AEW Console Game – Development Update: Jungle Boy Reveal -

AEW Console Game – Development Update: Jungle Boy Reveal

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Here’s the latest AEW console game dev update featuring a first look at the character model & gameplay footage of Jungle Boy. The upcoming AEW console game is currently being developed by the critically-acclaimed Yuke’s Co Ltd.

All footage captured from the game is still in development.

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  1. i hope the entrances are longer )): we need to over take wwe games

  2. All we need is a fire soundtrack good story and great match types and we are set

  3. I know this is Jungle Boy’s original song, but imagine if it was his new song and Taz sung along to it whenever he came out whenever you wrestle on Dark.

  4. 2k20 made me stop pretending ordering wrestling games but I will definitely pre order this. Very nice so far. Can't wait for the finished product.

  5. This just looks like a 2k game….

    I'm not sure what people in thecomments are seeing in this

  6. For some reason I get much more of a DoR vibe than a No Mercy vibe.

  7. Damn they hitting WWE everywhere even video games lol 2k22 better deliver

  8. The animation is crazy man, the eyes need work look lifeless, the potential & love is real. If this game has a great character creation as many of yukes & story mode career

  9. Yo this looks dope!! Animations are looking really nice!

  10. Graphics are horrible :0 but graphics don’t make a game and the gameplay looks promising

  11. remember: gameplay, physics above everything. keep up the good work

  12. AEW is evem better at showing a game than WWE is. They show ACTUAL gameplay unlike 2K's "first look at gameplay" trailers

  13. Game Pass or else. :p (I'll buy it either way)

  14. Probably going to be the best wrestling game since… 2K14

  15. But why tf is the camera towards the stage side. Would be way better at the crowd side

  16. So smooth, and the each hit looks impactful for the zoom or some kinds of visual effect!

  17. 0:17 I'm still trying to figure out mechanic wise whats going on. Is that the fake Irish whip and the slap one move or was the throw cancelled?

    Was gonna say it looks broken but it's still all part of the initial grapple. I wanna demo this 😭

  18. No lie
    Looks choppy

    I liked the first video better

  19. Looking good, needs a little more weight in the bounces off the ropes I think, not too much though otherwise it will slow it down too much

  20. this game look glitchy as hell and yall talking about "so good" yall goofy

  21. Wouldn’t expect this for at least another 2 years, looks promising, but very choppy and rough around the edges, to be expected of something early in development. Here’s hoping they can include a decent sized roster.

  22. I love that they're showing two of AEW's best wrestlers for the progress & gameplay! I really want this to be good and play it constantly!

  23. It reminds me of smackdown here comes the pain and I love it. That game was one of the best pro wrestling games and if AEW is getting inspiration from that game I'm all in.

  24. Haven't watched any videos on this game but give me a good create a character and inter gender mode and I'm …
    * looks at camera *
    All In.

  25. I dunno.. it's looking a little cartoony 🤷‍♂️

  26. Wow very amazing and awesome the game looks promising and beautiful.
    And every updates on every month, and every 2 or 3 years a new AEW game.

  27. Vinimac is going to piss his pants
    And steph is going to wet as well
    No hard feelings

  28. Things I want from #AEW Console Game.

    – Full Entrances
    – No clutter HUD system
    – Refs included in game
    – Great Blood & Submission system
    – Details stats w/ record
    – Great looking belts
    – Roster possibly consists of people from Forbidden Door 🚪

  29. Yukes is involved in development so you know its going to be 🔥

  30. The ONLY nitpick I have is that the referee isn't seen in the game. As far as the previous theme goes I'm guessing AEW doesn't want want pay royalties on Tarzan Boy for this trailer.

  31. I am curious to see heavyweights in the game. I also can’t tell if they’ve reduced the hand size or if they’re normal now? But other than that this game looks pretty amazing. I hope we are back on track to getting great wrestling games again.

  32. You can call it no mercy or you can call it here comes the pain like but all I know is I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. LFG!

  33. We need a GM Mode that isn’t for mobile. I want something where wrestlers can bring me problems and I have to figure out how to solve them while scouting new talent in building storylines and delivering great entering action.

  34. Деньги пожалели на игру
    Все настолько "бревново" другого слова нет 👎


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