Call of Duty Warzone is not fair ( PC vs Console ) -

Call of Duty Warzone is not fair ( PC vs Console )

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How much of an advantage do PC Players have over Xbox and PlayStation players in COD Warzone? Let’s Investigate and take a look at the differences! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner


  1. Doesn't mean you can't win, you're just at a significant disadvantage.

  2. I used to play on the ps4, and I recently got a PC about a year ago. You definitely have advantages as a PC player, which pushes the narrative that cross play should be eliminated

  3. Raven won't do this for last gen consoles, During a press briefing they basically let on that on PS5/Xbox Series X will have the ability to change FOV, Ultimately its a good decision from them. And cold war have already added FOV to the options up to 120. PC/PS5/Xbox Series X are seeing some improvements but I doubt Xbox one/PS4 will have these changes. But they need to stop with little fixes in comparison to all the cheaters, It's impossible to play this game right now as you know

  4. The aim assist is good in some situations, but I've always thought it also negatively affected my long range shots, because of it's slow moving when over the enemy. it poses a lot of problems for moving targets.

  5. I hate the new cods multiplayer,(cod mw and cold war) my reason is because of the cross play and just 5 year olds buying every bundle they see or the people who spend their life on the game, I mean like sometimes I get on there just looking to have a good time you know but here comes MR. No life with all the overpowered guns and attachments and I'm just thinking, "this is why I like battlefield, halo, and fallout 3, new Vegas and 4

  6. i can't believe people are still playing on console in 2020

  7. "most console players will be playing on tv speakers"

    lmao no

  8. Glad I came my senses, gonna go for a desktop gaming rig!
    Also glad all the new Xbox are sold out
    Not worth the hype when PC games are better, cheaper, more plentiful!
    Games like squad on pc, nothing like squad on Xbox. Just junk over hyped micro transaction games!

  9. I hear battlefield 1 music in the background

  10. Hey jack if you want to see the difference between pc and xbox it's the recoil … if check and you will see

  11. If you are on console and have gaming monitor you can use monitor filters to the same thing.. But its not at c level… Bur atleast it works

  12. If you can't beat pc players and your on xbox you trashstrsight facts you know how many pc players I beat including hackers people who can't beat them mine as well join them

  13. I want the option to not play with pc players. The cheating is rampant. I don’t mind playing with Xbox players.

  14. No matter how you adjust the FOV, you can't get what a 32:9 player have

  15. jackfrags: "it also still works while you're stoned."
    Me: "…wait…what?!?"

  16. This argument can be made for most cross platform shooters. Also I disagree, most player who take to these issues on console are playing with a headset.

  17. they probably took away the fov slider for console because of the huge aim assist

  18. I’m on console but the pc can’t have aim assist

  19. "Get a gaming pc plug it in and have a good time"
    Were it so easy…

  20. the aim assist on PC specifically is broken and inconsistent. It drops out very often several times a match and is totally unpredictable just as FYI. haven't heard this too much from console players

  21. I think they put pc with each other because 1. They have an advantage and their scores are higher and 2. Hacker get loaded there

  22. Aim assist and Cronus crush any pc advatage

  23. Why would they make this game available for console if your always going get killed by a pc player

  24. I have got them to 1 shot they lay down fast and when they go to stand up there already jumping and 180 spin you and your dead If you ask me if no recoil on PC and all these advantages they should at least erase recoil for console and by the way at least 3/4 of hacking cheaters are on PC with shouldn't get overlooked at and I just found out you can buy hacks

  25. complitly desagreee aim ssistr is ethry think in this game thet way i quitt , and terrible audio

  26. i play Cod on ps 4 because may laptop is a potato…

  27. Let me stop you right here. And mention aim assist.
    Console players are the ones that asked for cross platform, now you got it

  28. Personally with all the issues and most major issues are from PC players with COD I believe PC should be removed from playing with console players.

  29. Don't see how this is competitive. As a gamer PC has such an advantage that I really lose interest in playing COD. PC should stay with PC and vice versa…..ijs

  30. If you google Veterancheats You will find cheats for COD Warzone but also other 30+ games are available in their store such as Cold War,Valorant,Rust,Destiny 2,Apex Legends and many other games.

  31. This was a great comparison video! Keep up the great work!

  32. Cod: Do you want to enable cross platform?

    -me: no


  33. The best part is when pc players get upset…that we're holding them back with consoles🤦 seems they need the pc to win🤷

  34. This is the reason why PC players need separate lobbies from Xbox and PlayStation, PC players have more advantages, example
    C4 throwing is a lot farther/ one handed throw.
    Vs console C4 throwing.

  35. As a pc player i totally agree. I feel for yall.

  36. This is why cross platform play except between consoles really shouldn’t be a thing.

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