Call of Duty Warzone is not fair ( PC vs Console ) -

Call of Duty Warzone is not fair ( PC vs Console )

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How much of an advantage do PC Players have over Xbox and PlayStation players in COD Warzone? Let’s Investigate and take a look at the differences! Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner


  1. This is why cross platform play except between consoles really shouldn’t be a thing.

  2. As a pc player i totally agree. I feel for yall.

  3. This is the reason why PC players need separate lobbies from Xbox and PlayStation, PC players have more advantages, example
    C4 throwing is a lot farther/ one handed throw.
    Vs console C4 throwing.

  4. The best part is when pc players get upset…that we're holding them back with consoles🤦 seems they need the pc to win🤷

  5. Cod: Do you want to enable cross platform?

    -me: no


  6. This was a great comparison video! Keep up the great work!

  7. If you google Veterancheats You will find cheats for COD Warzone but also other 30+ games are available in their store such as Cold War,Valorant,Rust,Destiny 2,Apex Legends and many other games.

  8. Don't see how this is competitive. As a gamer PC has such an advantage that I really lose interest in playing COD. PC should stay with PC and vice versa…..ijs

  9. Personally with all the issues and most major issues are from PC players with COD I believe PC should be removed from playing with console players.

  10. Let me stop you right here. And mention aim assist.
    Console players are the ones that asked for cross platform, now you got it

  11. i play Cod on ps 4 because may laptop is a potato…

  12. complitly desagreee aim ssistr is ethry think in this game thet way i quitt , and terrible audio

  13. I have got them to 1 shot they lay down fast and when they go to stand up there already jumping and 180 spin you and your dead If you ask me if no recoil on PC and all these advantages they should at least erase recoil for console and by the way at least 3/4 of hacking cheaters are on PC with shouldn't get overlooked at and I just found out you can buy hacks

  14. Why would they make this game available for console if your always going get killed by a pc player

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