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40 years of video game console sales, magnificently animated

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Sit back and enjoy a bar chart race of the cumulative, best selling games hardware from 40 years of the console wars.

Here’s how we did it:

Note: the previous version of this video had an error in the SNES sales data, this version fixes that.


  1. Wasn’t accurate at all towards the last minute.

  2. You forgot lynx and game gear whos numbers would have had a place in the top for a moment

  3. Gamecube classic wish I still had mines talking bout pulling all nighters then go catch the bus in the a.m

  4. I mean… are we really going to compare handhelds and home consoles together in the same boat? I always felt like they should be separated.

  5. Problem with Xbox one X is the price hasn't dropped to reflect the bad sales in the UK.
    With only a year to go until the release of their new console, the price is still above £400 wake up Microsoft slash £150 off that they'll be jumping off the shelves and you'll eventually make up that loss from lowering the price.

  6. I’m disappointed in Xbox. AHHHH!!! Xbox has to win PlayStation A WHOLE LOT MORE!!

  7. 40 Years of Sweet Sony and Nintendo Consoles(Not Hand Helds as DS or Switch), good job Playstation 4 winning 2019 here

  8. So pretty much Nintendo and PlayStation just destroys everyone

  9. I kinda wanna see the sales of all the consoles going up in real time beyond the top 10 real bad.

    Thanks for the video it's nice.

  10. NES: hey, I come to save video game industry !
    DS: hey, I come to save Nintendo from darwning !

  11. This is wrong, the PS" sold 155 million units

  12. Videopac / Odyssey2 wasn't here? What about Bally Astrocade or Fairchild Channel F? Missing here in 1978. About 1 million consoles each.

  13. great work, which software did you use to produce this. can you tell.

  14. its ok but you need to remove the dead consoles. just stagnates the list.

  15. hey man, great video

    how did you add these rectangular images before the bars? flourish accept certain sizes?

  16. This is actually inaccurate the Nintendo ds never passed the PlayStation 2

  17. Everyone talking about DS never passing PS2 what about the Wii which never passed PS1 or PSP which never even passed gba

  18. 1:10 The Dreamcast sold until 2001 reaching 10 million units.

    In short, it makes no sense to keep it still even in 2000.
    The Saturn instead stopped selling in 1998, and stopped only at 9 Million units.

  19. Yeah you might want to update that buddy because the Gameboy and Nintendo DS do not count as home consoles they are handhelds so PS2 is the number one selling console PS4 as number 2 and so on Sony dominated everything

  20. Why wasn't the Sega Game Gear included? It sold at least 10 million.

  21. Bruh, PS4 came into the chart already half way full

  22. ps2 is still the most sales console of all time not ds

  23. DS never passed ps2 i don’t know how you fucked up the statistics

  24. Hi i need this data in table formt can you give it to me. I have to make a presentations

  25. "After three years in the home industry, Coleco sold more then six million ColecoVision video game systems before the crash." Norman G. Sippel (multiple sources give the six million number).

  26. Hahahahaha wtf, on every list ps2 is first by few milions, only here nds.
    Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Hate it to break you but DS didn't passed PS2.

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