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8-Bit Retro Video Game Console Review (SUBOR D31) 🎮👾🔫

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This is a video review I made of the Subor D31 8-Bit video game console.

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The brand: SUBOR / xiaobawang
The model: D31

I love those old-school video game consoles, which throws me back to my fantastic childhood, when I used to play Super Mario Bros, Contra, TNMT, etc.

I had several problems with this item:

It was not appropriately packaged, which caused one of the “doors” where you place the cartridge to be damaged, one of the corners of the item was a bit broken, and the power adapter did not fit to my country.

I notified the seller about it, and he sent me an EU adapter to the electric adapter (as you can see in the video).

Also, I managed to fix my problem with the “cartridge door” (time is money, my friends…).

The seller did not offer to compensate me for the broken corner of this device, though.

The bottom line is that after all mess, I managed to play with the device, It works properly, and the childhood memories of mine can come up to life whenever I want to.

Please note that thought the “400 in 1” game cartridge is brilliant, not all the games mentioned in the main menu of it are what you would think they would be – such as “Golden Axe” which is not THE SEGA GOLDEN AXE…

The pros:
– It works exactly like old school 8-bit consoles, even on a LED TV.
– Great price for a console + 2 joysticks + 2 game cartridges + gun

The cons:
– Poorly packaged
– The trouble I had to go through with it, as mentioned in the video above

Here is the description of the item:
video game consoles player + 400 games play card + two handles + 1 game gun +package box as gift FREE GAMES Build-in

For further questions about this item please comment on this video and I will do my best to answer you.

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  1. Hey! Recently I purchased this console, but something is not right with the color scheme – it is black&white. any idea how to change it? I contacted the seller and he says that it needs to be done and I quote "change related sets on the console.change the mode N to P,then everything is done!" 🙂 Any idea how??

  2. I recently put an order in for this exact system for 45 dollars. Are the graphics ok , are the games knock offs or original?
    For the money I am not that concerned about the sound quality , I just hope the system does not over heat and scramble the board hahaha!

  3. These are made in China in some sweat shop so don't be surprised that there verry poor quality.

  4. This is a copycatting version of the console named 小霸王 =' a little bully' in Chinese. The original one is much better quality and actually dominated Chinese market 30 years ago, at that time game console is prohibited in China since government thinks it is bad for children but this sneaky machine is called itself a study machine with some sort of cassettes about learning typing , math etc.but actually everyone bought it for playing copycat Nintendo game. In China almost every kid born 1980-1990 knows it . it is part of your childhood memory anyway.

  5. YOU CAN PLAY NES GAMES on this, you just need a simple cartridge adapter from Ali Express from NES to famicom they are like ten dollars US and it is absolutely fine. Same way as you can play Famicom carts on a top loader NES with just a simple adapter!

  6. Hey promort my channel then i will subscribe u and u have to subscribe. E

  7. What is the price of this product in india

  8. I bought one..but the brand is DLK..it cost about 9/10$…it have 9999999 8bit games…pretty good console for 9/10$

  9. I didnt even get the second audio cable and my screen is full of big white and gray pixels

  10. I lost my adapter. It was of soroo company.
    Please tell me which adapter should I use.
    Either of 9V or 5v and how much ampere of current.
    Pls pls
    Pls help

  11. Hi pls can we reuse them in any way or can we do any modifications

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