BEST Ys GAMES (Best to worst and where to start) - Happy Console Gamer -

BEST Ys GAMES (Best to worst and where to start) – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny looks at and ranks his top 5 Ys games on every system and weighs in which ones are the best and worst in the Ys series..Ys is an action RPG series created by Falcom games

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Having Ys VIII over IX, when IX improved on just about everything wrong with VIII, is criminal.

    Also no love for Seven in the top 5 makes me sad.

  2. Ys 7 on PSP was my starting point I love it, Felghana is my personal favorite after VIII. VIII is really one of those games I wish I could experience for the first time, it was pretty magical. Currently playing through IX right now.

  3. YS VIII was what really got me into the series. I'm a massive Kiseki/Trails fan, and played the shit outta Ark of Naphistim back when i was a teen but I didn't play any other Ys game before or after that. After running out of Trails games one day, I decided to give Ys a shot again. But, I bounced off of both Origins and 7 so nothing was hooking me. But then after playing 8 (special note to Sunshin Coastline, cause BOY hearing that song REALLY sold me on the game), I'm now a fan of the series.

    Just bought 9 on steam a couple days ago.

  4. My favorites ys oath in felgahna, memories of celceta, ark of napshtim, ys seven, lacrimosa of dana. My number 1 is definitly ys seven though. My number 2 is napshtim.

    Have monstrum nox just need to play it. Hence why I don't have it ranked anywhere. Also need to play origins.

    Sadly I cannot tolerate the bumping mechanic for combat of books 1 and 2. If they ever did a proper remake of it where they add in a proper battle system I will be more than happy to give them a shot.

  5. You’re an Ys expert, no doubt. I think Oath is my second favorite one though

  6. Good lord dude, relax a little bit, you have way too much aggressive energy.

  7. Ys 8 is the best when you remove nostalgia 😉

  8. Ys 9 is nice but compare to Ys 8, it's toned down a bit. Ys 8 has a vast map to explore and a great story between past and present, and raid is more exciting than Ys 9. Adventure Gears are pretty fun to use, there are even some Gears to emit light in dark caves and help you to walk over swamp or underwater, which is interesting. The game makes me have more Zelda feelings than Ys9. Ys 8 has nice art work as well. I love Laxia.

    Ys 9 map is pretty small despite it is semi open world. We're stucked in the city and DUNGEONS for the entire game. Sacrementals (aka Artifacts, Gears) now only play optional roles in Ys 9. Gifts are like replacement for those major Artifacts. Raid is like a degraded version of Ys 8. Ys 9's art work is good but i prefer Ys 8's one. Despite that, Doll is pretty.
    No wonder while Ys 8 has 16gb size, Ys 9 only has 10gb size.

  9. Falcom, please do the West a big, BIG favor and either localize a release of Ys V or a localized remake of Ys V for PS4/PS5 and/or the switch. If this could be done, that'd be great for us fans because Ys being as long as it is (maybe even longer depending on how far falcom wants to take stories of the franchise), it just has to be completed for the sake of completionist, the time/respect of both your various fans and company employees throughout all the years.

  10. How to make a confusing list? Watch this video. "Let's start with" after mentioning a dozen others. A simple best to worst, no "honorable mention" nonsense, will always make more sense. This sounds like it makes sense in your head and when you're doing it, but for those watching it's a jumbled mess.

  11. I've never played this series before. I got a ps vita for Persona 4 and just started playing Ys Origin. I'm really enjoying it and going to purchase and play 7 and 8. Thanks for the video and i love your enthusiasm!

  12. ys 9 sucks. and no celceta? ur list sucks,


  13. Which will be better?
    Playing by timeline order?
    Playing by release order?

  14. Oath in Felghana is my favorite, but I think I will play through the entire series

  15. My first Ys game is/was Ys 8 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!
    My next game is Ys 9 (both are on switch) and I’m super excited to start playing.
    Great video! Keep it up!

  16. ys' 9 is the worst in modern y's games .. for a new comer's 8 or origins is the way to go.

  17. I love this guys enthusiasm. Ive played most on the Ys games, except for 4 and 1&2. Ill be playing them after i finish Oath of Felghana. Memories of celceta was the first one I played, it will always have a special place in my heart for introducing me into this fantastic franchise.

  18. This was funny to hear! Me and my friends just powered through Ys 1 over Discord and had a blast!

  19. I was expecting you to say "And for number 1…. Xenoblade Chronicles X!"

  20. Ys Viii is my first Ys game and made me a fan of the series, one of the things I like is the character switching on the fly. Now I played Ys iX and Ys Origin.

  21. I’m way behind on your videos. Ys Book 1 and 2 I played for the first time on the PC Engine Mini last year at age 40. That game had my jaw dropped to the floor… just amazing game for the Turbo CD. If I know what I do now, I would have figured out a way to get the turbo cd back then at age 10 or 11 or however old I was. Ys Books 1 and 2 is on my top 5 games of all time now, as is Rondo of Blood. PC Engine/Turbo CD for the win. Who knew? Guess you.

  22. I really missed the anime scenes in Ys 9 why did they cut them🥲

  23. They need to release a Ys collection for current consoles. I don't even care if they split it up into a part 1, 2, 3 ext. But they all should be on a cart/disc none of that only one game and the rest are downloaded bs.

  24. I just started Celecta & hearing Adols voice for the first time, what a moment. 🙏

  25. I will never forget when I first played Ys book 1&2. Honestly the best Christmas ever. Hearing that opening music. The soundtrack took you to a place like no other. I used to listen to it while doing homework. By far the best music I have ever heard in any video game period. I don’t know how to explain it I’m getting all emotional but it made me realize the importance of music above all. I can play a game of the best graphics ever but if I can’t get behind the music by the soundtrack forget it it’s over. The first boss fight, the ending credits music. Everything about this game was pure genius. Didn’t have the best graphics but to be honest with you, it wasn’t about The graphics it was all about the music and the feeling you got from it. I still carry Eastbrook one and two to this day but I play it on my old CD player but I still own. Did you ever take the CD player out and just plug it in directly to the wall without it being a part of the system? I must listen to the track at least 1000 times. Inspired me to write the best research papers in college and Kami down during hard times. Yeah, life-changing experience. Sounds unbelievable because it was. Thank you for sharing such an amazing series of games. I can understand every point that you talked about. It’s unfortunate that the younger generation cannot experience what we did. The unknown.

  26. Thanks to you i have started this Series. I picked up Ys origin and it has a kind of Valkyrie Profile vibe… it s pretty good

  27. Ys Origin has no business being as good as it is. Everyone needs to play this.

  28. Im surprised at the no mention of memories of celceta. For me ys 9 is the best because the side characters are all very fleshed out and amazing


  30. Ys origin cant stop crashing on my Pc from time to time and i cant find a fix

  31. I loaded up on the Ys games. The best part of the psp versions is how the labels spell YS on the side when you line them up. I finished the first one in like… 2 sittings. I wasn’t as taken by the second game, I need to get back into it one of these days.

  32. I think ys VI naphitism should be at least 5. It's the first one that is released in NA after more than a decade of absent, it's what made YS known Toba wider audience. It's fully voiced, gorgeous animation and graphic and the battle is lightning fast.

  33. Great info and perspective on the series. I haven't played any games from the series yet but I've been sitting on Lacrimosa of Dana for well over a year now but just haven't been able to get to it. It's now on my short list in my back log of games.

    Thanks for counting down your list from 5 to 1 rather than 1 to 5. A countdown rather than a count up is always more engrossing to the end.

  34. I really miss my Turbografx. So many good games. Military Madness baby!

  35. After I finish Ys IX i need to go back to Seven and Celceta. Any tips on which one? And which version? I have seven and celceta on Vita, but PC is an option too.

  36. I’ve played a bunch of them over the years, I’ve got copies on both switch and PS4 for the newest games. I wish I had gotten VIII collectors edition though, definitely my favorite so far. My favorite older game was a digital game I downloaded on my blackberry back in the late 2000s it was a Hudson soft one but I played the hell out of it while on 24hr duty in the army.

  37. Ys origin was great, I recently just beat it, but you got to beat it 3 times for the full story! The whole Ys series is great!
    The TurboGrafx was so far ahead of it's time!

  38. Im glad I got into ys, I started with memories of celceta , and I origin as a download on my ps4, and this Saturday I should be getting Ark of naphistim (ps2) in the mail. And I'm almost done with Celceta

  39. Great video. Napishtim is pronounced Na pish tim. I know this because it probably comes from Utnapishtim who is like the equivalent of Noah in Mesopotamian mythology

  40. Alexa play 'to make the end of battle'.

    Feena my canon adol Gf 😂😂😂

  41. hello sir, ive tried YS8 , 9, and recently played origins, and i realize i like the Ys when we only need to control 1 character at at time haha

  42. I've played the Ys series since the master system days too.
    Holders of Power boss music still gives me chills to this day.

  43. Im entering this series only now, i dont care about story only gameplay, from what i gather, the better ones are 7,8,9 and maybe memories of celsomething. it looks fun, even though 9 has ps3 graphics and was released around this year.

  44. Ys Origins was my first and ATM, only one ive played. I knew I was in for a good time when you have your first fight and the Oboro song starts blasting. I dont know how to explain it, but the song is so melodically satisfying in how it plays. On top of that, the visuals are great and gameplay was challenging in a fair way

  45. I'm about to finish ys8 and I recently got monstrum nox I can't wait.

  46. I agree about Ys Book 1 and 2. The Master system version was nice, but it was the Turbo CD game that really blew me away and made me an Ys fan for life. Now I just wish they'd remake Ys 5 like they have everything else. Taito did on the PS2, but that's not good enough.

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