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10 Best Video Game Stories Ever

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The 20 best tales ever put to code.

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  1. Friendly reminder that even though asuras wrath doesn't have the best story in terms of writing it is the most epic and fun in all of video gaming

  2. I'm sorry…. this list is bull if there is not even a mention of Planescape: Torment. Dissapointing 🙁

  3. I'll go back even further than most of the games mentioned: Ultima IV, V, VI; of which the middle game in the "Avatar Trilogy" is usually considered to have the best story.

    On a related note: here is my suggestion for a new list: "Best Games or Game Series ruined by the original studio being taken over." Obviously, the Ultima franchise is one of my first choices in that listing.

  4. KOTOR was outstanding indeed. Can't wait for the remake

  5. This is great list, truly a great. I'm missing The Witcher 3, but I understand that one list may not please everyone.

  6. Red Dead Redemption. Period. FF 7 is #2 for me. The Walking Dead Season One nearly broke me. "Keep that hair short, Clem." This phrase almost turns me into a sloppy blubbering mess. I'd argue that the story of Dragon Age: Origins is pretty god tier.

  7. Top 5 for me:
    1. FF III (VI)
    2. Chrono Trigger
    3. Bioshock series
    4. God of War series
    5. Ghost of Tsushima

  8. You're damn fucking straight BioShock infinites story is one of the best ever! Even though I'm pretty sure you use the Bioshock infinite thumbnail for one of your most disappointing video games ever list but it is what it is

  9. How could you leave off Daikatana??? I never played it, i just remember the pre-launch hype. But being serious, a game that never makes these lists, but I can tell you the story from memory to this day is Starcraft. The original story line was it's own space opera, and it made you feel like a participant alongside some characters you watched grow from normal people into both good and bad iconic figures of space lore. The chuckle you get from when Raynor first meets Kerrigan, then the epic paths taken all the way up to the final Tassadar cut scene that still sends chills down my spine. It has it all in my book and the game itself is your part to help preserve the universe.

  10. serously ? no max payne or the getaway or heavy rain or the last of us ?

  11. Control, RDR2, BioShock series, Firewatch, Alan Wake are all incredible as well

  12. Great list. Super hard to nail down, but I'd also include Nier Automata, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Chrono Trigger. Keep up the stellar work you legend.

  13. Seeing the likes of Grim Fandango, Mass Effect 2 and FFIX on this list made me so happy!

    Would also like to see the original Nier, Bioshock, Enslaved, Ace Attorney series and What Remains of Edith Finch on the next one. 👍

  14. 1 out of 10 was playable what a load of crap.

  15. Aha, love that the better FF features in the FF9 gameplay 😎

  16. Persona 3 is so much better then persona 4 story wise

  17. Dragon age Origins, Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, Xenogears, XIII, Xenosaga, Suikoden Series in general.

  18. Been playing games for about 35 years and I have never seen a better Sci-Fi story than 13 Sentinels : Aegis Rim . Played almost all games mentioned on this list and sorry, they're not even close.

    I would say, however, that 13 Sentinels is basically a visual novel, it barely qualifies as a "game". But the way the story is presented, the complexity, the amount of mind-boggling concepts, the way each character's ark intertwine with each other … Nah, there's no competition. If you have a PS4/PS5 , do NOT let this gem escape your collection.

  19. – Tacoma
    – Return of the Obra Din
    – Senua
    – Soma

    A story dont need to be EPIC for it to be just darned good. These are to me the equivalent of short story masterpieces.

  20. Persona 4 doesn’t have an understanding of gender or sexual identity?? Why do you guys have to go full retard every now and then?

  21. The end of red dead made me cry so I would agree on the choice

  22. Brilliant! Can't wait for number 2. Personally, I thought the stories in both Final Fantasy 3/6 SNES and Chrono Trigger were insanely amazing, especially considering the hardware and space limitations of the time.

  23. I have never played it, but given the Wests' descent into cultural insanity, Persona 4 "showing its age" with regard to gender/sexuality probably means it had it right.

  24. Honourable mentions:
    Valkeria Chronicles 4
    The Original Valkeria Chronicles
    Saints Row 2
    Saints Row 3
    Gat out of Hell
    Final Fantasy XIII (13)
    The original Watch Dogs
    The original Infamous (PS3)

  25. The ending of walking dead gave me the most emotions Ive ever felt playing a game….I'm naming my future son Lee Everett

  26. For me, the story of mass effect 2 is definitely the weakest of the trilogy. People just fall into the trap of thinking it's the best game of the series because it introduces you to the best companions. It's a shame cause 1 and 3 had much better stories and arguably better gameplay, especially now 1 has been modernised.

  27. I may be alone on this, but I honestly don’t care for FFIX. Everything was done well, but outside of Vivi’s story it was boring to me.

  28. Wait when Jules said the best final fantasy game they showed ff8 not 9 that's great cuz in my eyes 8 is the best

  29. What about Great video game stories often overlooked? Like Talos Principle, Deus Ex Human Revolution, The Banner Saga.. the ones on this list could really be found anywhere, valuable or not.

  30. Silent Hill 2 is my absolute favorite story in gaming!

  31. What no Elder Scrolls? Although I might be a bit biased…

  32. The Last of Us had me feeling emotions for the characters and playing to find out what would happen next in the story.

  33. Bladerunner (1997), Deus Ex, Vampires the Masquarade, GTA IV, Zelda 64 and Half-life come to mind as game stories that stuck with me in addition to some of those talked about here.

  34. Final Fantasy XI. The storyline is great and three of my fav subplots are
    -Artemsian's storyline
    -the Moogles in the cave
    -Vivi being "too small to eat"

    And actually a fourth… Vivi's backstory

  35. the video game with the most greatest story will be released on 2022.. and it's called "I Am Jesus Christ"

  36. Disco Elysium not being on this list is a straight up CRIME.

  37. Disappointed not to see Herizon Zero Dawn, the Fallout Series, or Ghost of Tsushima

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