Atari VCS - Official Launch Trailer -

Atari VCS – Official Launch Trailer

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The Atari VCS is a retro-inspired, completely modern video computer entertainment system available now.


  1. I really miss Yars Revenge, but the reviews I've seen thus far for this console are NOT looking good. Got my hopes up, so kind of disappointing to see such poor execution.

  2. It is also the system responsible for the almost DEATH of gaming… I feel like this is leaning more towards the mistakes of that era than the correct things.
    I mean, every console Atari has ever made since the 2600 has been pretty much ass xD

  3. Will jaguar games be in the vault? and will there be a Jaguar style controller available or a way to connect jaguar controllers via usb? Will Atari computer games be available? 400/800 etc?

  4. this atari vcs still looks way better than the amico

  5. Now do we call it a VCS or a gaming console?

  6. All this effort and you can't use original cartridges: these people do not understand the retro market at all.

  7. Yo yo yo can u sell this in Indonesia i cant buy the original Atari 2600 because back then if u buy an Atari 2600 you can buy a motorcycle

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