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5 Years of Making Rust Videos!

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Hello! Thanks for checking out my channel. I’m JordanRants and I mostly post Rust content but you can expect to find other content on my channel.

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PC Specs:
Intel Core i7-7700K
16GB DDR4 3000MHz
ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
512GB M.2 SSD / 3TB HDD

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  1. Been watching for 4 long, peace out from noosa

  2. Boi 1st Aug i.e. yesterday was my b'day 😃

  3. I was there from the beginning 😉 keep up the good work

  4. This was a pretty cool video bro. You are in my top 3 favorite rust youtubers and always love seeing new videos from ya

  5. I been watching rust for 4years until now and still haven't play rust yet

  6. Congrats hordan ive been here with you for almost the entire five years and thats such a big mile stone cant wait till u hit 1M!!!!!

  7. 13:29 That's around the time I started watching your videos!

  8. Uhh why does this sounds exactly like my life right now 😨

  9. Congrats Jordan, such an inspiration! you got me into Rust too and I watched your video's daily for months before even playing the game! 3k hours played now and I still watch every single upload of yours. You should do a duo with Oblivion! Get trapping some nakeds 🙂

  10. I look forward to watching some more of your content in the future, Rust or otherwise i think you will do well

  11. A guy in roblox had the same name as you and was cheating so gonna have to not leave a like.

  12. Congrats Jordan, I've watched you since back in 2017ish I think or 2016, keep up the good work

  13. I wanted to ask that what editing app are you using now?

  14. cringe me out more than your regular videos, gotta skip this one Jordan

  15. ahhh 5 years, geez!
    Think it was Ser Winter or another YouTuber (could have been Faceless) that got me into watching you I remember them saying "its JordanRants" and I was like whos that, then looked you up and been watching since! 🙂

  16. where all the ogs and let me know when you have been watching jordan

  17. me looking for lil dan in the comments 👁👄👁

  18. As one of the first komments… Keep it up! 😀 /Urge82

  19. you're gonna talk about Rust history and not mention Faceless? that's not nice 🙂

  20. Been watching for a while. Thanks for the fun and the memories.

  21. fadeaway22 ? Ghost might answer if they are popular or not.

  22. Congrats been playing for 5 years any only had an ak 3 times xD sorry lol

  23. Hey Jordan just wondering w your opinion do you think rust will be on Xbox

  24. I just realised, you are me if I continued making youtube videos. Fuuuu

  25. I love your vids mane I remember watching your first video 5 years ago

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