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8 Video Game Console Design Flaws That Made Us Rage

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Millions of systems are produced, and yet YOU have a broken one. Typical. Wait, but what if it isn’t just you?

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  1. Original Xbox Clock capacitor and PS3 and PS4 COMSS battery

  2. "Harry potter and the philosophers stone " ? I thought it was sorcerer's stone

  3. 8. it never happen to me, unless some leave the controller upside down for a long time, which i never do that to any controllers with joy/thumb sticks.
    5. i say it last longer than the ps4 controller for the wii u gamepad.
    1. that happen to me when there a power surge, while the my wii and my brother's ps3 survive.

  4. Man, I was team Nyko when it came to those gameboy lights. I still have my worm light for my GBC, too

  5. i am sure others have said it. but the NES cartridge connector was made out of normal steel. causing them to rust and cause bad contact over time. blowing in the cartridge brought a tiny bit of moisture on the pins giving them temporaryily better connection. but moisture+steel=more rust. so over time blowing in the cartridge rusted the connector even faster until it broke completely

  6. I hated the disc reading issue for the PS2, I had my PS2 for years (starting to wish I didn’t trade it in now, might get it again) and every time I wanted to play it wouldn’t read the disks

  7. weird when i owned a ps1 i never ran into the overheating issue.

  8. I have a 360 and safe to say I'm glad it's newer so I don't have these issues
    Thinking of saving for a ps4

  9. No backlight GBA is the absolute worst, I used to walk around with the attachable light all the time XD.

  10. I only saw the red ring once when my mother threw the Xbox down the stairs so it bounced and was completely destroyed.

  11. "The seven people that actually own a WiiU"

    Hey I'm one of them!

  12. I still think its hilarious that I've had an Xbox 360 since the year they came out and never got a Red Ring of Death when I know people that went through 2-3 of them.

  13. How about the Switch warping/screen coming unglued in docked mode due to excessive heat?

  14. I like how he shits on Nintendo when every other flaw he named made the systems literally unplayable. All you had to do with the Nintendo flaws was… Change/Charge the battery. (Aside from the Backlight one, that one was just being nitpicky.)

  15. Say what you want about the Switch but it's AMAZING for people with vision impairments.

  16. I've experienced both the PS2 disc error screen and the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death……… Needless to say, I was royally upset and angry about it.

  17. The sega saturn stored the game save files in the console, but they didnt use flash memory like sony or nintendo, the system used a battery to keep the data, and that battery tend to die in just a year or so. Deleting everything you had ever done.

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