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10 Essential Wii U Virtual Console Games

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From your pals at USgamer.net, here’s a look at 10 must-play games for Wii U Virtual Console. If you want to cheat a bit, check out our must-play 3DS Virtual Console list — all those NES games play on Wii U, too!


  1. You convinced me to get Advanced Wars, WarioWare: MicroGame$, Mega Man 3, Mega Man X, and LoZ: A Link to The Past.

  2. So just to clarify, these games are available both on the wii u and 3ds versions of virtual console? i.e. I can get either 1 system?

  3. I already had Super Metroid on Wii U I feel so proud.

  4. I don't like Super Metroid at all. It has such bad conveyance. You don't ever know what you're doing or if you're going the right way. If you hit a dead end, you never get a little reward to sweeten the bitterness. I have it in the virtual console and the snes but I never wanted to play it because it feels so unrewarding. I never got any cool upgrades either though, which may have damped it for me.

  5. advanced wars, but no fire emblem? da fuck?

  6. the wii u has the virtual console going for itself so it's not a totally worthless console. However, once you download OpenEmu and get yourself a SNES 8bitdo controller, the WiiU becomes irrelevant in existence. I was going to buy it just to buy Super Castlevania IV, as I don't own a SNES and there have been no re-releases of that Masterpiece. But I did what I just described earlier and oh boy am I fucking happy I didn't buy the WiiU! and $50 for the pro controller? Nintendo, make something worthy of your legacy and maybe I'll buy it

  7. I sure hope an updated list would include Fire Emblem because it released on the virtual console 5 months after this video

  8. How do VC games look on HD tvs? I own an original Wii and that console could only output 480p and that resolution does not look very good on a 1080p tv.

  9. Ton of games?? Nahh, I don't see nothing much on the Virtual Console… Nintendo had a LOT of games in every console they released! Why aren't every of them on VC??? Nintendo sometimes piss me off man… No wonder Wii U hasn't sold very well, that was the MAIN KEY to really have some good console sales dude!

  10. And don't get me started on another lame VC on 3DS… Dull dull dull and lame man… MORE GREAT GAMES PLEASE! Nintendo has a lot but don't put them all on it's respective VC…

  11. What was the reason to put VC if they don't care a shit to put every game of Nintendo's history there???

  12. SNES and GBA emulation on the Wii U are actually pretty optimal and look great on HD tv's. NES and N64 both look somewhat dark. That being said, the N64 games benefit overall from the pro controller. DS emulation could've gone with a lot of possibilities, but outside the heavy-hitters minus Pokemon, the lineup is really lackluster, considering what could've been. My guess is the DS emulation was sidelined pretty fast because the Wii U just wasn't selling. And the Wii selection of games is good but you generally need the original controllers there and some (but not all) of these games are cheaper just to get on disc. But yeah, the virtual console is what makes the Wii U, plus e-shop download-only games.

  13. Is the a list of vc games on wii u out there? Im kinda tempted to buy a wii u

  14. my list is
    ocarina of time
    majoras mask
    super Mario bros 3
    link to the past
    super Metroid
    Metroid prime hunters

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