AEW Console Game – Development Update: Darby Allin Reveal -

AEW Console Game – Development Update: Darby Allin Reveal

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AEW World Champion Kenny Omega reveals the latest dev update featuring a first look at the character model & gameplay footage of Darby Allin. The upcoming AEW console game is currently being developed by the critically-acclaimed Yuke’s Co Ltd.

All footage captured from the game is still in development.

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  1. We look forward to a game which takes best elements out of no mercy (freedom)+hctp (overselling)and dor 1/2 (hit detection, you can counter even mid moves).

  2. After playing WWE 2K series for a long time, this feels like a huge downgrade in graphics. Particularly in character models. It looks okay but I feel like you guys could do much better in a new era of next gen consoles and PC.

  3. Can’t wait for this it looks sooooooo dope!!! Can’t wait for this GAME! AEW! AEW! AEW!

  4. No offense but the time frame from telling us there is gonna be a game to when its ever coming out is taking away from the majesty of it. Release a demo to wet the palette or something or tell us what its gonna be when it releases(Match types, weapons, character degradation, CAW, something. .

  5. You have to change the ramp. In some cases it's the same length as the ring floor.

  6. I hope you have plenty of moves and include the whole roster including nWa, Impact, and Njpw stars.etc.

  7. No BS, I’ve watched this like 50 times since it dropped.

  8. Hopefully they work on the ring ropes physics and the ring mat should sort of bounce

  9. I want attire creation but without microtransaction

  10. Holy shit when does this game come out??

  11. We need a modern N64 yukes wrestling game like yesterday lol

  12. Can't wait for this game to come out. We need Punk in it aswell!

  13. hope to see a nintendo switch version of this game.

  14. Yukes and the same guy behind all those great WCW games on N64 and WWE games Is the one making this you’re looking at something that will blow WWE2k out of the water, this is the equivalent of 2k taking on Madden again, I have a feeling this game will be so good people who don’t even know the Wrestlers will play it and then get into AEW

  15. I kind of like that they’re not going for the simulation, perfect-model style as seen in WWE 2K. The slightly illustrated/animated look leaves some room for our imagination, which is why i think a lot of older wrestling games hold up. Excited also for a roster reveal… maybe some Impact/NJ content?


  17. omg, it really feels like "here comes the pain" CAN'T WAIT

  18. Hope this games has the legends included in it!

  19. those camera angel is reason i will get this game if its on pc

  20. Full support to developers. Waiting eagerly

  21. Looks like No Mercy, mixed with Day of Reckoning, mixed with something new and special. Can't wait 🙂

  22. Every week I get excited for this game. I don't play many games, but I know I will put a lot of time in on this.

  23. AEW console game
    WWE 2k22
    The wrestling code
    2022 is going to be awesome

  24. If you guys can make this game fast paced with lots of different match types similar to 2009-2010 wrestling games but just add online multiplayer that’s reliable omg!! Would definitely be successful!!!make me so hype! 🤞🏽 that this game is similar. Keep it up fellas.

  25. I hope it has some sort of universe mode where you can book a whole show and arrange champions etc, I don't even need rivalrys or anything just the calendar shows with the monthly ppvs and an edit show option to create teams, change championships etc. Its what keeps my interest in the game after completing the story

  26. Cant wait for that Game. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  27. Can y’all make it that teams could have more that 5 members? Maybe like 15 to 20

  28. Honestly, some of my favorite wrestling games were the early Smackdown titles on PS2 is Just Bring it, or Here Comes the Pain. They were enough like the real thing to feel awesome, but arcade like enough that it didn't feel too annoying to play. The later games tend to be to much of a real life simulation of a match that it felt slow and plodding. Seriously, one button to counter, one button grab. Single or double buttons to execute commands. It's so simple!

  29. With every passing week I watch AEW, I get more excited for the console game 😊🔥

  30. You guys are doing a great job doing this. I am just happy that you’re being back the classic wrestling style of wrestling games back and your working together with Yukes who’re an awesome team since day one.

  31. I just saw jungle boy and this is the new no mercy I'm so fuckin excited now

  32. This will be a great game… I'd like them to license the rock and roll express, midnight express, dusty, Nikita and of course use Jake, arn and Tully. And of course it will have sting and flair.

  33. This looks awful 🙁 The characters look bad enough as if they are made of rubber, but then you see them move…gross.

  34. Aew it would be good to have a variation of Aki man but aew man and big bad Benny for and last laugh Lenny even Joe bruiser I would love to see those characters come back to life a lot of the fake created characters from the past and black widow I don't know if y'all can get those characters in the game but that would be nice from NWO versus WCW world tour those characters that will be real nice

  35. Man, if this brings me back to the WCW/NWO Revenge days…gonna have to cop a console just for this.

  36. Yo why am I getting WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain vibes.

  37. Still waiting to spend all my money on this game dlc and all

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