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10 Console Gaming Myths DEBUNKED

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Consoles get a bad rap sometimes, but we’re here to debunk a few common myths. Where do you play games? Let us know!
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  1. This video is why I don't watch any of your other videos anymore. Glad you exposed yourself so I know who's worth watching on YT

  2. Only real chads have a xbox PlayStation controller hybrid. 😎🥵

  3. Xbox gets new deals basically every 1 and a half weeks

  4. "they play at 60 fps at 1080p, so eh." love it!

  5. Controllers are fun cause you can sit back and relax and you lean when using Mouse & Keyboard so yeah…..

  6. WOW! You don't mentioned the most common. "A Gaming PC is cheeper than a console" or "you can make a PC than runs games much better than consoles with 400dls"
    I dunno why this still being said. Just a Graphic Card cost almost the same than a PS5

  7. My first Console was a Sega Genesis. Still have it and the games. Then I went to PC-played Tom Raider, Myst and Riven, Realms of the Haunting, Blade Runner amd some other games, in fact I've still got Half-Life and Hal Life 2 plus the various Mods for it. However, I need my PC for my Photography and Artwork-games tend to take a lot of space and, if it causes a problem, any work I might be doing At-the-same-time might get messed up [[like right now I have Photoshop and Gimp open under this window while taking a break working on Images. Hence the Consoles I also own.

  8. The pros and cons don't matter.
    What matters is when the cons outweigh the pros.

  9. Imagine paying again to play a game you paid $100 just to play online

  10. You know one big reason to use a controller besides liking it?
    Have you ever tried to play in the couch or in a relaxed position with a mouse and keyboard? Yea good luck with that (I really wish controllers would not hurt my hands in the ling term though)

  11. So you pay to sometimes play on p2p servers, have the servers be closed some years later anyway, have hackers and a lot of times no cross platform?

  12. Whatever you wanna play video games on is your choice but don’t start off as a party pooper and tell everyone a specific console is better than the others. Like no one cares, just play the video game for Christ sake.

  13. It's amazing how this video has 25K likes.

  14. going to touch on the Pc-Game contrler I switch between the two for different games =P but it's true tho Pc Master Race >XP Trolls will be trolls but there are some toxic peps out there who need to chill.

  15. Console gamers are "filthy casuals" ?! When The Fu@# did that happened?!

  16. console gamers get steam like sales all the time…. just gotta find the used games stores that arent Gamestop

  17. "Console games dont run at 60 fps"
    Xbox series x with 120fps:am i a joke to you?

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