Atari Jaguar Console Review & Games -

Atari Jaguar Console Review & Games

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The Jaguar was Atari’s last hurrah into the video game console market. And while it only sold for a couple short years, this sleek console left an impressive with its powerful processors, quirky joystick and a handful of classic games.

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  1. I would have liked to see Kasumi Ninja and Ultra Vortek covered 🥵

  2. Add the CD drive and it looks like a toilet.

  3. 4:16. Not unique, totally retro by 1993. Didn't Intellevision have this? Atari 2600 had this for Star Raiders etc. maybe Odyssey II ( not sure).

  4. This console is one of the many casualties of the tumultuous period of transition from 16 to 32 bit hardware, which had to coincide with the passage from 2D to 3D games..
    All hardware producers knew they wanted it, nobody quite understood how to achieve it, until Sony came along. The amount of computing power needed to do 3D was too much for anything that came before Playstation.
    Too bad for playstation that PC users got Voodoo graphics just a few months after the Playstation came out, making the console look outdated (to PC gamers at least) in 96! 😂

  5. damn, finally I can watch that video, it was blocked for some reason (music probably, even if its barely noticable) in my country

  6. METALJESUS: “…and two ports in the front for two joysticks.”
    ME: “……what joysticks???” 😂

  7. I like aliens vs predator on my Jaguar

  8. Fuuckk MJ, thank god you quit shaving, that turkeyneck is much unfortunate

  9. I worked on the jaguar and I am glad to see someone enjoy it. About the jaguars power I will explain, the jaguar have two 32-bit processors nicknamed tom and jerry. One handle graphics and the other handle the sound. Thats how we could market the jaguar as a 64-bit console. 32+32=64 in other words "do the math" However, because only one of the processors handle graphics the jaguar is actually only a 32-bit console. Which explains why it cant do graphics like a nintendo 64. The jaguar also had another component similar to what you would find in a 16-bit console. It was only there for telling the two 32-bit processors what to do. But programing games for a console that has two processors instead of just one is somewhat difficult. And because of that many programers was tempted to use the 16-bit component instead. And thats why there are so many games on the jaguar that looks like 16-bit. As one of the makers behind the jaguar I would say it had the potential of a 32-bit game console in the right hands. Similar to a sony playstation or sega saturn.

  10. Dude I vividly remember this console, only because I used to drool over a whole gaming package one could have won out of a 90s gaming magazine!

  11. Well Metal Jesus You get A Sub From Me From a Metal Head To another Great Job Metal on

  12. AVGN’s review is better. He points out the fact that maybe they lied about it being 64 bits cause there isn’t a single game on the Jaguar that looks better than anything on the SNES.

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