Baiting for a Raid - Rust Console Edition -

Baiting for a Raid – Rust Console Edition

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Baiting for a Raid – Rust Console Edition Gameplay (Part2/2)
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  1. In a previous server Rugers clan was about 20 deep

  2. Hey what do you use to record and edit? I’m thinking about making videos as well and yours looks really nice

  3. Bro i was in that zerg bro but i got kicked cuz i got accused for stealing an m2 last wipe BTW good video man really appreciate someone doing some justice.

    Edit: if u are gonna raid that base with the four pillers i know the layout of it so if you need me this is my username ÃppLêpìë#7791

  4. You sound like fearless ? Are you? But great video

  5. So I was teammates wit m9 its funny they told us u did a video on them and stuff and ig it's true

  6. Just subbed, need to learn from you so post more vids plsss

  7. This game is literally unplayable for me Bc I’m on last gen rip

  8. Take road signs gear and metal gear instead of all of the hoodies, pants, boots. You can carry more guns and other metal and roadsign kits other than the clothing

  9. The best part of this video is the fact that you guys finally used a semi decent base

  10. Obie when u raided that base at the end u could have just picked it up at first not wasted rockets if tc is gone then u can pick it up even if there is no tc

  11. Want to play sometime I play Xbox and I was on a server with you when rust first came out Tau IL

  12. ive got a question w h a t w o u l d i t t a k e t o p l a y w i t h y o u ? ? ?

    (ive been subbed since before the how to go from rock to ak btw lol)

  13. Please help me I have been inside I am asking you because I know you’re capable I have revolver Satchel Tommy gun please man

  14. how do you get audio in your recordings on xbox?

  15. I need more content man your content is so good, I love the way you an Jose play and how these videos come out are insane

  16. Bro we have Xixeh in our server loll join up man!

  17. yo obie wanna join me and my team on a monthly for a vid we got big base and it has bp wiped so we are against alot of clans

  18. How does your game look so good and vibrant? I’m on xbox series x but my game doesn’t look as good as this

  19. As some who just got insided how do I find a good team ? Obie

  20. Wish i could find some good ppl play with everyone I find either doesn't help farm and just roam lose kits or barely ever get on

  21. Can you do a updated version of settings?

  22. Holy Jesus there's actually recoil most people on rust console don't have recoil I wonder why no no they are just good at the game

  23. Can’t play rust console no more just woke up today to being offlined for the 3rd time

  24. Obie you inspired me to make rust content so when I get my Pc I’m gonna edit like hell and make amazing content😁

  25. what are you using to recored these videos and to make it so when you are recording it they can here you

  26. Hey bro just here to help you out if you aim In the middle of the propeller extender you should hit most of your bullets and take it quick and when you get good at ak spray you will the best

  27. Yooo, do you play on Xbox Series X or Series S

  28. I used to be allied with ruger about 3 wipes ago until he raided me so it's good to see him get destroyed

  29. Nice video I 1v7 befored u guys held pretty well

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