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A Console’s Last Game – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott takes a look at the sorry sack full of games that ended a console’s life!

Twitter: @ScottTheWoz

Music Used:
“Mute City” from F-Zero
“Intro Stage” from Mega Man X
“Stickerbrush Symphony” from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
“New Donk City” from Super Mario Odyssey
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes


  1. I actually laughed when he showed the gizmondo. Now i feel bad for the pepole who invested so much money in to developing it, only to be laughed at in the end.

  2. Madden 10 is the best game ever! Can’t convince me otherwise!

  3. I thought flint stones was the last nes game

  4. Rexy The T. Rex From JP [Read About] says:

    I just love how it stopped at GameCube. Xbox? Lol, nope. Just Madden 08.

  5. Oh god I had one of the GBC harry potter RPGs. I remember enjoying it though.

  6. Oh shit the Gizmodo came out on my birthday

  7. You ever realize people make an argument just because everyone else says the same thing? Like the Wii U supposedly failing because nobody knew it was a new console? I highly doubt that. Maybe some people were confused but there’s no way it failed because of that. Nobody was confused on what a Super Nintendo was.
    I personally think the Wii U failed due to the over saturation of crap on the Wii and the Wii brand was tarnished and branded as the console that gets the crappy games. It was like a mini 1983 Atari crash.

  8. I only recently started watching this dude and I just realized that the way he says "Scott Here" gets creepier as the years go by

  9. I wonder what the PS4 Xbox one and Nintendo switch last games are going to be?

  10. The Wii u had breath of the wild for it's last game and it's an actual swan song!

  11. I always thought the ps2s last game was wwe smackdown vs raw 2011 it was so bad

  12. wait, so NA didnt get all these other Sonic games for the Master System? Just 1 and thats it? And no Land of Illusion either?

  13. One slight mistake in the video

    Pokemon Yellow was not the last Gameboy game. Gold and Silver came out a month later. Despite saying "Gameboy color" on the box, these games were on regular Gameboy cartridges and we're compatible with any Gameboy at the time. Crystal was the first gebiy color exclusive

  14. I mean with the existence of 3rd party support, there’s usually just gonna be some random 3rd party game that almost nobody knows about.

  15. There was also sonic 2 8bit and sonic chaos

  16. You could've at least shown some clips of the games.

  17. Lets be honest gameboy had the best last game

  18. 3ds last game : yo kai watch 3 (what took a while for to do outside of japan)
    wii u last game : shakedown hawaii
    xbox 360 last game : just dance 2019 (boo)
    ps3 last game : also shakedown hawaii
    wii last game : retro city rampage dx and again shakedown hawaii
    ds last game : the winx club: saving afrcia

  19. However the Final Game from Sega 32x it was Spider-Man Web of Fire that was released on January 25th, 1996

  20. The prophecy is the funniest line I’ve heard since I watched another Scott the woz video

  21. 4:19 There’s just something inherently funny about the phrase “Swedish Mafia”.

  22. The Wii's Last Title is going to be a Just Dance game. What year? No one knows

  23. Harry Potter and the chambers of secrets for the Original Xbox is pretty solid.

  24. I think the actual last Game Boy game is Pokémon Gold/Silver, not Pokémon Yellow

  25. I'm sad the 3DS' final game was Yo-Kai Watch 3 (I'm not completely sure about this). Such a good game, but no one played it.

  26. last words on his latest video was "the Wii U is great!"
    how the turn-tables

  27. There's a game for the Super Famicom called "Metal Slader Glory Director's Cut" and it's a VISUAL NOVEL?!?

  28. You look like peter parker but you were bitten realisticly by a spider

  29. Scott:"The last Master System game in North America was Sonic 1."
    Me:"Uhhhh,doesn't Sonic 2 on Master System exi-finds out it wasn't realesed in North America-Never mind."

  30. Having Sonic be the last game is a pretty good swan song and a good way to pass the torch I feel like.

  31. Wario's Woods is a game I'd definitely like to play someday, I like the concept of being inside of a puzzle screen having to physically move the stuff.

  32. the 3DS definetely ended with a bang and a half. seriously. play Q2

  33. Last game for the nes was titanic the game Scott

  34. Last "official" gameboy game is pokemon yellow.

    Gold and silver can still be played on the original gameboys. Crystal was the first gbc only title.

  35. This is how I find out Nintendo's still making Wii games!?!?

  36. So, this "Mondo" released on October 22, 2005? My 8th birthday.

  37. i like the Sega master system's last game was for e the introduction of the new era

  38. I’d like to consider Dk country the end game for snes. They really figured out the hardware at that point. I watched a whole video on how groundbreaking the Audio for that game was.

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