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10 INSANE Video Game Console Mods

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Sometimes modders will go to over-the-top methods just for the sake of it. Here are our favorite examples.
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  1. Soon there will be a app that lets you play xbox games on your phone in project xcloud

  2. The best mod is when I took my PS4 and threw it in the trash. 🙂

  3. Not long from now.. “Gaming Paraphernalia”

  4. I would not say its a hardware limitation, its more of a software limitation most times. Minecraft on xbox one will let you use a mouse and keyboard. Cant speak for ps4/switch

  5. Back in the PS1 era, before the PS1 mini with a screen came out I had mine modded into one of those black leather briefcases and I had an old laptop screen in the lid and I mean one of those square old chunky hp screens…. It worked … Somewhat temperamental and shocked me on numerous occasions but it worked

  6. Okay if you want a weird looking but also budget version of a console laptop you can make one for £295 with a rechargable battery, suitcase and 10 inch TV or £320 with a 20 inch TV it will look weird but will work

  7. Just use flex tape to connect a ultrawide monitor to a console

  8. This was actually dope coz you could just play it while in bed or anywhere with power

  9. why would they not make the all spark a game cube

  10. Love your vids… but were you smoking crack the day you made this one? The N64 controller was a massive piece of shit that was inaccurate flimsy and cheaply made… bar none the worst controller ever made

  11. I made nintendo switch a pc with the size of raspberry pi and it runs great with keyboard and mouse

  12. Am I the only one who thinks number 6 should have been number 1?

  13. 1 year later : Dude makes Gamecube style joycons

  14. imagine if console limited editions, completely re-imagined the consoles design like that tranformers mod. instead of just getting the same comsole with different coplours and patterns you get an entirely newly designed console

  15. Don't buy from number 7,the company G-Story sells attachable screens for the Playstation and Xbox and that cost like 200 bucks

  16. Yea one time I sa a n64 taped to a toaster

  17. The best console design is an xbox one made of glass. How awesome is that?!
    Saw it at a game convention in London

  18. Please never try to pronounce Arduino again

  19. I favorite mod has always simply been the screen to go with the system. When psone did it back in the day I was in heaven. Still own mine actually

  20. my frinds dad put his x box 1 in his car IT USES THE CAR BATAREY

  21. lol at that wheel you hold in mid air. No force feedback and tired as hell arms from holding that thing up no thank you

  22. Anyone know the production/manufacturing cost for each N64?

  23. i modded a bunch of expensive parts and put then together to turn them into a PC, beat that

  24. You can just use the usb hub on PlayStation 4 and use the keyboard and mouse

  25. Razer teamed up with Xbox to make a keyboard and mouse for the console.

  26. There a mod in ps2 where you can skip the long opening

  27. Nr 5. These Controllers are availible for years. It half a nunchak Controller and a mouse. called splitfish. And It Works very well.

  28. Now that the xbox one has keyboard and mouse support, well, ya know

  29. Imagine calling that playbook 4 a Playstation. Smh

  30. What is the point of taking apart a controller to connect a mouse and keyboard when you can just connect a mouse and keyboard to the console???

  31. My friend here his name is ps vita a he’s cracked at a handheld console

  32. Yeah it’s called a ps vita and remote play you can play your ps4 anywhere in the world as long as you have good enough internet

  33. # 10 was original and potentially useful, # 9 was ugly and lets be honest, terrible, # 8 and #7 are the same thing and had already been done with PS3 …… I stopped there . I was hoping for original, custom mods like #10, but I suppose someone out there will think you nailed it .

  34. is it possible to mod old consoles to run all games on said console at 60 fps.?

  35. Well now we can play mouse and keyboard on COD MW in ps4, it's … Cool

  36. 1:11 xbox 360 has same thing but offically made by microsoft l'have one

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