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10 Annoying Video Game Moments That Made You Turn The Console Off

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Rage quitting is never fun. Nor is it advised. Unless you come up against one of these moments. The by all means, throw your console out the window.

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  1. I bought crash insane trilogy, promising myself I wouldn’t skip a level and play through the trilogy. True to my word I put the game down after 60+ tries at High Road and never even touched the sequels 😩😂

  2. Well most of these console shut down instances are just your average grind grind grind moments. And I appreciate that in a game. Emma in MGS2 was slightly annoying but mostly fun and a cool challenge. I'd kick ass then go back to Emma like, " Ok it's clear come on, come on la da de la da da skip to my lou lol. Guess people lost patience in these grind moments. Gaming is bigger now but games were harder back in the day and i liked that. Kept me coming back as it was most likely intended to do. So be strong be patient and get that sweet sweet win. By the way the only game console shut down instance I agree with is……. Dark souls

  3. Ornstein and Smough were bad…I can't remember how many times I had to fight them, but what really made me mad the first time was the invisible way to Seath (who himself was quite easy). I lost more souls going to him than I ever lost anywhere else in the series just by falling the walkway because I stupidly thought I could crush everything and remember that damn invisible walk…didn't work so good. But in the end no other soulslike game ever has been that frustrating, but I never felt the same joy ever again in the series.

  4. … Ornie and Smough are first place? Actually wait, if you're standing there chugging estus you're bound to get hit. Let alone the fact you're pulling out a bow. No wonder you had trouble with those two.

  5. The bit about Shao Kahn reminds me of the infuriatingly hard fight against Aquaman in Green Lantern’s section of Injustice 2’s story mode. And not just that part, Aquaman spams combos like crazy in any part where I fight him. It’s annoying.

  6. Where the hell is crash bandicoot are you are you know you can walk across the ropes and you couldn’t That guy from Mortal Kombat just Dodge and apricot

  7. Ornstein and smough was not frustrating if you paid attention to the mechanics leading up to it. I've gone through it dozens of times. It is one of the easiest fights in the game.

  8. Most annoying moment is when I had to defeat the final boss in BioShock Infinite

  9. Haha funny that you call "The high road" one of the most infuriating levels ever created, I guess you didn't know that you can just jump on the bridge rope and run along skipping the entire thing. 😛 Easiest level ever created.

  10. actually Emma didn't have a cundishon she was injected with something by the enemy to make it hard for her to walk. most likely so she can't escape.

  11. Players in any Forza Horizon game that don't understand the rules of playground games.. ESPECIALLY CAT & MOUSE IN HORIZON 1 shouldve been on this list in the top 5

  12. No battletoads hoverbike mention?

  13. I didn’t get into dead rising until the 3rd one because of the bullshit in the first one, I went back and played them but jeez.

  14. In mk9 I didnt rage quit when going against Kahn, but I did when when I had to fight scorpion and Quan Chi with Lu Kang. I'm not good at playing lu kang. I unplugged every cord in the console and didnt play it again for at least 4 weeks.

  15. I killed Fontaine in bioshock first time 😎 great game

  16. Can you guys start posting what music you play please? This one sounds so familiar but have no way of shazaming it or anything

  17. Being killed by an enemy off-screen in Hotline Miami. Thats cuts deep man.

  18. those trailing missions in AC were always made me much more angry if i was following on a rooftop or something and the guy went somewhere where i couldn't see him so the mission failed from losing the target. I DIDN'T FUCKING LOSE HIM HE'S RIGHT THERE HE'S GONNA COME OUT THIS ARCHWAY IN 3 MORE SECONDS GOD DAMNIT

  19. Did people really have THAT much trouble with the Max Payne dream levels?? Only the last one gave me any kind of issue, and I know I didn't die more than 3 times…

  20. What about Jak 2? the hit markers for Jak is like the enemies have aim-bot turned to "Always on"

  21. I thought the thumbnail was a guy spinning a fidget spinner

  22. Those hiding in the corner in FPS game Fck

  23. The original crash bandicoot: proceeds to show levels from crash 2

  24. You shouldve put carrying your squad to the end in apex just for your teammates to die on you instantly

  25. Bully – biology 5 did it for me. I turned the console off after 1367 attempts and never looked back.

  26. Make your life a whole lot easier use light rolls in dark souls mid and fat rolls are a lot harder to dodge attacks

  27. Been gaming since I was 4, have broken many controllers and even one or two consoles! (We were all young once! Lol) But, not once to a single one of the games in this list!! Have a large game library of well over 250 games, off the top of my head, and the only games on this list I even played are Mortal Kombat and Crash and I never rage quit from either one of those lol.

    I think this needs a part two! Hahah

  28. For mortal kombat, the most annoying boss now is Kronika in MK11

  29. Skate 2 the s.k.a.t.e game vs the girl team

  30. Not a moment, but a general thing
    Riddle fetch quests in any Akrham Games SPECIALLY City

  31. Dishonored. After realizing that all those cool killing powers and weapons were discouraged for sleeper holds and a crossbow with tranq darts, I have yet to revisit this admittedly great playing game. I just haven't felt like finishing this game, just on the strength of this design.

  32. This video is old so I get it but still. Who plays rainbow PvE?

  33. In 2020, it has to be the goddamn pull ups mini game in FF7 Remake.

  34. Honorable mention: The game demanding your wallet.

  35. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare where you have to drive a giant tank through a hoard of enemies, sounds easy enough right? But when you actually try it, it's just getting kicked in the neck and saying that you can still fucking breathe.

  36. hmmmmm, when I hovered my mouse over the video it flashed a screenshot of Cuphead… but it was not on the list

  37. Dead Rising 1 ‘saves’? What’s this plural business?

  38. Did anyone else just knock out EE and drag her into the elevator? It was definitely faster than dealing with her fear of bugs. Cartwheels have purpose.

  39. The secret to beating Fontaine in Bioshock is to change the difficulty to easy for that fight. Then crank it to the highest when there's one hit left so you get the achievement.

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