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Typical Gamer
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Today we try to survive Rust on the OTV server LIVE with my girlfriend, Neekolul and Typical Gamer!

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  1. When will the next episode come out tg it would make a good series

  2. The squealing underpants aboaly file because bandana ostensibly repeat between a long-term string. ill, slimy sponge

  3. This video made me laugh so much I loved it

  4. So much for K16 is the promise land and they almost got abducted

  5. "I need stones," he says as he ignores every single rock except for the ones that only give you metal

  6. TG can you play more scum i really enjoyed the live stream you did on it.

  7. this was 3months ago … so what happened to ep.2?

  8. Man I have been waiting for the next part of this vid

  9. Hell yes!! something other then fortnite!! Haven’t watched in a long time because of it lol

  10. Need new one of live game play on this again its seem okayy game so far. Hope get new one soon.

  11. TG i need some advise i like this girl she is my friend but i dont know how to tell her.

  12. Tools. To. Brik. Stuf. You. eat. Stuf. 🔥😎😀🌋😱😣

  13. I hope he makes the second episode if not I'll be mad

  14. Like so tg can see this are you going to do gta zombie mod part 2

  15. Who else want to see them play this again…… Blow it up

  16. when u see a helicoptor or plane theres a supply drop with guns and stuff

  17. Bro never plays this again. Rip 🪦 Judd 🪦 RIP MOMO 🪦 RiP cArToOnZ

  18. Thanks God something different than fortnite

  19. i would never imagine typical gamer coming to rust but i cant say that i am not happy

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