Atari VCS / 2600 | The Console that Launched an Industry -

Atari VCS / 2600 | The Console that Launched an Industry

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Few systems can say they changed or created an industry. The Atari VCS is one of them, and this is the story of how it came to be and what became of it following the North American Video Game Crash.
Thank you to Neil for loaning his 2600 collection to The Cave.

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  1. I remember for a while Woolworths had a display of Pongs, constantly surrounded by kids playing them including me. It seemed amazingly advanced at the time. Even then it was however apparent that all the different models were exactly the same thing in different boxes.

  2. The 2600 was my second console as i inherited a Binatone TV Master from my big sis. But the 2600 was the first console i got for crimbo.. it came with Combat and Spiderman the first game i got lol #memories

  3. Atari sure got Jewed on the ET license. $25 million? Aye carumba!

  4. I still have the mazes memorized from Adventure. It's weird how I still remember those mazes after 40 years.

  5. Excellent film, clearly a lot of work went into that, which the VCS deserves! Not sure if perceptions were different across markets, but I never saw this much discussed negativity towards the likes of Pac-Man and Defender. Even as kids, we knew this was a VCS, not the arcade. We thought both games were fun, and played well. We didn't ever really question them, or critique them against the arcade versions.

  6. The system is a little before my time and would have loved one like a pet but my damn mom would only provide me w/ musical instruments because writing music promotes more meaningful growth within my psyche but Pac Man couldn't🥺

  7. How do you connect one of these to a modern TV

  8. That’s wierd, I have the same Sony as you and wierd enough I use my Vader on it too!

  9. Growing up in the 80s was awesome! So happy to have been a GenXer

  10. Atari Pac-Man was the first video game I ever played as a kid and I still have a soft spot for it.

  11. Atari – Fun in local multiplayer.
    PS4 – Banned local multiplayer.

  12. Man, that branding at 4:23. Not at all sexist or evocative of ye olde "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" frat humour. /s

  13. Can you tell me what would have had a similar controller to the Fairchild? I remember playing that controller, but don't remember the console…..

  14. I had a hand me down woody
    Their was a, discount store on my town and I bought a, new indy 500 with driving controllers
    I had loads of games I loved the atari but eventually went to the 48k spectrum
    My cousin had the cbs, colecovision but he ended fitting the atari expansion pack to it

  15. Whats the name of the helicopters in the the clouds shooting the self, I remember playing that game

  16. he had the tv type switch on black and white

    e w

  17. Great video! As an Atari collector, I think this is awesome!

  18. If I’m not mistaken, the version of Pac-Man that Atari sold was a prototype that they hastily published.

  19. Many of the 2600’s games didn’t hold up very well over the years, but there are some fun competitive head-to-head games like Activision’s Tennis, Freeway, Ice Hockey, M Network’s Frogs and Flies, and Atari’s Super Football, Outlaw & Warlords. For 1 player there’s Activision’s HERO, River Raid, Keystone Kapers, Pitfall II & Seaquest and Atari’s Phoenix, Berserk, Ms Pac Man

  20. I enjoyed that my first console was pong then atari 2600 with the wood grain.Classic.Great memories

  21. Ahh my 2600 with Basketball and Centipede…how much ram did it have im not sure…but it was lightning….😂

  22. Just 169.95…when did they change it too.. ONLY 169.95

  23. What a fab history lesson thank you Neil brilliant

  24. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you have nostalgia for the 2600.

  25. While most people are talking about the Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch, I still play Atari. E.T. and Adventure are my two best games on the Atari 2600.

  26. I remember playing Pong in a bar at Aspen, Colo. in 1973. We were all amazed. (this was the era of pinball) However I never got interested in home video games, preferring coin-operated arcade games. But recently I sat in on a class on the Tiva Launchpad controller board (similar to the Raspberry Pi) which got me interested in chip architecture which has gotten me further interested in the early (and groundbreaking) 8088 and 6502 chips that started the home computing revolution.

  27. An old story from 80s, in Palaio Faliron, at "Dekaton Dimotiko Sxoleio" (Tenth Primary School)
    I remember back in 1986, one of my schoolmates, was trying to sell me the Atari 2600 that his (pretty) cousin owned. To do this, he started calling me to visit his home and play together with his personal 2600. It was my first introduction to a game system. The plan was to show me how nice it is, to get me addicted, and then throw 7500 drachmas to his cousin. The plan backfired though, no matter how many hours we played, my 10 year old eyes and my brain instructed me that these games were nothing special and i did not like the huge dots – clarity suffered. The only games that were acceptable were the : River Raid and Phoenix, but even these, became boring very fast. I passed on this video game console and that was a good move without knowing it. Besides, the era had expired, people were already in home computing era and in NES/Master System generation. So when i was introduced to CPC6128, and i saw that i could write commands and tell the machine what to do, i was sold! Also the games were 10 times better – expected as the technology was 10 years more advanced than the VCS 🙂

    PS: one of the funniest he had told me to promote this was : "it is unused!, my cousin has started it only 10 times!: Her Game System was sold along with her 20 games. Do the math, something does not compute huh ? 😉

  28. I think people who entered this field at the start probably had one of these. I had played in the arcade, followed by a home pong machine. I can't quite remember but got a VCS in 80/81. Next was Spectrum, C64, Amiga, PS1, PS2, Win XP PC along with PS3 up to current date.

  29. Sinister cause presents the force awakens on YouTube

  30. I was a post-crash gamer kid in the 80s but my first console was a hand-me-down ColecoVision from my older brothers and I played that to death even while the NES was dominating the console market here in the States. I was of an age of being oblivious that a crash even happened and approaching every game's experience that was new to me with an open mind, even the older stuff in the arcades. It's one of those things where if you weren't there for it firsthand, you're more likely to not have a biased outlook on it one way or another. Frankly, I really dig the 2600, it's a system with many good examples where smooth and responsive gameplay will always be more important that better visuals (Looking at you GORF).

  31. As someone who grew up in the 80's I can tell you what caused the crash was simply Parent's were going to keep buying new consoles. It's very different today. It took us kids non stop begging for us to upgrade from the Radio Shack Electronic Scoreboard . We got the 2600 so when the 5200 came okut My father so said. and that was the case for everyone. People stopped buyign because people weren't going to keep buying new consoles.

  32. Imagine going to 1972 and showing an avid pong fan a video of someone speedrunning doom eternal

  33. Got one in 1980 when I was 5. I played it before school and after school. I had my own room and Tv with my Atari 2600. I miss trading Atari games in school. I purchased the slimmer 2600 model in 1984. In 1985 I purchased a SEGA master system. I had Rambo 2 for it. To bad everyone else had the NES.

  34. The 2600 is still getting new games to this, Champ Games has been releasing some trully impressive games for that system lately. The Atari Age store is full of awesome new Atari games.

  35. THANK YOU for using a 6-switcher Atari as the example of the "original" Atari VCS. It's a pity it's not the rare heavy-sixer but at least it's not a four-switcher.

  36. No internet, no problem! … those days before things would bug out if u have somewhat bad internet

  37. Excellent research and presentation of information. Very good work. 👍👌

  38. "but he didn't want a dingo to eat his baby" crikey guessing this is an aussie channel then? lol!

  39. 6:24 Jesus dude. Why is no one talking about this neck beard? That's literally the worst I've ever seen..

  40. GameBoy, original version, is a few pixels, in screen resolution, h & v,, just over the 2nd gen definition. Great, well researched video, thank-you.

  41. Atari, outsold by X-Box, does that include free machines issued to cover broken drives for X-Box? Apparently, Microsoft did cover all breakdowns. Atari Messed up software, X-Box hardware, not perfect; neither perfect, both appreciated.

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