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3 Rust Concepts For Game Development

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A great way to learn and study Rust is through game development. Watch this video to learn the core three concepts of gamedev in Rust.


  1. Option equivalent exists in most functional languages. C++ also has std::optional.

  2. Rust's pattern matching and destructuring can do crazy stuff in the right hands.

  3. All those checks are unnecessary.
    Just iterate through array of boxes and check if colour matches with spot at position of the box.
    If spot at this place does not exist, give it some unused colour.

  4. 7:27 C++ also has this feature where you can declare variables in if statements

  5. I appreciated the video. A nice way to introduce some Rust concepts. I can't help feeling there is a more elegant way of representing the example but I can't remember my Haskell.

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