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$65 Thrift Store Game Console Lot! Do they Work? Was it Worth It?

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So recently I stopped by a local thrift store near me hoping to find some retro games or consoles and to my surprise, I was able to pick up a few original Xbox’s, Nintendo DSI’s two PS1 and much more for $65!
Does any of this stuff still work? Was it worth it? Let’s find out.
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  1. its old stuff that i guarantee will be rare in 100 years for sure

  2. That??? All for $65? I swear why do YouTubers always get the best steals

  3. U can turn ds into gba. It on YouTube. Away u can trick ds thinking if there second screen

  4. America…over the 'pond' in old Blighty..we don't get bulk deals like this anywhere..I found a Wii discarded the other day..no power supply so its probably broken..we pay typical eBay prices for all our retro tech..very few bargains here these days..my eBay score few years ago – i grabbed a PS2 with disk read fault for £4..about 6 dollars..soft modded it with mcboot..I'm into handheld gaming now..ETA clean em up properly and retrobrite the PSX..fix the hinge..I've got a Wii you can have too…

  5. WOW! Duke Controllers… I really must be the only person with normal sized hands that enjoy using the Duke. 🙂

  6. If the DS Lite's screen in great shape, I'd fix the hinge. I love my DS lite as a GBA player 🙂

  7. Thats odd that Blue DSi with the scratched up case looked exactly like my old one! I gave it to my friend around 3 years ago and It would be a surprise if it was the same one

  8. The yellow ps1 omg what happened to it 😂😂 i wish i had one of those stores here in mexico they look interesting c:

  9. I'd love to see custom shells on the DSi and DS Lite!

  10. I found dslites ps3s and Xboxs in working condition at my local thrftstore for a great price. I even got to replace my old Ps2. with tomb raider anniversary left inside! I hope quaratine lifts soon I miss Thrifting. One of the best pass times and you find really neat s***

  11. Me:(sees will and will mote) I need to go to the thrift store when everything cools down

  12. Not bad. I've probably beat that a few times with all the free and 5 dollar consoles (a few 15 dollar Xbox 360s, later models and included hard drives too) I've gotten over the years (got a free gamecube and 10 dollar PS2 back when games were still being made for those consoles), but all in one place, that's pretty good.

  13. I’m so jealous. All I find is junk. I would spend so much time cleaning taking them apart and cleaning them playing them and also especially computers I would fix them up with new graphics cards and sell them for a good profit I never find any of that.

  14. Thrift and charity shops are the place to go for bargains as there are too many buyers on eBay etc pushing up the prices.

  15. Boi i cant even find any of this even if dirty, only online

  16. why don't you do commercial voiceovers?

  17. Hey man the piss yellow PS1 gives it slots of….. character! 😇

  18. How will Splinter Cell allow you to mod your XBOX?!

  19. Eta prime can you do giveaway pls I want the Xbox

  20. Carefull with the x boxes I recommend replacing the capacitors they are notoriously bad

  21. So the optical drive needs replacing but the optical drive bight be married to the console so maybe if you can get a optical drive that will work with the XBOX ROM Discs might be the way to go maybe taking a XBOX 360 where the motherboard is not working but the optical drive is working might solve that problem not sure.

  22. For the DS Lite you should make a Gameboy macro… but don’t reshell! Aftermarket shells are not great quality

  23. I swear, I'm starting to think that DSis grow on trees, I see them in videos quite a bit, their price online is only around $50 or less, and I just got one a few weeks ago from a friend.
    (P.S. The DSi is awesome for playing DS games, especially the DSi XL, which is the one I got, it has the size of a 3DS, and the clearness of a DS/DS Lite.)

  24. This is a pretty epic haul for 65 bucks! NICE!

  25. if only i could come across a cheap lot like this, i live in southwest florida and our flea market here has a few stores that have amazing stuff but of course the more rare the more pricey

  26. HOW do people misread their equipment so badly?

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