Rust Moments
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Welcome to another episode of Best Rust twitch highlights and funny moments!
(Videos where viewers submit their clips to my form and I edit them into one Rust moments video)

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We obtain clips from our viewers with full permission and rights to use them and compile clips to fit under the guise of a compelling narrative via the use of interesting and exciting video concepts and themes for each individual video. We also add significant editing to make the work transformative from the original creations and fair use.


  1. Just saw the new video, so I’m skipping my chemistry test to watch this banger

  2. "OMG FULL INV, I forgot Im a virgin for 3 seconds"

  3. I’m literally in the middle of class and I was bored while working on an assignment, so I turned this shit on. I hear my own voice at 4:02 and I was confused because I was looking at my paper, look over, and see myself. My buddy submitted it without me knowing. That’s fucking amazing 😂😂

  4. these videos make me so happy. I look forward to them every day! I would donate to your patreon

  5. Ngl you need a new intro the “thank you guys for watching” is hilarious instead of watching you say “washing” who thanks people for washing them selves fr

  6. Sorry I wasn’t there when you posted I had school

  7. 6:15 a little sus, no? Maybe need to see the whole clip on that one but he looks like he knew a little too much there.

  8. 9:48 he says he has inhuman reactions. But reality is, his enemy is just blind and has reaction time like a grandpa

  9. The guy in the clip at 8:36 saying "ill hold" sounds excactly like me thats scary

  10. The hazi that tried to run over the streamers, fully deserved that L with a nail gun. I love Karma in rust against jerks.

  11. DkHMoon on Highlights my Eyes are Bleeding..

  12. I went hazmat suit to raid and I had only a bow as a weapon but my buddys had Aks and I saved the raid

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