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A Black Man Developed the First Cartridge Video Game Console | Jerry Lawson

Bayer Mack
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Tech History | Jerry Lawson

This short black history documentary profiles African-American inventor Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, who was the chief hardware engineer and director of engineering and marketing for Fairchild Semiconductors’s video game division. Lawson led the development of the Fairchild Channel F, which was released in 1976. The Channel F was the first video game console designed to use cartridges, called “Videocarts”. Jerry Lawson was the only black video game developer in the early history of Silicon Valley.

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  1. No he didn't. Ron Smith created and designed the first game cartridge with Nick Talesfore.Jerry created the horrible controller.

  2. Learn something new everyday. I remember my grandma used to say that

  3. Fantastic Story…. Another Unknown Brother that should be known…. Video Blast))))

  4. Enjoyed watching every second of this video! lookin forward to the next on:)

  5. Google Alpex and Fairchild Channel F for a bit more detail on this.

  6. Oh, so you mean a person invented something? Stop with the fucking aggrandizing of the races.

  7. I appreciate you informing us that we are contributors and inventors. Too bad we do NOT get any credit or recognition, and financial interests for our inventions on this planet. The greater the hate, the GREATER the people. Great job!

  8. Thankful for this great man. He is one of the pioneers for video games and many of our childhoods.

  9. To say he invented game cartridges is patently false and outright misleading. He helped develop them but in no way is he the sole creator. Read up on the history of the Fairchild Channel F system and you'll see.

  10. The Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed that console!

  11. What does his being black have to do with anything? You didn't expect a black person could accomplish anything?

  12. Atari came out and overshadowed this system 🙄😫😫😫

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