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7 Video Game Discoveries From Hell

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In honor of The Devil’s Game, today we’re looking at the 7 of the most hellish discoveries ever found in video games.





Games featured (Spoilers)
Cyberpunk 2077
People Playground
BioShock Infinite
Ultima IX: Ascension
Just Cause 3
Doki Doki Literature Club

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Clips and References
Cyberpunk 2077

People Playground

BioShock Infinite

Assistant editor and devil girl: Cassandra Lipp

Special thanks to Evan Hill, Olivia Hayes, Bruh_Boiz, e crikey, polt, kek, CRD716, supercar11, ErnieGumbo, Jacob Cook, ThePlagueDoctor, HajimeTheFool, SeaChameleon, Michael-Arts, and Robert Berthiaume.


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  1. For anyone curious, that death poem was from Hamlet in the famous to be or not to be monologue.

  2. Horse:walks with carnage

  3. The long hallway i notice the people are standing in a certain pattern so i think, maybe a musical note or some kind of Morse but not sure till it is tested on to be sure.

  4. "Well it sounds like the person who did this doesn't know who did it either" LMSO

  5. I dont really want to read all the comments so excuse me if this has been said but the long hallway in the People play ground looks to me like a string of notes that could be plugged into a beat maker like FL studio to possibly give a code? (Edit); Unless he placed all of thoes lights himself in which case my comment is completely void hahah

  6. I think I have always been stabbed by the ticket guy in Bioshock Infinite. Never knew you could pull a gun on him.

  7. I’m just gonna download people playground mods then spawn that gate in, then I’ll just spawn the black hole I have as a mod to suck it up. Lol.

  8. The people play ground secret should have been a rickroll

  9. The Cyberpunk easter egg is probably a reference to cyber psychosis, an in game world mental illness that tends to effect those who have undergone sweeping changes to their body via implantation and replacement of limbs and body parts. To quote the Cyberpunk wiki "Those afflicted with cyberpsychosis are known as cyberpsychos, those who
    have existing psychopathic tendencies, enhanced by cybernetics, and as a
    result have lost their sense of identity as a person"

  10. I thought this would be a list of Deep Web games from hell

  11. I found the answer to Just Cause and will update this when I wake up to explain what it is

  12. Brun whats wrong with ppl playground that game is just a testing and building game like mc

  13. bro the thumbnail is the worlds most intense stare contest

  14. People play ground:
    There is a hidden panel (I think) and you need to get the code so you can unlock THEN you need some specific thing to open it (once you unlock it) uhhh idk but there something that he miss in there

  15. 3:05 that appears to be an excerpt from Shakespeare's Hamlet. It's part of a larger soliloquy where Hamlet argues with himself over his own suicidal feelings.

  16. Those stars are tetragrams not pentagrams pentagrams are the stars thats top point is facing down

  17. People Playground – It's a line from Hamlet… not an ambiguous poem about death…

  18. why join literature club when you can join seshado

  19. it's so scary to see the thumbnail just randomly

  20. Title: "Video Game Discoveries from Hell"

    The first clip: Tony Hawk Pro Skater or smthn

  21. I have a theory about the People Playground tunnel thing

    So you see the red lights blinking in the tunnel? My theory is that these are cameras and you're being watched, and even in the normal maps, you are being watched, and the "screams" that are playing are planned to scare you, since nothing can stop you from anything and nothing can scare you, they try to and succeed, but that's only an extremly exaggerated theory!

  22. "People Playground" that's a lot of questioning for what looks to be a modern remake of the classic "Interactive Buddy" Flash game.

  23. The Bioshock infinite space station is maybe the Citadel Station from the System Shock games.

  24. Broooo imagine if People Playground was hell for all the horrible, unethical people who would abuse, rape, kill, etc and are now being "played with" aka tortured. Nice.

  25. the thumbnail would like to know if there are games on your phone

  26. Dude i remember trying to build a moving giant made of people in people playground, i heard that loud roar and shut off the game, worst part was is that i had my headset on and at 75% volume, so it came out of nowhere and ended up falling out of my chair, i still haven't played since.

  27. Juat like Fallout 76 on release, Cyberpunk 2077 had many bugs and glitches

  28. The thumbnail was scary enough why did I click on this video-

  29. One time I was playing just cause 3 and I was swimming in the water from one region to another and a tentacle came up and ate me.
    I've been afraid to ever get in the water in just cause 3 since.

  30. ddlc ha your in for I- wait your not mat pat BUT STILL. YOUR IN FOR IT

  31. Skeleton: starring. A Person: hey! "Taking him". Me:😅

  32. Has anyone taken the People Playground hallway at the end and put it up against binary? Or even Morse Code?

  33. People playground devs just want to mess with the players because its funny seeing people trying to figure out something you didnt even plan on being that serius

  34. 1:36 this game reminds me alot of a game called Interactive Buddy on an online game called 1000+ Andkon Games. Though I never found anything like that. Creepppyyyyy!!

  35. I played game: people playground, it sure it's hell game or fun game? People playground

  36. People playground looks just like a new version of "interactive buddy"

  37. Thanks for the thumbnail. Sure is lovely WHEN ITS FUCKING NIGHTTIME.

  38. People playground that last quote is from hamlet in the quote “to be or not to be.” I memorized the whole quote so that’s how I know

  39. They need to add more secrets in people playground

  40. That's not an ambiguous poem. That's Shakespeare. From Macbeth.

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