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2019 Video Game Console Rewind

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Playstation, xbox, and Nintendo consoles have all had a great decade! With major new consoles, and some of the greatest wins and fails in video game history! With the release of mobile gaming, (fortnite,pubg) and some major franchise sequels like call of duty, and the last of us, see everything you missed!
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This generation of video game consoles is widely considered to be a success, even though it lived in the shadow of the most successful lineup in history. Let’s look at how console manufacturers and game developers survived the decade, by creating a video essay on all the ups and downs. We should touch on all of the successes and failures; starting with the state of the video game industry at the beginning of the decade, walking through the release of consoles like the PS4 and XBOX One, and then finishing with the lead in to the next generation. The video should be presented in chronological order.


  1. This comment was posted at 12:36 am the date 1.1.2020

  2. Better than YouTube’s rewind. Happy 2020 gamers!

  3. Xbox 360?

    ok I have a problem with this video, everyone knows the PS3 was the better system in the 7th generation, free online for most games.

  4. happy new year
    happy new decade
    happy new whatever

  5. So first of all, we had Star Wars Battlefront where Vader was stuck behind a paywall
    Now we have Mario Kart Tour where Mario's stuck behind a paywall.

  6. Microsoft have such a great vision for 2020 and the new XBOX. I really hope they see their original concept into fruition.
    Good specs, good price (now just put a normal Microsoft Windows OS and give it a USB 3 for keyboard and mouse)

  7. If you want the best console hardware and multiplayer games, you purchase Xbox

    If you want the best single Player games, you buy Playstation


  8. Nobody :
    Nintendo in 2012 -2016:
    Guess I'll die…

  9. Funny how he never said anything about the xbox lop

  10. Gaming is better than ever. Nintendo and Sony are really strong and Microsoft seems it's coming back better than ever!

    As a gamer I love all companies (including EA) for all the great experiences they have offered me.
    Ofc Nintendo will always have a special place in my heart as a gamer, when I look my Zelda collection I see in every game a period of my life since I was 7 years old.

  11. Nobody:
    Australian YouTube’s: Merio!!!

  12. Funny how he didn’t mention project x cloud and the failure of stadia. it’s quite noteworthy

  13. I still can’t wait for cyberpunk pc baby ray tracing here I come!

  14. I have the gears of war edition xbox 360 it was cool but it was way too sensitive it always accidentally got turned off

  15. Did I see Minecraft buzzy bees trailer????!!

  16. This gave me feelings i never knew i had :,) thank you @thegamer for giving life to my memories

  17. your modern warfare comment is CURRENTLY invalid as all that stuff is free

  18. Why can’t we not just play games and not argue. Like cmon dude who cares

  19. Soulja boy games console was the best console ever

  20. You never even once mentioned pubg 😒

  21. When everyone says how much Star Wars battlefront 2 sucks but the pay to win is completely gone and a lot of people play it

  22. If you want to thank Xbox thank them for showing what a gaming company shouldn't do but at least they're back on their feet and building momentum

  23. Memories of this decade:
    Getting a Wii U and having great memories
    Playing Mario for the first time
    Playing on my parents wii and playing with a crazy thing called “motion controls”
    Finding out what pc gaming and playing that
    Playing Just Dance 2017 and loving it
    Wishing Ubisoft would make a console
    Getting a Nintendo switch (we are a Nintendo family)
    Learning splatoon came out on my birthday (first game)
    And for the last thing. We are all gamers and gamers should respect gamers

  24. "The Wii U gamepad seemed cool but not nearly enough to justify a whole new console"

    Well to be fair the PS4 had no new gimmicks and it's controller is once again very similar to the last console, in fact all of their controllers are almost exactly the same. The only main difference in the console is that it's stronger than the last one which is exactly what the Wii U did too at least they did something different with their controllers and consoles. Yet for some reason the PlayStation flies off the shelves

  25. The new Xbox Is Called Xbox Series X Not Xbox 720

  26. I hate how he doesn't even bother to talk about modern day battleftont 2

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