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10 INSANE Video Game Console Mods

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Sometimes modders will go to over-the-top methods just for the sake of it. Here are our favorite examples.
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  1. 1:11 xbox 360 has same thing but offically made by microsoft l'have one

  2. Well now we can play mouse and keyboard on COD MW in ps4, it's … Cool

  3. is it possible to mod old consoles to run all games on said console at 60 fps.?

  4. # 10 was original and potentially useful, # 9 was ugly and lets be honest, terrible, # 8 and #7 are the same thing and had already been done with PS3 …… I stopped there . I was hoping for original, custom mods like #10, but I suppose someone out there will think you nailed it .

  5. Yeah it’s called a ps vita and remote play you can play your ps4 anywhere in the world as long as you have good enough internet

  6. My friend here his name is ps vita a he’s cracked at a handheld console

  7. What is the point of taking apart a controller to connect a mouse and keyboard when you can just connect a mouse and keyboard to the console???

  8. Imagine calling that playbook 4 a Playstation. Smh

  9. Now that the xbox one has keyboard and mouse support, well, ya know

  10. Nr 5. These Controllers are availible for years. It half a nunchak Controller and a mouse. called splitfish. And It Works very well.

  11. There a mod in ps2 where you can skip the long opening

  12. Razer teamed up with Xbox to make a keyboard and mouse for the console.

  13. You can just use the usb hub on PlayStation 4 and use the keyboard and mouse

  14. i modded a bunch of expensive parts and put then together to turn them into a PC, beat that

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