Asmongold Reacts to "Brands With Best-Selling Video Game Consoles 1972 - 2019" -

Asmongold Reacts to “Brands With Best-Selling Video Game Consoles 1972 – 2019”

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Asmongold watches a video by Captain Gizmo, who tracked the top 10 best selling brands of video games consoles throughout 1972 to 2019. Consoles and brands ranging from the 1972 magnavox, Atari’s Pong, Coleco Telstar, The Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation and many many more…

Original Video: [Brands With Best-Selling Video Game Consoles 1972 – 2019]

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  1. Sony is to busy with censorship nonsense towards Japan & getting woke for western games while Praising TLOU2 that Nintendo has over taken them in japan & NA without censorship nonsense and the fact sony moved thier HQ to California.

  2. agree… M$ fucking trash, PS5 master race

  3. I go Sony because i know I’m getting…. Nintendo may have good games, but their hardware is just a hit or miss, so many years u e been frustrated about ‘when can you give me a good controller damn it’

  4. Nintendo is a toy company more than a game company. They have made a lot of dumb decisions as a result. Limited availability of digital goods. Ignoring franchises without doing something stupid to it. Lack of discounts/price drops on their games. These are just some I can think of and if it weren't for things like this, their numbers would be a lot higher.

  5. I have also play on a odyssey2 with roms like pong and break the wall but here in europe it called philips 2000 systems but have the same hardware and outer looks 😍 after that i play om msx 1&2, amiga 500 & 1200, nintendo64 with a copybox then the pc 6800 cpu, 286, 368, pentiums 1,2,3,4 and modern pc now…🤔…. greetings from the dutch lowlands NL 🤗😍

  6. i wouldnt say nintendo is so innovative, having innovative consoles comes with the price of having the same games being made for over 20 years, every nintendo console release has a big mario release, a big zelda release, a new smash game and a few party games, but since N64 they are basically the same shit with higher textures, and nintendo consoles are so far behind that the 3rd party version games for switch is usually the shittier port

  7. Makes sense why the Switch is the most sold Nintendo console. Doubles as console and portable so brought in Wii/Wii-U players and DS/DSi/3DS/2DS players.

  8. My first console was Pong in 1976 when I was 4. Mine was built in the shape of a triangle, and it had pong with 2 paddles on one side, a racing wheel on another side, and the 3rd side had a light gun. It had Pong, a racing game, and a western shooting game. Also, Playstation wasn't the first console you could play music CDs on. I had a Sega CD (1993), and you could play music CDs on that. Sega CD had a built-in music player.

  9. xbox 360 owned the console community. every high school guy in 2009-2013 was on xbox 360 playing gears of war 3 halo 3 and wahtever the current CoD was it literally owned the world of the biggest shooters known to man. then the xbox one came out and everyone realized the ps4 was just better I stuck around on the xbox one for about 2 years then I built my PC and never looked at a console again. literally no reason. PC just does everything I could ever want but better with easier access more access modding modular parts and a tool for work and school. consoles are very casual now. they arent outdated or dying they are just casual and meant for people that arent hardcore gamers and kinda just play a little bit of everything here and there. the hardcore console players all grew up and were 25-30 years old with top of the line PCs now. we still own consoles to screw around with some games on couch coop and a couple exclusives to try out but no one puts time into console anywhere close to PC now. my buddy buys every game console and pc part upgrade the moment he can and he pretty much just touches his PS5 for exclusives and whatever the new Madden is. for couch coop shit. console was simple and cheap so it was easy as a kid to get my parents to buy or set up for me but now that I have a job and im an adult i just build my sick PC and havent touched a console since 2015. I miss those days tho. I had a fun childhood and good life back then and i was excited about stuff. different times now.

  10. where is the NES mini? I bought this NES mini in 2019 I think it was, it has 30 built in games, really cool.

  11. Too bad Sony is all about censoring games nowadays

  12. my fav consoles r snes, ps1, ps2, and n64. i had soooooooo much fun with them and i got like 100 games for the ps2. i feel like ps2 was the greatest console because it had sooo many different styles of games to play that was amazing.

  13. that Numbers are wrong, it states that the switch sold 40mil units, according to google its 89.04 mill so far and in sub 2 Months new Switch releases

  14. Came in expecting normie opinions from asmon and his cancer chat and was not disappointed!

  15. They didn't count hand held consoles though, I think Nintendo would have passed Sony with those.

  16. Lol talks shit on Microsoft spying as you're literally not allowed to say certain things on playstation. 🤣

  17. Real NeS cause its piss yellow after decades of aging.

    Thats how you know you got an original 🤣

  18. I wonder how scalpers are gonna effect game development in Sony since consoles are sold at a loss and now no one is getting their games because of scalpers.

  19. The reason why XBox will never really be better than Playstation is because Microsoft releases all of its games on Windows as well, so why TF would i ever want to play a game on XBox when i can just download it through Microsoft store and play on my PC which can have better specs than Xbox ever will. Xbox is only really useful for those people that don't use PC's for gaming which almost everyone does now days lets be honest. Playstation on the other hand has games that are exclusive to that console and so its worth having it even if you own a gaming PC where you play most of your games on, you still have some that you will only be able to play on Playstation and so it is a good investement to make. Xbox is totally optional that most PC gamers would never want to go for. At least that has been my experience and that of my friends that i know who always go for Playstation rather than Xbox. And there is also a fact that in my country at least, Xbox will not want to recognize your local address for credit card payments in my country of origin so with Xbox i always had to make up a fake address that was say in UK or something in order to be able to pay with my credit card, while with Playstation i never had issues with payment or my location.

  20. Can u do a review / tier rank of fast food and fast casual chicken juggets? Thanks

  21. Can you do some a fast food breakfast tier review

  22. I wonder where sega would land on the charts if you included arcade machines.

  23. The ps2 alone almost out sold the entirety of microsofts consoles combined lol

  24. There's nothing that separates Xbox and PS5, yet Xbox is more innovative with their current approach. They're the same, PS5 just has more marketing. They're carbon copies, no reason to suck either dick.

  25. It's actually nuts how much more Sony has sold and yet they don't care about preserving their older titles lmao

  26. I love how people praise PlayStation because it sold so well… I think it was and still is garbage. Who do you think sold more cars Lamborgini or Ford… Is Ford better than? 😀 Exactly…. 😛

  27. Home comsoles not consoles. Bc the ds is not on there or the PSP

  28. Those videos are interesting to me, as a Brazilian, because it shows how growing up in the early 2000s all technology I had was actually 15-years delayed in relation to the US. For instance, I remember first seeing a SNES and a PS1 in 2005, and I was familiar with game cartridges as late as 2010. Later, technology seemed to zoom by very fast, but I now realise it was mostly just Brazil developing and catching up. This really does put things in perspective. Currently the tech delay here seems to be under 2 years, and fashion in about five.

  29. Imagine buying an Atari when the SNES is in stores…. 0_o

  30. Xbox one is about as expensive as a wii now KEKW

  31. The oldest one I have is the PS1 – and it's still functioning. Actually I think our Gameboy is the oldest.

  32. I really only ever wanted to play exclusives (and remastered exclusives) on PS3. anything else was just something I played when I wanted to take a break from the exclusives for like 20 or 30 minutes. I do however love the first red dead redemption tho. My favorites are the remastered of the sly cooper and jak trilogies and I liked the first infamous. Didn't get into the other exclusives until I was in highschool

  33. how come the sound and video stutters so much? or is it just me?

  34. Xbox 360 literally had the best controller ever invented

  35. The only thing about this, it doesn't account for any of the Gameboys or DS Nintendo released. There are still 5 other handheld consoles that were uncounted in this.

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