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A SOLO Player’s REVENGE on a Toxic Clan – RUST Console Edition

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I encountered a seriously toxic clan in RUST console edition, and I dedicated the rest of the wipe seeking sweet, sweet revenge! This is my favourite Rust Console Edition video so far!

Thanks for watching A SOLO Player’s REVENGE on a Toxic Clan – RUST Console Edition.



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  1. The fact ur good at console rust just means ur a mega chad

  2. haha that zombie slayer got griefed by me and some other dudes on another server

  3. Fun fact: I hit him up with a Candace joke 😂😂

  4. what server does he play on pls someone tell me

  5. you would win wayyyy more of those fights If you just hip fire at close range instead of trying to aim lol. it makes you too slow

  6. Bro you HAVE to work on your looting that shit is so ass

  7. How do you look around while running and stuff?

  8. You should not thank us for watching the video we should thank u for the amazing content

  9. Could you do a ps5 ps4 comparison? If thats possible?

  10. i saw the group i was teamed up with at one point you absolutely destroyed them, there names were zachyattacky, maxiet, ll sycthe lmao

  11. Did dust console get an update that improved the graphics?

  12. It’s very noob to leave your boat running while you un mount

  13. Second person I seen on console rust with the wiljum bunker glad to see console has its builders

  14. nice job bro, but whats with the silencer on the custom?

  15. Hello , if you don’t ignore this comment I would like to know if you ever play with your viewers

  16. 10/10 didn't expect a console rust video to be this good

  17. Do you do favores like joining someone’s server who needs help wiping a toxic clan

  18. The music is and edits are great man your killing it

  19. how is it so sooth for you you have no la

  20. Should have left them with nothing and waited for them to wake up

  21. Why does chopping your body make them toxic? (Genuinely curious, i'm new to the game and I will chop a homie up for bones and animal fat lol)

  22. Hey Harvie I'm a fellow rust player I have around 600 hours and I'm not onnoyin like some other pricks so if your looking to do a duo series with someone hmu my psn is XCrusty_ChickenX

  23. This video was amazing keep up the great work

  24. Could you do a tutorial on how to build a turret/set one up on Rust Console. Thanks bro

  25. it hurts my eyes seeing so many bad players. but its console and you all just started.

  26. when mom says we already have mickey mouse at home says:


  27. Listen. Do not buy console edition.
    I my connection is 200mbps.
    And I CANNOT fight ppl.
    As soon as they get near me I start skipping really bad.
    And everyone I play with or have talked to the same thing happens.
    This game, sorry the console version of this game is terrible. I mean really terrible. Do not waste your money

  28. Yo I've been playing rust sins bate can we play

  29. U actually make rust console look enjoyable, thanks for the content

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