BIG AEW DEBUT! AEW Planning HUGE Return for Rampage! AEW Console Video Game & More Wrestling News! -

BIG AEW DEBUT! AEW Planning HUGE Return for Rampage! AEW Console Video Game & More Wrestling News!

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AEW continues to carry the momentum as they have a big debut scheduled, as well as a huge indie star set for his AEW return! I also discuss some awesome AEW Video Game Console News!

0:00 Wrestling News Intro
0:44 AEW Console Video Game News Development Update
3:14 AEW Planning Big Return for AEW Rampage!
5:24 Former WCW Superstar to Debut on AEW Dark!


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  1. Gimme that AEW game already Kenny Omega, I been good this year 😆

    And put Okada in it for me bruh, you know why 🔥

  2. Like you said how can it hurt to bring someone in and give them a chance. You never know

  3. I would like Rush or Dragon Lee as Andrade's mystery partner this coming Saturday vs lucha bros

  4. Man, I forgot about him. Haven't heard from him since the WCW days. I do wonder if it's gonna be a one off though.

  5. I loved wcw a lot. I love aew but I would not call aew anything like wcw. Its definitely better than wwe to me

  6. I wonder if the Forbidden Door Will be added to the Console Game as a DLC exclusive?

    That Console Game news is Huge! very Smart Decision making from AEW

  7. Ikd how much longer I can take waiting on the AEW game I want to play it so bad I haven't been this existed about a wrestling game in a long time I hate all the WWE2K games

  8. My expectations for the AEW console game are low. I think TWC is going to be the undisputed champion of modern wrestling games. I'm trying to be optimistic about 2K22… For example, I'm hoping we get old school NXT ladders or at the very least, color options for them. It's not like different color ladders haven't been seen before, albeit in the confines of 2 story modes.

    Extra: Have any of you seen the ladder war in ROH between Steen and Generico? It's a long shot, but I hope the things that happened in that match can be recreated in 2k22. Perhaps I'm smoking too much hopium…🤷

  9. I don't know. AEW is starting to go in a direction that's beginning to turn me off. I'm trying to stay positive but I don't know.

  10. Is it Bray Wyatt & that's why it's live? T. Khan seems pretty confident. Not long ago he said he had something underneath his sleeve…🤔🤔

  11. On the real, keep pumping these outs, also I messaged you on discord about gcw.

  12. AEW is way better than wwe, wrestlers, storylines

  13. I agree with the fact that wrestling is great right now as far as AEW being WCW let them bring in whoever see what works AEW is great nothing more need said

  14. Lol knew there was something I forgot to do. Yeah we'll if they do i'll never watch aew again or have anything to do with them. Can't wait to put gcw or whatever out of business. How dare theses clowns take advantage of the mentally handicapped/challenged cheering self mutilation & glorify it then wonder why people think they're stupid. Who are u to tell them..? Obviously a smart person for telling them not to unless you just like being walked on.

  15. i would turn aubrey from a ref to a pro wrestler lol

  16. stop… no one can trust what you say!!! if you didn't think hangman wasn't the joker then you don't know how to use common sense

  17. Rampage numbers have been down by quite a lot the past 2 weeks. Nick Gage showing up on the show might push those numbers lower. People aren't exactly clamoring to see him on TV. The whole idea for Nick Gage coming back to AEW, is to have another match against Jon Moxley for the GCW championship. Moxley just successfully defended against him on Saturday, but AEW wants to do another "Barbed Wire Death Match" and that might be a good fit and the best way to get people to tune in. But if it's just Gage himself, it's a pass for most people.

  18. I Wasn't Into Those Death Matches Either, Then I Saw The Nick Gage vs Chris Jericho Death Match & I Enjoyed It Cause It Was Awesome, But I Can Surely Say I Am A Fan Of The Death Match Now After Viewing Saturday's Death Match Between Nick Gage & Jon Moxley. It Was 1 Fucking Brutal Glass Breaking Hardcore Wrestling Match, Plus Mick Foley Was 1 Of The Commenters For The Gage vs Moxley Match 💯





  20. Good evening @Ango, thanks for the video. So you are now part of the Elite? Yes Chris Ford should wrestle again as a 1 shot or a few times because he doesn't do anything to tip the scales either way and he gets recognized and work. As long as he can still sell and not be stiff as he once was. Be well stay safe GOD bless you and take care. Keep enjoying the wrestling content

  21. Aew bringing crowbar is a great thing he has been one of the hardest working names on the indes people need to see his indy stuff has gone under the radar bc he is a physical therapist so he dont need the work he is in amazing shape and one of the most nicest guys you will ever meet

  22. Hardcore Wrestling is the shit bottom line! Most millennials look down on everything so that’s not surprising.

  23. I propose that TK is been preparing to establish every week hardcore division with the own title, that's why they brought Nick Gage and the formal WCW Hardcore champion Crowbar. Btw I like Crowbar, his segments with David Flair and Daffney (R. I. P) were cool.

  24. What do they think about crowbar now? 🤷🏿‍♂️ Great match and he definitely still has it. 🤘🏾👍🏾

  25. Crowbar looked good making the other guy over.. i think that's what AEW needs for the new talent EXPERIENCE

  26. Tony Khan can hire a drug addictive bank robber. But don't hire a elite level female wrestler in Tessa blanchard. Absolutely madness

  27. WOW wat a throw back wit Crow Bar…brings me back to the golden age of wrestling…lol…I personally love Nick Gage. And am very happy to see him clean and in AEW. Very excited to see who and wat they gonna do wit him. Would love them to bring in Homicide to fight Nick Gage that would be a blood bath waiting to happen

  28. Thought it was wonderful when Jushin Thunder Liger showed up in NXT. Should be done more often in WWE.

  29. Ango sorry if I butchered the spelling your name, your the true voice of the real IWC.

  30. My mom's favorite wrestler thanks to dark side of the Ring Nick Gage in Aew CM Punk vs Nick fn Gage or Jon Moxley or Ed Kingston .crowbar teamed up with Daphne and Daphne just passed away I believe crowbar is a physical therapist now so maybe he is going to be a physical therapist backstage to

  31. Making Rampage more violent, will totally kick ass. Violence creates controversy. Controversy creates cash. Ppl will hear about it and would want to tune in.

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