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10 Video Game Levels That Made You Turn The Console Off

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The worst video game levels developers probably regret.

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  1. but if i wanna put my money from is the giant, the holy disaster and the platform nightmare…..sanctus and the necromatic bird the undead chopper

  2. The Fantastic Voyage quest in Phantasy Star Universe.

    While there's an armor unit that helps get around the insta-killing effects of Megid, an insta-kill spell, the fact that you can't get said armor until the S rank version of a different quest, having C RANK versions of enemies with Megid and no way to avoid being insta-killed…

    That's tantrum inducing levels of artificial difficulty and made me wonder if whoever thought putting enemies with such an ability in a low level quest was a total sociopath.

  3. Call if Duty: Finest Hour, the first mission from the American Campaign, a brutal escort mission where the player is faced with a dilemma of moving ahead of the tank convoy to dispatch dozens of Germans spawning/waiting for ambush, or stay behind the tanks for cover to survive but risk the escort being hit by dozens of rockets, failing the entire mission in seconds.

  4. Code Vein – The Cathedral of Lost Blood.
    It's a giant maze full of death pits and the enemies gain a huge difficulty spike.
    You can spend hours running around in circles because of how huge this is, even on subsequent playthroughs.

  5. Phew was scared I would see a game outside of the 20 in their library in this video. Crysis averted…. get it?

  6. The goddamn elevator level in God of War Ascension! 😡 Personally I was enjoying the game, up to that point… I MIGHT go back to it some day, but that was some bullshit.

  7. Metal Gear made me rage quit, i finished the mission 2 days later though😂

  8. I disagree with the undying flame. I found that part entertaining and had zero issues getting through it the first time.

  9. This list proves it's a generation thing. Even the one game that she picked that looked like old school Nintendo, is actually 2018… Atari, Nintendo, Sega, SNES, those didn't give you the option just to quit because of a level and pick up where you left off the next day. Even PS1 and Nintendo 64 had games that you had to play till the game over screen. Go boot up an old Nintendo and try to play Ghost N' Goblins…Every level will be that level to you…

  10. How is the underwater level in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for NES not on there?? That level was ridiculous!!

  11. In Sekiro the flame demon at the end of the game was more of a twist. With the monkeys your still using stealth and insta kills as you have the whole game. The flame demon is a head to head straight up fight that goes against the whole nature of the game.

  12. I don't get why people hate the MJ missions in Marvel's Spider-Man. I actually really enjoyed them. It was different but fun 🙂

  13. Did people seriously have that much trouble with cold weather mountain in Ghost of Tsushima??? 😅😂😂😂

  14. AND THE SEKIRO MONKEYS?!?! If something is difficult or different, doesn't you just give up hahahah Just git gud, do better, have patience, and practice. Sorry some games don't give you everything on a silver platter and isn't just instant gratification. Work for it and get better. Beating a boss fight after hours of trying is a moment of euphoria that most things can't replicate. All your hard work, planning, and ideas coming together to finally beat a boss that seems impossible to beat. THAT'S real joy

  15. The courthouse in Wolfenstein 2 the new colossus

  16. The Museum MJ mission, where you have Spiderman as a weapon was awesome. All MJ Missions show be like that. With a way to take out people, not just distract them only.

  17. The screaming baby in the dream sequences of Max Payne.

  18. When Campbell told you to turn off the console, I did

  19. Going to Bitterblack Isle in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. And within one minute of entering, I run into freakin' Death. Kills two of my Pawns with one swipe of the scythe.

    Had to go back to the base game after that.

  20. What I thought would be on this was Modern Warfare 2 Mission Takedown

  21. I swear to god the miles morales level where you have to sneak past rhino pissed me off

  22. GTA Vice City, the toy helicopter mission. Never even touched that game again.

  23. I would switch around number 1 for number 2. Those skulls sections were F*CKED at times! Especially when it’s standing in the way of whether or not you get an S rank.

  24. I re-played metallic archaea multiple times, just to farm armor parasites…

  25. Ok you guys might know this mission, in bo2 one of the past missions the one with Noriega the "GUNSHIP STRIKE INBOUND" part took me 20 or 30 monutes

  26. I remember a section in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee where you had to carry like NINE Mudokons one at a time through a minefield with shooting enemies, drinking a speed drink to avoid bullets… and I said no, screw that 🤣

  27. But the mj missions would show you the contrast of the characters and their abilities.

  28. Really didn't appreciate the 'Nuremberg trials' comment here. You're better than this.

  29. The segments of spiderman were great though

  30. Folding Screen monkeys? really? mot the Giant Ape that picks up it's own severed head and chases you with it…

  31. lol. you think metallic archaea was hard? all you have to do is get the serval amr7, go in with full body armor, and lead them to the interior of the airport main building. they don't go in, and they stay at the open door. when they do that, put a full mag of 12.7 mm(.50 cal) in them, and they're done son.

  32. I fought through most of these but the first boss fight in deus ex made me stop playing entirely

  33. After getting burned by focusing on stealth in deus ex, you again focused on stealth in metal gear 5 and were surprised when you got burned 😂

  34. Who doesn't hate escort missions?, the worst is Ashley from Resident Evil 4, atleast in other survival horror games the people you're escorting can fight back, she was completely useless

  35. I wonder if they have a Playstation. I haven't played like any of these games since they are exclusives. Exclusives have killed the gaming industry

  36. The class reunion in part 2 of fire emblem: three houses. Playing on Maddening…

  37. killing skulls is fun, just use the robot, cant remember the name, equip it winh a minigun, and have fun

  38. I was with you up until the MJ missions. They weren't long, and when a game gives you nothing to defend yourself with, you know there's a set way to do things.

  39. Final boss in resi 8, I was so close so many times.

  40. Alien Isolation was clown shoes. And the reactor area would have been more poignant for the slot

  41. Fucking Phazon Mines in Metroid Prime. I just lost like two hours of work last night due to the ridiculous lack of save rooms.

  42. I love Ghost of Tsushima but I gotta agree that legendary flame quest was a pain. When I first started it, I didn't realize I'd freeze and I'm one of those people who likes searching every nook and cranny for everything….I quickly learned that wasn't going to be possible on this quest. Still love the game though

  43. Too many comments to scroll through and see if anyone else said this, but the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time was one of the most frustrating levels I've ever played in a game!

  44. Alien isolation made me quit, before i could even get to the Alien that's in isolation.

  45. We had a broken version of Mafia(original) so even if we won the race it said we failed

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