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3000 ROMS shipped from Amazon…plus a dodgy console

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I wondered what the deal was with these 3000-in-1 retro consoles…so I bought one.



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  1. Good to know if it ever becomes impossible to get ROMs online anymore we can always get one of these off Amazon or eBay and grab everything off the SD card 😛

  2. Save your money buy a cheap psp they all go on this system nice

  3. Why don't you do those hilarious shorts at the end of the video?

  4. Have you tried Souja Boy's Version of those Bootlegs.

  5. It might be interesting to do a file recovery on the SD card. See if a person could recover any deleted files. Most of those are mass copied as an image file from a master. If they deleted the files from the master the copies should still contain the deleted files as "missing".

  6. you can buy game cartridges that take sd card for sega mega drive super nintendo and nintendo 64

  7. Didn't know you investigated video game consoles, in addition to rare & unsusal electronics.

    Buyer beware.

  8. You know you're getting an obsolete piece of crap when you buy something in 2019 that has a mini USB port.

  9. My sister actually bought this just for the roms. It was the quickest and easiest way to add rom files for your emulators.

  10. Soy chileno por favor me regalan unoooo. Plis..

  11. Why you do dis? Now da world know Chinese secret. Tape on chip!

  12. I'm sure this thing is sold by dummy China company that will disappear the moment Nintendo sends c&d only to reappear instantly under different name with the same product. As for Amazon they do sell millions of products worldwide, they do not check them for patent or copyright infringements since with that volume is practically impossible, they have YouTube approach – users have to report unsuitable content.

  13. Dang, I saw viewpoint was one of the games with messed up sound. What a shame, that game has such a great soundtrack.

  14. You mentioned PC game Doom as one of the "other" titles. Doom was ported to the SNES.

  15. I'd be interested in knowing from a legal expert if "buying" roms like this is technically any different from downloading them. Obviously the company/individual selling the device is breaking copyright law, but what's the legal situation for the end user?

  16. I don't judge those who download ROMs, especially for out-of-print games that can only be legally obtained second hand, which can be needlessly expensive and doesn't fund Nintendo anyway. But these companies turning a profit from pirated ROMs any idiot can download? Absolute scum.

  17. The end of this video was very wink-wink-nudge-nudge about those ROMs from Amazon lol

  18. Yeah its great way to get ROMZ by buying it, take the SD and sending the device back to Amazon.

  19. I don't know a lot about the microcontroller computers but the color of the board reminds me of Arduino ones. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just an off the shelf consumer board with some emulator downloaded off the Internet.

  20. LOL same thing are been sold on Takealot a south african site

  21. Yoshihiro TPA Gamer productions 667 スーパーロボット大戦 says:

    Mom , can we have SNK neo geo

    Mom : No there is SNK neo geo at home

    SNK neo geo at home.

  22. This sort of stuff seems to be part of the Amazon business model. Why buy a proper system from some small company with passionate people who do things right when you can go get a cheap Chinese knockoff from Amazon. They have the lawyers to handle this so they get away with it.

  23. Amazon is not guarantee what you buy is legal. I once bought a copy of Windows 7 from Amazon that turned out to be pirated. I couldn't even get an apology out of them, let alone a refund.

  24. I had a thing called a PowerJoy in around 2003 which was an all-in-one console, controller and light gun. I loved it! It didn't have Mario, but it did have games like Balloon Fight and Spy Vs. Spy.

  25. That Ingenic JZ4750 chip is an all-in-one singing dancing everything chip from 2009, a MIPS at 360MHz. Pretty crap by today's standards, though it should be able to emulate the SNES better than that. I suppose they just bunged some emulators on (I wonder which ones, bet they haven't got permission) a standard Linux, without putting more effort into it than just getting it working, so it's probably not optimised. They can't even get the screen aspect ratio right. There's probably an option somewhere in a text file you could set for that.

    The same chip is apparently the heart of the "Game Gadget" which is the same sort of thing launched a few years ago. If they were really cheap it might be fun to plug in a mouse and keyboard, and alter the Linux setup on that SD card so it boots to a terminal. Then maybe you could get X working, and have a word processing, web browsing, ludicrously tiny PC hidden disguised as a toy arcade! If you used a bigger SD card you'd have room for all sorts more stuff. Running old DOS games on DOSBOX would be groovy in something like that set up with a mini keyboard like a little PC. Put SCUMMVM on it! You'd probably spent a lot more time playing Beneath A Steel Sky and Leisure Suit Larry, as well as Command and Conquer, than you would playing those console games.

    BTW, "64 bit operate system" is bollocks. More Chinese lies, the chip's 32 bit and there's nothing wrong with that.

  26. Nintendo: We are going to sue the crap out of anyone that steals our old games we dont sell anymore
    Also Nintendo: Oh you want to buy them? Too bad, we only made a limited number of NES and SNES classics…if you didn't get one, sucks to be you, dumbass. But don't steal the roms either.

  27. You for Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Bros, Yeah you happy with Nintendo

  28. Wouldn't the right course for Nintendo be to produce their own 3000in1 console with better quality than these – Im sure that they will make money aswell, alot of people play those still

  29. I mean you could download the massive large full console rom set from archive dot org

  30. I bought one of these actually I bought two of them it was so good actually love this little system it was an awesome mix of games and heading on what you pay for it sometimes could be really worth the price one of them I got for 25 bucks one I will not expect 75 on the original one but I was shocked when I saw one for $25 that time probably I'll never see that deal again but if you guys see the system out in the wild I would recommend it

  31. Rather buy official or as back in day download specific roms

  32. No surprise here. I am part of the Amazon Vine review thing and you'd be surprised how many different kinds of this crap come through on almost a daily basis. I got one, because I wanted to be able to play roms at work. The unit I got was some of the cheapest crap I've ever seen, the screen was one of those shitty early 90's color laptop style screens, so everything was blurry and smeared when moving. The menu was fucking terrible, they have a ton of repeats as well as a lot of garbage homebrew crap as well. The buttons are junk, the controls suck, there's input lag and you cannot update or change the roms included with it. I don't get it, if they just made a quality handheld that took micro SD cards, people would pay a lot for these things, I guess China or wherever they came from just don't give a shit.

    I owned a GP32 and that was a pretty nice handheld, BUT it was way too expensive for what it did, lacked any sort of real support and the quality of them ranged from amazing to complete and utter garbage. By the time I sold mine to someone else, most of the buttons didn't even work anymore. I had it for maybe a year.

  33. What’s that game at 5:39? Looks like the inspiration behind the classic Bubble Trouble game.

  34. There was supposed to be a law about these games meaning that if those games have not been availabe for purchase for at least 20 years then they would become abandonware and Nintendo should not be allowed to sue anyone for abandoned old crap.

  35. you have to play UN squadron and Power Rangers fighting edition SNES roms, I still play them to this day, un squadron is probably my most played game of all time

  36. Based on your recommendations… I bought two ✌️❤️

  37. i use a new 3ds running retroarch, it runs the games better then that thing and is all around a better system

  38. Amazon clearly don't care aslong as they get their cut. Much like YouTube here in 2021 and the amount of scam/misleading adverts before and during videos is shocking, clearing YouTube/Google don't care as long as they get paid, yet still like removing youtuber videos for minor issues.

  39. 2 years later there are now handheld ones with ROMS included fulfilled by Amazon. So again, money talks. Amazon gets away with it as they have billions for lawyers, but all the sites giving ROMS away for free for long no longer published games get shut down.

  40. Thanks for reminding me about Nintendo going after websites. This shows me actions must be taken to preserve and protect those old roms from disappearing 🙂 Since those old games are gone from the market, I personally see no/zero market value. So I see no theft at all. Theft would be taking things away. But it's just a copy, not some original taken away from someone. So I can't see theft (just saying for those who claim it would be theft). And it's a copy of net value worth $0.00, Since those old modules and systems are officially gone from the market for a very long time now. So no damage done to Nintendo in fact too. Because there is ZERO market value in them 🙂 Only used old stuff is sold between end-users by now and no official ones of those old modules and systems from Nintendo are available any longer.
    This move of Nintendo going after roms of those ancient games is pathetic. Makes them look extremely evil to me. They do not sell those games, but still do not want anyone to enjoy the old stuff. While earning in fact nothing with those old game modules any longer, since they themself pulled them from the market for a very long time already… Which means they have zero rights to complain in my eyes. There should be made laws for old software preservation. To go against this type of company greed/evilness. They sold those now old games for many many years and even pulled them from the market at some time. Which is many years in the past by now. So there really should be an end somewhere. To make software preservation possible. Which means, if a company does not offer their products any longer, that other then can just copy it without being prosecuted. Our copyright law system is completely insane in this regard, sadly… Which means that many old gems just die, because the copyright holder can block them afterwards. Even though he offered them somewhere in time and by this people are missing those things now… That's just not fair what Nintendo can and is doing…

  41. These type of mini consoles easy to find in Italy

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