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5 Game Worlds BIGGER Than Planet Earth

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Today we wanted to talk about some of the biggest video game worlds with games on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more. This is beyond Skyrim and GTA, folks.
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  1. Open World
    Me : no
    Open : Galaxy
    Me : No
    Open Universe
    Me : perfect

  2. I don’t believe that game world are bigger than planet earth

  3. Minecraft actually have a bigger map if u have the mod called galactic craft more planets

  4. still waiting for a star wars game that big and where u can travel to everything

  5. It feels like avatar ,where you go online and thats more real and exciting than real world

  6. Shouldn't include star citizen, vaporware doesn't count

  7. Well I humbly think that game size in mathematical and conceptual terms doesn't matter much more than how much it can fill it with content and interactivity…Take EVE for e.g. you can go and see all those celestial bodies, cool of course but can you land on any of it?

  8. Great video but the bit about Elite Dangerous was incorrect, it was more like 141,000 light years for the rescue mission – not 141, that would have taken about 10 minutes! The second human bubble is 22,000 light years from the human bubble and Sagittarius A is about 25,900 light years and I have visited both of these in the game. it took days to get to both!

  9. These all look awesome, whats the thumbnail 1 that looks awesome to

  10. If only minecraft had ice walls at the boarder or edge, and a tall tree and or mountain in the middle… lol!

  11. Honestly I'm not a fan of a single one of those games

  12. Me :who clicks to watch this video
    Minecraft: first game
    Me : comments and then clicks not interested and dislikes the video

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