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17 Minutes of Rust PS4 Pro Gameplay

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Get your first proper look at the long-awaited console version of Rust with this extended PS4 Pro gameplay. Rust is the popular survival game first released for PC (officially) in February 2018.

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  1. Hey IGN, cool video. You're a great role model to me and helpful in learning how to make my own base build guides and tutorials better. Thank you

  2. Ive never played rust. but im pretty sure this got to be the most bot movement ever even for ps4

  3. my favorite part is where he rushes forward with a DB instead of the Thompson and gets shot mid charge THEN turns to loot the same body for meds.
    Like, even bots would consider the event you might take damage in a fight so taking meds in the first place would be a no brainer.

    Can we also talk about that inventory movement system? Its like asking to be shot in the head.

  4. The dude probably only plays on pc so his aim is bad. Cut him some slack.

  5. Anyone any go clan up on ps4/5 message me on psn

  6. Why didn’t they get actually rust players to try the game out

  7. Maybe some better gameplay next time? sheeeeeesh!

  8. Came across the game in the PS Store. Can't believe it's actually coming now; seems like we've been waiting forever.

  9. Guys was that his own base he went to at the beginning of the vid cause there was a m249 setting in the loot box and he didn’t even yoink it

  10. When you own both bases and your teammate unlocked the enemy code lock during the fight

  11. this hurts my brain
    wtf did they leave the doors open

  12. What type of dumbass would try to snipe somebody with a pump shotgun

  13. This is not an accurate representation of the events of the events one will see in a Rust raid.

  14. This video makes me not want to play Russ

  15. Aight who let their little brother play??

  16. This game is only looks fun xbox kids.
    When a kid with a ak kills u when u have a rock dont cry ok?

  17. Tell me your bad without telling me your bad 🤣

  18. Wow people actually missing. Not like on PC game where they do laser beam AK "sprey" from 500 meters away. Killing you in 0.1sec. All thanks to proffesional gaming chairs im sure not anti recoil programs and aimbots.

  19. Bought the game. Played for 2 minutes. Deleted the game. What a piece of junk this is. Waste of money

  20. Does ign know how to play this game. Rust CoD style.

  21. Do you thing its gonna be lag on regular ps4?

  22. tf is this. the scientist on oilrig are better then these ppl

  23. Is this a joke ? Who tf plays like this ?

  24. this look so underwhelming coming from a fps gamer

  25. "IGN thinks Rust is CoD, but still does horrible either way"

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