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5 Game Worlds BIGGER Than Planet Earth

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Today we wanted to talk about some of the biggest video game worlds with games on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more. This is beyond Skyrim and GTA, folks.
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  1. being big & being practical r two different things when there isnt any objectives/storyline to it…ACV does both….its big & soooo much 2do…when games meet both criteria…then its somethin to invest time in….

  2. Spending 600hrs to save that dude is the video game equivalent to taking 60sec to put the cart away.

  3. I love Eve, Elite, and No Mans Sky. Favorite games ever. World of Tanks is dope too.

  4. love no mans sky. and it's way better now than when this video came out. Hello games more than redeemed themselves.

  5. Most of the games are ASTRONAUT IN THE OCEAN.

  6. Jokes on you cus these games were made on earth big brain 🧠

  7. Can't believe how long it mustve taken mojang to create the map if every seed.

  8. Elite Dangerous is a love for any gamer+ amateur astronomer like me ❤️

  9. A bit unfair to compare a space game with a planet. The only real entry here is Minecraft

  10. Actually, I'd rather play a game set in a fully fleshed out city than an open planet with miles of nothing to do.

  11. I think that someone forgot a few zeros on the Elite Dangerous "rescue mission". .. My best exploration ship without any added boosts could do close to 50 light year jumps… I did a 10000 light year round trip trip to unlock one of the engineers in less than 12 hours (5000 LY each way), without using the "neutron star super highway"

  12. I love how this went from Minecraft to galaxy games 😂😂😂

    I mean my uncle was one of the few that played EVE for 10 years and got his name sketched into a statue I thing in Iceland ow where ever the HQ of eve is

    Btw eve can be very very expensive there was a battle that went on in eve that had over 3000 players in one area that it 7000 anyways the battle overall value of ships that was destroyed was around a few 10ish billion real money

  13. Empyrion Galactic survival is also massive and on pair with No Mans Sky when it comes to vastness.

  14. Can someone please recommend me a true open world game where I won't be forced to have hours of discussion with NPCs?? I just want to roam around and do my own thing, not sit through hours of NPC cut scenes 😬

  15. “Not only is the SiZe impressive”

  16. bruh minecraft infinitely generates xD

  17. How is Eve number #1 with 8,000 star systems when Elite Dangerous boasts 400 billion star systems and an infinitely larger universal map? DOH!

  18. Damn. That’s pretty massive. It almost raises the question if some of these are actually to big?

  19. This is amazing! Im been cut off from gaming for many years now due real world problems and toxic work hours at job, but this makes me so happy to see gaming has reached so far and my fellow gamers and next generation is able to experience such games.

  20. Star citizen is not a game … It's a joke !

  21. Me :who clicks to watch this video
    Minecraft: first game
    Me : comments and then clicks not interested and dislikes the video

  22. Honestly I'm not a fan of a single one of those games

  23. If only minecraft had ice walls at the boarder or edge, and a tall tree and or mountain in the middle… lol!

  24. These all look awesome, whats the thumbnail 1 that looks awesome to

  25. Great video but the bit about Elite Dangerous was incorrect, it was more like 141,000 light years for the rescue mission – not 141, that would have taken about 10 minutes! The second human bubble is 22,000 light years from the human bubble and Sagittarius A is about 25,900 light years and I have visited both of these in the game. it took days to get to both!

  26. Well I humbly think that game size in mathematical and conceptual terms doesn't matter much more than how much it can fill it with content and interactivity…Take EVE for e.g. you can go and see all those celestial bodies, cool of course but can you land on any of it?

  27. Shouldn't include star citizen, vaporware doesn't count

  28. It feels like avatar ,where you go online and thats more real and exciting than real world

  29. still waiting for a star wars game that big and where u can travel to everything

  30. Minecraft actually have a bigger map if u have the mod called galactic craft more planets

  31. I don’t believe that game world are bigger than planet earth

  32. Open World
    Me : no
    Open : Galaxy
    Me : No
    Open Universe
    Me : perfect

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