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BEST VIDEO GAME BOX ART – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny looks at his favourite video game box arts!

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Moment of silence to whoever bought bad games because boxart was tempting back then 😂😂😂

  2. I can’t believe no Shenmue. Those games had beautiful artwork, and the Best Buy metal case for Shenmue 3 looked really nice

  3. For the first 20 minutes I hadn't ever heard of these games, and until the very last one I hadn't played any.

  4. Something to be said for Star Wars Rogue Squadron on the N64 and Donkey Kong Country 1-3 but by far my favourite has to be Phantasy Star 3.

  5. Let me throw out a mention for Red Steel 2's box art. Simple, striking, surrealistic, and with so many fine touches that make it look extra cool, like the sheen on his blade, the creases on his coat, and the smoke wisping away from his gun.

  6. Rondo of blood has the sickest box art. Early 90s anime meets castlevania. Reminds me of a crazy full cover manga page with dracs eyes involved.

  7. Lost Odyssey and The Last Story! It's a shame they apparently didn't sell well enough and Sakaguchi abandoned these sorts of grand console RPGs in favor of mobile games. I feel like he had bad luck with timing. If his enterprise had started closer to the present when most games are now released multiplatform (including PC) and with the resurgence of Japanese games after being bashed by game "journalists" for so long, games like Lost Odyssey would have fared better.

  8. I love this video man!! I think we’re around the same age (39) cause your memories of being a child are essentially the same as mine lol. And your love for very specific art style is eerily similar to mine.
    I figured out why I never saw you on RotR, you must’ve been on it during 2005-2011ish? Because that’s when my wife n I were busy building a couple humans and I didn’t get to watch ANYTHING I actually wanted to 😂
    All in all I really appreciate your channel man. Like I said, were similar in age, I’m in Canada too over here in Ontario and I just hope you keep doing what you do.

  9. Great episode, Johnny ! I think I'm not the only one who thinks that you should turn this into a series, considering your collection of so many great-looking box-art. I'm really surprised that you didn't mention box art from Ys & Phantasy Star, considering you're such a huge fan. Maybe you wanted to give exposure to stuff you don't mention as often. My favorite picks of this episode are probably Spriggan (I wish that manga was fully translated!), Silent Debuggers % Moto Roader. Fighting games in general tend to have pretty hype covers because they need to sell you on their characters. I recommend you checking out the ones for Guilty Gear. Also Vanillaware is pretty godlike at covers when it comes to more recent stuff.

  10. Great video Johnny! Love seeing those old school covers – such a wonderful time!

  11. I still love the regular old cartoon painting style Turbografx box art from games like Cadash or Dungeon Explorer. Very colorful and usually represent the subject and gets your imagination going.

  12. Box art for ocean games on the 8 bit micro computers were really good

  13. Box art used to sell the games, or the rentals. An under appreciated artform.

  14. I know cheesey and tacky but Super Mario 2

  15. Shadowrun on the Genesis. It just sums up the the game perfectly.

  16. I'd say the greatest box art I've ever seen was for Gradius. Great vid!

  17. The Super Metroid and Super Castlevania box art were great.

  18. Lost Odyssey Japanese cover art is ridiculously beautiful from inoue's art! You shouldn't miss it

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