Netflix, but one day baby Netflix grew up and Blockbuster found themselves in diapers at the old folks home. This may not be for the 'now' but keep and eye on it in the times to come.

  24. I have a 9 year old son and 6 years ago he was infatuated with my cell phone, 3 years ago I tried to get him to play my PS4 and he wouldn't even touch the most childish game aimed at him, instead he keep wanting to play games on my phone.So I said to myself.Why am I forcing him to play my console,most of the games are free for the phone that he likes and he can take it with hmi anywhere he wants. That's when I realized that consoles are going to die out,especially in 5 years when he is a teenager. Nintendo got it right temporarily with the Switch but I realized a long time ago thru my kids, that the end was consoles was coming.

  25. Pc: "What do we want?"
    Xbox: "Low latency!"
    Playstation: "Low latency!"
    Switch: "Low Latency!"
    Stadia: "…"
    PC: "When do we wa-"
    Stadia: "Low Latency!"

  26. The only thing I got from this is that Microsoft brought out xbox live first and Sony copied it.

  27. Video Game Streaming probably can compete and win, but Google’s Stadia can’t. It’s yet another half baked and under funded Google product

  28. It's also not going to talk about streaming games are not supported and crash their own market due to lack of information support

  29. … ROFL! (Insert DBZA Vegetea Laughing here.)(Insert the Doritoes Pope of Gaming here laughing as well.)(Do a AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs joke here and implode the Stadia.) Yeaaaaaa, no. The biggest problem with Live streaming video games, console or not and Computer or Tablet…. Or Phone; is the latency and the DRM Nightmare or the ability to own the software. By Latency, you could apply this to playing a simple game of Super Mario where you push the Jump button and that jump doesn't register until 5 seconds too late and you fall into that pit of walk into that goomba.

    Even if you we're to somehow resolve that issue, then there is still a problem with how software is handled; only games that are still on a server can be played. If a game is removed permanently because a parent got bent out of shape over, Let's say a block of cheese, and will tear the game down because of that reason alone; then what about the rest of us who still want to enjoy that game? Do we have a right and say what we can play and what we can't? What about the insane prices? Stadia is a service you pay for, even at launch before it's huge decline. Ontop of 'PAYING' for that service, you still need to fork out more $ to pay for games on that platform and KEEP paying Google to use the Stadia if you want access TO that library on that still same platform…. Meaning, if you decide to stop paying for stadia and wanted to Play the Witcher 3 on your phone using your data plan while going…anywhere, home, cruise ship, waiting for your friends at the theaters; tough luck, you would not be able to access the library of content you paid for; Especially if Google Abandons Stadia like they did so many of their other projects; even completed and half baked projects.

    Stadia is going down the tubes for it's own reasons alone and it's breaking harder than CNBC is making things out to be. If we're entering an era of technology where we have to keep paying for it to at least use it versus us being able to pay it once and use it whenever we want without having to go through these hoops and bills; it's an era we need to do without. Microsoft started doing this with Xbox Live, Microsoft Office as Well as Adobe with….everything, and if Microsoft's Cloud computing takes off, their next OS or OS version down the road will be cloud based; we will have to pay a subscription to even use it along with an ISP to streamline that data alone with everything else we have just to simply use it, write software for it and even do what we choose to do with it on our own free will instead of having someone above run the show for us.

    … There probably needs to be a story done on how much is being spent on tech today with all of these ridiculous subscriptions going on to use anything and if this trend is going to put businesses at risk, colleague loans to rise in needing this stuff for any form of I.T. Class and the inability to enjoy video games or entertainment at all without having to walk into another pay wall for business…. But what do I know? I'm a youtube-watching maniac typing comments on stuff that'll never be read in depth.

  30. My Nintendo Switch I can take anywhere’s to some games you don’t need internet and it’s also a game console I can play handheld or on my tv this console seems to be a waste of money and don’t seem to have any good games to play either

  31. Cloud gaming is the most stupidest thing I have heard what if you wanna play offline 😑

  32. when a yes or no question is the title of a video, the answer is always no.

  33. No, sony and Nintendo is to big . Not to mention microsoft with xbox . And gamers do not like playing games in streaming boxes . Because streaming boxes have to much variability .
    About crossplay, it's to hyped . eventually pc gamers will exploit that like the case with fallout 76 . And what about internet connection in rural areas . In google stadia you need internet connection, wich is hard to find in a rural areas . And players who just want to play single player games are forced to use internet connection . Wich is a bad way to go, especially if you look at the launch of xbox one. where people hate that you need an internet connection to play offline games. Overall google stadia will probably fail . It will took more time to fail , but it's probably like the case for other google apps and products that google launched . They would be thrown right at the trash 🗑

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