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2001 – Xbox Console Reveal with The Rock and Bill Gates

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Bill Gates showing the features of the original Xbox for the first time in 2001.


  1. According to the “Father of the Xbox” Seamus Blackley.

    "As we approach @Xbox 20th, I feel a need, once again, to apologize for the literal last second, @AMD engineers-who-helped-us-make-the-prototype-boxes-sitting-in-the-front-row-for-the-announcement switch to an Intel CPU. It was Andy calling Bill. Not me. @LisaSu. I beg mercy.

    I was standing there on the stage for the announcement, with BillG, and there they were right there, front row, looking so sad. I’ll never forget it. They had helped so much with the prototypes. Prototypes that were literally running the launch announcement demos ON AMD HARDWARE.

    I felt like such an ass."

    Has Bill Gate ever been honest?

  2. WTF, Anyone notice this Rock guy looks so much like Dwayne Johnson?!?

  3. нелепый этот в черных очках, из кожи вон лезет строит из себя кого то большего чем он есть)

  4. The way rock and bill were talking seems so scripted it just seems unnatural when big money is involved people will do whatever you say and talk however you say SMH.

  5. The Rock is so bad at lying to be impressed…

  6. Poor AMD… Trashy Backstabber XBOX ceo

  7. 2:32 This is when Bill Gates lies to the world regarding which processor is inside the Original Xbox. There was a AMD processor chip inside that demo model on stage during this presentation in this video you're watching. Microsoft decided to change the processor last minute from AMD to Intel due to political reasons. AMD engineer's worked really hard on that project.

  8. They looked at 100s of prototype controller prototypes.

    And came up with The Duke. The most uncomfortable design ever.

  9. Steve Jobs was so much cooler than Bill

  10. Wow! Telling Bill Gates It doesn't matter what he thinks in his face is something not many people can brag about

  11. 20 years been here w Xbox since the start let's get another 20 goin well done Xbox thanks for some of the most memorable games and friends made along the way.

  12. ¡¡Happy 20 anniversary XBOX!! 🇲🇽🙌

  13. Happy 20th Anniversary Xbox 💚


  14. I thought the rock was gonna rock bottom bill gates into that Xbox

  15. wow iv never seen the rock so scripted……. it was cringy and sad to see 🙁

  16. Yesss I remember u bill I was 6 when this came out haha <3

  17. I have a working Original Xbox and I am getting fable the lost chapters in a few days so yes haha 🙂

  18. I think I did have the original controller but I got better ones after a while 🙂

  19. 20 años después ¿Quién está aquí por el ANIVERSARIO? 💚

  20. Can’t wait for this to come out with halo aside it!

  21. Can you imagine Stone Cold presenting this?
    Pretty much bully Bill Gates on stage and drinking beer.

  22. Got to give Microsoft credit here to have The Rock as the spokesperson for their new console.

  23. I dont think people understand how smart bill gates is lol

  24. Ahh the Good ol days. When specs weren't given and no one cared.

  25. Who else played Halo CE when you got the Xbox? It was my first game on Xbox I played. It wasn't even off the shelves yet, that's how new it was.

  26. “Intel is a partner here” oh how the tables have turned.

  27. That OG controller was awful but I’ve loved Xbox since the beginning

  28. I remember when i entered a contest to be a tester for xbox and won back in 2002. We were to test games and accessories. I remember telling friends you were gonna be able to play people all over the world and talk to them. They would say no freaking way. I just said wait and see.

  29. The res lol back then it was amazing now it falls flat but halo still holds up tbh thay were amazing bk then halo 2 looked stunning

  30. Good old days. We'll never get this timeline back ever again.

  31. Clark (The Rock) Kent: It’s not about where you were born or what powers you have, or what you wear on your chest… it’s about drive… it’s about power.

  32. Its crazy how much we take these specs for granted, especially these days.

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