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Welcome to BEST RUST TWITCH HIGHLIGHTS & FUNNY MOMENTS #46! The series where you send your Rust clips to my Discord and I edit them into Rust Moments! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Ronnie Exe
0:55 Kurime
1:15 Like and Subscribe!
1:49 CoconutB
2:26 Petrenko
3:05 Posty
3:28 Cal S
3:55 Outright
4:36 Jaythedefecator
5:08 Spoonkid
5:29 Nordixz
5:58 Drza Austin
6:43 I read all the comments 🙂
7:11 Sharp_Su
7:37 Fxre
8:17 Rust Moments 🙂
8:38 Wary0ry
9:14 Swede
9:44 Kalynowsky
10:01 Drunkpvpinq
10:54 Mendo
11:13 Fire !
11:43 Fields2255
12:03 Zyz
12:29 Welyn
12:49 QOTD
13:09 Outro


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We obtain clips from our viewers with full permission and rights to use them and compile clips to fit under the guise of a compelling narrative via the use of interesting and exciting video concepts and themes for each individual video. We also add significant editing to make the work transformative from the original creations and fair use.

Shaping (Rust Moments)


  1. Yea I’m gonna eat now and enjoy fucking awesome content

  2. I think Console is good that console players can play but if i were to switch it wouldnt be the same

  3. QOTD: console rust is like watching a video on 144p, the graphics are worse than 144p tho.

  4. These weak ass clips made the video but my long distance sniper shot on console didn’t make the cut?

  5. Pc rust problems: hackers
    Console rust problems: disconnecting

  6. I’m the thumbnail! Thanks dad for putting me in!!!

  7. Why did an enemy name pop up from so far away on outrights clip? It’s super quick but just weird.

  8. So much love this times with shotguns new players

  9. I bought rust console edition yesterday and the game doesn't even work. We are waiting for a "hot fix" but they kept saying it was going to release a while ago. I just really want to play and rust looks like a fun game. I paid 50 bucks to see my game crash every time I try to load in.

  10. the part with the boar at launch was golden 😀

  11. i think console rust is cool but it needs a lot of work and it shold also be crossplay

  12. i bought rust console edition one day after it came out. its not too bad. the game has bugs that are game breaking and fps issues. i wished i bought it few months later. but for me its ok. for now.

  13. QOTD: Rust console looks like rust in 2015, but even more rusty if you know what I mean.

  14. Rust on console is like my life, one huge disappointment.

  15. 4:00 why did it come up with a red circle like an enemy at sooo far wtf

  16. For the 50th video you should either make a really long video, or get the best clip from each video and montage it together 🙂

  17. Console rust crashes all the time and the guns are not balanced for controller. Same exact recoil as PC but on a controller. It's like an old version of rust, but missing some things. The M39 is in it but not the L96… dont make sense

  18. I am an experienced rust PC player and a few days ago I decided to try console version in my playstation 4 pro… It was much more worse than I expected 🤣
    Animations were like a big white dots, and the overall graphics is worse than 2009 games…

  19. qotd: its dog water after the 1.3 update it keeps crashing and the hotfix fixed nothing and rust console twitter hasn't said anything since the 8th

  20. 3:55 Cheats i think wtf dude watch to the enemys and their names is blinking or smth. Can someone explain ?

  21. I mean half the Weapon sounds don’t work so that says enough about it

  22. it's good if you have a new gen console. Can't wait for it to have all the stuff PC has.

  23. I think the mp5 is gonna get a nerf, it's too good rn

  24. QOTD: It’s not that bad, people just complain about the crashing and graphics because they don’t have the PS5 or XBOX S X. It IS a triple-A game after all.

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