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10 Console Games That Punished You For Cheating

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Cheaters never prosper.

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  1. Apologies for the reupload. Looks like this bypassed everyone's sub boxes first time round for some reason. Probably Jules' fault somehow.
    – Peter

  2. Imagine if someone sold you a cheated donkey Kong 64 copy

  3. Whats this????? YOU'R JULES HAS EVOLVED!!!!!!

  4. Best punishments for cheating!

    I hope among us punishes cheaters

  5. You have to cheat in Superman to enjoy the game and the Lion King is brutal AF

  6. 5:07 so basically, when you cheat off of somebodies test and get an A+, the person you cheated off of will commit Sharp Pencil Consumption?

  7. Bonus: Saints row 2: orange star

    This game, especially during the last few missions, can be really difficult at times (at least for me). And that's understandable because video games are suppose to be fun, not infuriating. But if you decide to turn to cheats in Saints row 2, Your save file will be permanently marked with an orange star, indicating that you have used cheats in this save file. not only that, but you are blocked off from earning achievements until you start a new file. seems really bad right? I mean it doesn't get worse than trying to show of to your friends that you are a master at saints row 2 but they see the orange star and know that you suck at the game right? It cant get any worse right? OF COURSE IT CAN, because If you decide to play co-op with someone who has previously activated cheats, both save files will be flagged as cheating. So yeah, maybe don't use cheats if you don't want your friends to know that you suck.

  8. imagine at one point if you cheat in a certain game, your console will overheat and explode!! (literally)

  9. Gta is wrong. I wasn't cheating with money, I was only helping myself with a comet.

  10. "CHEATER! Tabbing is for TWATS!" -The Impossible Quiz 2

  11. the superman one is pretty much pointless if you gotten all the achievements beforehand 😅

    unless the cheated achievement is going to undo all the achievements you already unlocked it'd be pretty much useless. just 100% the game and you're good to go

  12. And here I thought the Sly Cooper games (1&2) not letting you open the safes without collecting all the clue bottles was clever.

  13. Cheaters: yeah very funny…
    Whatculturegaming: yeah hehe very funny.

  14. Joe Hendry? Well this list got a little more… prestigious.

  15. me:cheats my girlfriend:GET YOUR ASS HERE BOY I AINT DONE WIT YOU!

  16. Gta doesn't have any cheat punishment at all. (If you don't count.gta online)

  17. the vectorman game congratulates you for cheating then tells you to do it again without cheating instead of the usual credits

  18. I cheated on accident in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The purchase system is weird in that one because when you step on an item wether or not you are in a shop it will automatically be put in your bag. I hope in the next one they would fix that problem.

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