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8 Video Game Console Design Flaws That Made Us Rage

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Millions of systems are produced, and yet YOU have a broken one. Typical. Wait, but what if it isn’t just you?

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  1. My PS1 and GB SP both broke in some way, but my PS2 and old DSs are still surviving. My SP's battery ran out of life and I never bothered to fix it.

  2. PS3 had a yellow light of death. When it happened me I actually felt lost 😂

  3. screw the red ring of death got that three times after getting it fixed three times, then gave up and bought the elite console.

  4. I had just bought the newest Smackdown vs Raw for the PS2, but when I went to put it in my system wouldn't work. So my brother recommended taking it apart to clean it, so I did, but then I couldn't get it back together. Thanks for the advice bro, GO ROT IN HELL!!!!

  5. The freaking hinge on the DS Lite was god awful as well even if you were super careful. The guts of my ds lite is original but I've changed the case on mine twice.

  6. The ps2 disc read error really isn't that bad. I got my ps2 in the week it released and it took 15 years to finally have the issue, it took 15 minutes to google the solution and clean the laser and that was it, working fine again. It's really not that big of a problem and considering how long it can take to end up with the disc read error it's not all too problematic.

  7. I have the same problem with my 360 controller, that happens with the N64 one

  8. I went thru 4 original 360s. Two of those were red rings, one was a disc tray problem back when the tray was "belt" (more like rubber band) driven and I don't remember what the other was. Yes it was a huge inconvenience but I believe Microsoft took care of me. That's why I'm the proud owner of an Xbox One S.

  9. My Ps2 still works, i bought it 2002. It is literally the best console ever made. Ever.

  10. the ps4's beeping and ejecting of discs made me loose my shit.

  11. Those weren't scratches on the 3DS screen, they're creases, they disappear after a while.

  12. I'm surprised nothing about PC gaming was on here

  13. I had two Xbox 360 to get the red rings. One did come back to normal the other well….. threw it off the roof

  14. am i the only person what despises the control design of anything but playstation? ergonomic as fuck my dude.

  15. can't relate for the 360. got a ps3

  16. Im one of those peaple that owned a wiiu

  17. I had two red rings, I don't think I comfortably played my 360 after that, just the constant fear of it happening again was enough to give me heart palpitations.

  18. i think i got lucky I believe it was with my slim but here is my story

    I was getting my new xbox 360 setup because the one i had bought about 2 years or less ago. had started being a pain in my ass not reading discs and whatnot. I had just got it plugged in and what not and SURPRISE red ring of death. I panicked and shut it down praying that it was nothing, me not knowing what it was about. I turned it back on and holy crap it wasnt there anymore. from this day onward I have yet to see another one. I consider myself lucky it hasnt happened again. for i believe 7 or 8 years.

  19. No mention on the PS3 overheating and having to put new thermal paste on the chip?? The yellow light of death…

  20. the PS2 purple screen gave me nightmares

  21. That is such a pain, I remember the first Xbox 360 I got red lighted me within 2 days I was pissed but it was pretty funny because i was right in the middle of Dead Rising and the screen went black right on Q with my 2×4 connecting with a zombie's head XD

  22. I had a red ring of death happen to me once, after a power surge that happened when I was playing Rock Band 3. But I just turned the console off and on again, and it worked just fine.

  23. In my house we used to call the loose joysticks on the N64 controller "Mario Kart Syndrome" because that game was probably the hardest on the joysticks due to the boosting mechanic.

  24. I guess I got lucky with my PS2 because mine still works mint. 🎮

  25. The sega saturn stored the game save files in the console, but they didnt use flash memory like sony or nintendo, the system used a battery to keep the data, and that battery tend to die in just a year or so. Deleting everything you had ever done.

  26. I've experienced both the PS2 disc error screen and the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death……… Needless to say, I was royally upset and angry about it.

  27. Say what you want about the Switch but it's AMAZING for people with vision impairments.

  28. I like how he shits on Nintendo when every other flaw he named made the systems literally unplayable. All you had to do with the Nintendo flaws was… Change/Charge the battery. (Aside from the Backlight one, that one was just being nitpicky.)

  29. How about the Switch warping/screen coming unglued in docked mode due to excessive heat?

  30. I still think its hilarious that I've had an Xbox 360 since the year they came out and never got a Red Ring of Death when I know people that went through 2-3 of them.

  31. "The seven people that actually own a WiiU"

    Hey I'm one of them!

  32. I only saw the red ring once when my mother threw the Xbox down the stairs so it bounced and was completely destroyed.

  33. No backlight GBA is the absolute worst, I used to walk around with the attachable light all the time XD.

  34. I have a 360 and safe to say I'm glad it's newer so I don't have these issues
    Thinking of saving for a ps4

  35. weird when i owned a ps1 i never ran into the overheating issue.

  36. I hated the disc reading issue for the PS2, I had my PS2 for years (starting to wish I didn’t trade it in now, might get it again) and every time I wanted to play it wouldn’t read the disks

  37. i am sure others have said it. but the NES cartridge connector was made out of normal steel. causing them to rust and cause bad contact over time. blowing in the cartridge brought a tiny bit of moisture on the pins giving them temporaryily better connection. but moisture+steel=more rust. so over time blowing in the cartridge rusted the connector even faster until it broke completely

  38. Man, I was team Nyko when it came to those gameboy lights. I still have my worm light for my GBC, too

  39. 8. it never happen to me, unless some leave the controller upside down for a long time, which i never do that to any controllers with joy/thumb sticks.
    5. i say it last longer than the ps4 controller for the wii u gamepad.
    1. that happen to me when there a power surge, while the my wii and my brother's ps3 survive.

  40. "Harry potter and the philosophers stone " ? I thought it was sorcerer's stone

  41. Original Xbox Clock capacitor and PS3 and PS4 COMSS battery

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