Rust Moments
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Welcome to another episode of Best Rust twitch highlights and funny moments!
(Videos where viewers submit their clips to my form and I edit them into one Rust moments video)

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We obtain clips from our viewers with full permission and rights to use them and compile clips to fit under the guise of a compelling narrative via the use of interesting and exciting video concepts and themes for each individual video. We also add significant editing to make the work transformative from the original creations and fair use.


  1. You don’t play the game for a month or two and they add the orbital strike from GTA 6:25

  2. these are not the best rust moments. This channel is the best headshot in Rust. do not deceive us, there is no best moment here

  3. Je trouve que les dictatures c mal (sauf le mienne says:

    Me doing a 2v1 with revo vs 2 men with nail gun and crossy by luck : why do im so bad 😑😭

  4. Why does oil rats hand not move when he shoots I don’t get it, There is no way is sense is that high

  5. how tf the guy survive that jump on lighthouse wtf

  6. 1:20 clip I like how he has Handcam but he doesn't move his hand for the recoil on mp5 xd

  7. do you realy have to show cheaters… like 1:20 to get your video full?

  8. 1:20 guy is so blatant it's not even funny I re-watched the clip at least 5 times and that's scripts for sure. Not cool guys not cool at all.

  9. Yo looking for someone to edit my rust videos
    (I pay)

  10. I think the guy at 5:50 is hacking tbh way he turned the corner on the last guy

  11. oilrats 100% cheating LMAOOOOOO high sen.. lol but when he goes to loot he moves his mouse for his guy to move slightly… seems kinda low to me lollool nice scripts.

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