Asmongold Reacts to "Brands With Best-Selling Video Game Consoles 1972 - 2019" -

Asmongold Reacts to “Brands With Best-Selling Video Game Consoles 1972 – 2019”

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Asmongold watches a video by Captain Gizmo, who tracked the top 10 best selling brands of video games consoles throughout 1972 to 2019. Consoles and brands ranging from the 1972 magnavox, Atari’s Pong, Coleco Telstar, The Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation and many many more…

Original Video: [Brands With Best-Selling Video Game Consoles 1972 – 2019]

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  1. The only thing about this, it doesn't account for any of the Gameboys or DS Nintendo released. There are still 5 other handheld consoles that were uncounted in this.

  2. Xbox 360 literally had the best controller ever invented

  3. how come the sound and video stutters so much? or is it just me?

  4. I really only ever wanted to play exclusives (and remastered exclusives) on PS3. anything else was just something I played when I wanted to take a break from the exclusives for like 20 or 30 minutes. I do however love the first red dead redemption tho. My favorites are the remastered of the sly cooper and jak trilogies and I liked the first infamous. Didn't get into the other exclusives until I was in highschool

  5. The oldest one I have is the PS1 – and it's still functioning. Actually I think our Gameboy is the oldest.

  6. Xbox one is about as expensive as a wii now KEKW

  7. Imagine buying an Atari when the SNES is in stores…. 0_o

  8. Those videos are interesting to me, as a Brazilian, because it shows how growing up in the early 2000s all technology I had was actually 15-years delayed in relation to the US. For instance, I remember first seeing a SNES and a PS1 in 2005, and I was familiar with game cartridges as late as 2010. Later, technology seemed to zoom by very fast, but I now realise it was mostly just Brazil developing and catching up. This really does put things in perspective. Currently the tech delay here seems to be under 2 years, and fashion in about five.

  9. Home comsoles not consoles. Bc the ds is not on there or the PSP

  10. I love how people praise PlayStation because it sold so well… I think it was and still is garbage. Who do you think sold more cars Lamborgini or Ford… Is Ford better than? 😀 Exactly…. 😛

  11. It's actually nuts how much more Sony has sold and yet they don't care about preserving their older titles lmao

  12. There's nothing that separates Xbox and PS5, yet Xbox is more innovative with their current approach. They're the same, PS5 just has more marketing. They're carbon copies, no reason to suck either dick.

  13. The ps2 alone almost out sold the entirety of microsofts consoles combined lol

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