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A SOLO Player’s REVENGE on a Toxic Clan – RUST Console Edition

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I encountered a seriously toxic clan in RUST console edition, and I dedicated the rest of the wipe seeking sweet, sweet revenge! This is my favourite Rust Console Edition video so far!

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  1. I hope you enjoyed the video! Apologies for the number of ads. The video was demonetised for a song I used, so I can’t remove them 😩

  2. U actually make rust console look enjoyable, thanks for the content

  3. Yo I've been playing rust sins bate can we play

  4. Listen. Do not buy console edition.
    I my connection is 200mbps.
    And I CANNOT fight ppl.
    As soon as they get near me I start skipping really bad.
    And everyone I play with or have talked to the same thing happens.
    This game, sorry the console version of this game is terrible. I mean really terrible. Do not waste your money

  5. when mom says we already have mickey mouse at home says:


  6. it hurts my eyes seeing so many bad players. but its console and you all just started.

  7. Could you do a tutorial on how to build a turret/set one up on Rust Console. Thanks bro

  8. This video was amazing keep up the great work

  9. Hey Harvie I'm a fellow rust player I have around 600 hours and I'm not onnoyin like some other pricks so if your looking to do a duo series with someone hmu my psn is XCrusty_ChickenX

  10. Why does chopping your body make them toxic? (Genuinely curious, i'm new to the game and I will chop a homie up for bones and animal fat lol)

  11. Should have left them with nothing and waited for them to wake up

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